Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend


In the humor world, there are uncountable fun questions to ask your boyfriend if you want to do more fun with him. If you want to know someone whether it’s your friend, best friend or partner asking questions about the different situations has been the best way.

There are many times in life when you both couples sit on the couch and just talk for hours. At this time, you may think about being a bit humorous so you can increase the number of laughs by your questions.

To encourage the fun and to make the mood light, I’m here with some very funny questions to ask your boyfriend. These questions will surely add more fun and a great way to catch your boyfriend.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1). If you adopt a pet as any puppy, fish or bird, what would you name it?

2). Which animal or creature you see in my personality?

3). Do you know what my favorite ice cream flavor is?

4). If you are in a situation where you can eat only for once in your lifetime, what would you eat and drink?

5). Which celebrity was your crush when you were a teen? These are some real fun questions to ask your boyfriend to know him better.

6). Who’s your crush in present?

7). Have you ever watched cartoons or children serials and you haven’t told anyone? This is among really funny questions to ask your boyfriend so you know his child side better.

8). What was the paid movie that you feel worst movie of your life?

9). What is your favorite animated movie like Tangled, Frozen, Ratatouille or other?

10). Who is your favorite male celebrity?

11). Have you ever peed in the pool and some saw you? With being fun questions to ask your boyfriend this is also hilarious.

12). Have you peed in the sink?

13). Wherever you go for a bath, do you pee in the shower?

14). If you have a really cute bunny, what would you call it?

15). Is there any pet you want it to give my name?

16). What was your favorite superpower when you were a child?

17). What your favorite cartoon character?

18). If you have only five dollars left and you are at the dollar store, what would you buy? Try these fun questions to ask your boyfriend to get how well he thinks about utilizing money.

19). Is there anything that can’t live without?

20). What is your favorite soda or alcohol brand? These fun questions to ask your boyfriend will reveal her alcoholic secrets, so next time you both can enjoy together.

21). What did you think of growing to an adult when you were a kid? Was it fun to you?

22). Have you ever eaten any food that still haunts you because of the worst taste? These questions to ask your boyfriend for fun will help you find out his food choice and what he doesn’t like to eat, so next time say no to that item.

23). Is there anything that you love the most but someone looks that as a gross?

24). Have you ever seen any exotic thing or pace or eaten any exotic food?

25). Which Kind of magic is your favorite, is it card trick, coin trick or any other?

26). What is that tiny creature that you are afraid the most?

27). What thing would you do if you are invisible to everyone for a day? Know his secret that he wants to do with these fun questions to ask your boyfriend.

28). What was your dream to be as a grown up?

29). Have you ever applied woman makeup? Have you ever worn a female dress?

30). Have you ever tried heels when no one sees you, these are the comediest and fun questions to ask your boyfriend?

31). When you’re in the bathroom, has anyone walked in? You will laugh out loud as these are a bit of dirty and fun questions to ask your boyfriend.

32). Have you ever caught in any embarrassing situation?

33). What was the embarrassing thing you’ve ever had?

34). Have you ever dreamed of weird things that you can’t control laughing even after all these years when you think about that?

35). Have you had any nightmare that you can recall?

36). If I say to make an animal voice for me, what would it be?

37). Have you ever visited a strip club? Try these fun questions to ask your boyfriend to get how naughty he is.

38). What is your most favorite thing on your birthday?

39). What was your pet name that you haven’t told anyone? Get these fun questions to ask your boyfriend so next time he can never make fun of you.

40). What your favorite dress in your childhood?

41). Do you see any of your favorite cartoon character in me? These fun questions to ask your boyfriend can really make you fun if he chooses any weird character.

42). What are all time favorite movies that you can watch more than 100 times?

43). Do you have any habit that others feel gross about? With these fun questions to ask your boyfriend, you will know his dirtiest habit and next time you take care of it.

44). Among all those fun questions to ask your boyfriend, try this also. Have you ever tried speaking antidisestablishmentarianism?

45). If you have a pet dog and when he farts, what would you do? This is really gross.

46). Which girly thing do you have, do you take more than 10 selfies a day?

47). Have you ever make pit while taking selfies, after you delete them or have them? Include these fun questions to ask your boyfriend and irritate him whenever he takes selfies next time.

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48). If there are you and a mirror, would you talk to yourself or stay quiet?

49). How do you flirt with girls, what is that cheesiest line you’ve ever used on a girl?

50). Which Bike do you have and do you have any nickname of it?

51). What is the best convenience for you a bike or a car and why?

52). Have you ever had Yellow teeth or yellow fingernails and what is grosser?

53). If you’re in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you survive and why?

54). What weapon would you choose to kill those zombies? Do Zombies fun questions to ask your boyfriend so you know how he feels about them?

55). If you were the writer, what special tool you would add in a zombie apocalypse to kill those gross mouths?

56). If you have the power to choose another body part, what would it be?

57). What would you choose between happiness and intelligence?

58). In which animal you see your appearance and why?

59). When was the first kiss of your life?

60). Have you ever used a prank on someone?

61). Have you ever suggest anyone the dumbest idea by thinking that this is the smartest idea?

62). If you ever go shopping alone, what would be on your list?

63). Which words do you find more humorous than any other in the world?

64). If you have the choice to be a vampire or a zombie, would you choose?

65). When it’s about seeing, do you think about hitting any specific target?

66). Have you ever tried online dating sites?

67). Have you ever watched porn and get caught?

68). If you are fishing and catch fish, would you drop it back or make it?

69). Have you ever experienced roller coasters?

70). Do you watch a horror movie and don’t get even a scream?

71). When you brush, do you wet or toothbrush before applying the paste?

72). Have you ever been in an awkward romantic situation?

73). What’s your favorite song that no one knows?

74). Do you like any Disney movie very much?

75). Have you ever visited a boat club and drive it by yourself?

76). Do you like if I ride the bike and you were on the back?

77). What is the weirdest photograph that you have?

78). If there is anything that you draw perfectly?

79). Have you ever been busted for any kind of crime?

80). What do you think about robbing a bank, is it cool?

81). If you did anything unexpected to me, how would you handle my madness?

82). What is the thing by which you can get mad at me?

83). If you have an option to date a celebrity, who would you choose?

84). Have you ever watched any movie that you can relate to your real life?

85). If you won $500, how would you spend these?

86). What do you think about technology after 300 years?

87). Which character do you believe between the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy?

88). If you have magic to go back in your life, what moment it would be and why?

89). What is the thing that you like to dip in mayonnaise?

90). Which snacks do you prefer for dipping in the chocolate?

91). Have you ever thought that if your favorite stuffed toy would speak what would he say to you?

92). When you’re in the kitchen which tool is your favorite?

93). While you poop, what is the thing that you think most?

94). Have you ever had any brightest idea that really helped someone?

95). While sleeping, which animal or creature can disturb you the most?

96). What do you like peanut butter, mayonnaise, mustard or all together?

97). What is your favorite junk food?

98). If you find a stray and poor looking dog, would you put a cloth on him?

99). Which foreign accent is your favorite?

100). Other than your language, what our second favorite language?

101). Have you ever thought about having a manicure or pedicure?

102). Have you ever thought about entering in the girls’ parlor and why?

103). If you ever write a novel, what would be the title?

104). Which actor do you want to look like?

105). If you ever find that I’ve been here to spy on you, what would you do? Would you love me the same or leave me?

106). Is there anything that you are crazy about but don’t understand why?

107). What will you never get even you face a lot of starvation?

108). What is your favorite thing to do that you have done it yet?

109). If you have a chance to host TV serial, what show will you choose and with which female hostess?

110). If you are given only three ingredients, what will you choose to make the best tasting dish?

111). Which foreign university would you choose for higher studies?

112). Who are your favorite character and your favorite power in the movie Harry Potter?

113). If you are a great hacker, what things would you aim?

114). How much you like Candy Crush, have you ever played it? These are perfect fun questions to ask your boyfriend so you know his favorite phone games.

115). Any day, if you find any treasure, would you take it home or leave it there? Keep asking these fun questions to ask your boyfriend and enjoy together.

Keep Things Alive While Having Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

You can set the atmosphere for a date night with all yours and his favorite things or foods and drinks. Take the woofer and set your favorite playlist with some snacks and enjoy while asking these questions to him.

These all things will add sweetness to your relationship and you get to know each other better. Having a good sense of humor, you can make these fun questions to ask your boyfriend even funnier and enjoyable for both of you.


When you talk, you automatically set the way to make your relation stronger and happier. To make your love life stronger, plan these questions to ask your boyfriend for fun.  This will help clear your communication with him and without any negative effect on your relationship.

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