Wondershare Filmora Scrn Recorder Overview


Screen recording tools, which also pack the punch of a video editing tool and a webcam recording tool generally require one beast of a system to run, high-end specs, quite a bit of “tech-knowledge”, and a lot of space and resources. All of that should change by the end of this Wondershare Filmora review.

Youtube is on the rise these days and so are videos in general, everyone needs a screen recorder, a webcam recorder, and a video editing tool to craft up any worth-watching video, if you’re one of these people the Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder is something you should certainly take a peek at.

Note I at no point of this Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder review would state or claim the tool to be the absolute best, rather I’ll just use it in real-time, bring out its features transparently for you folks and let you be the judge and jury of its potential.

Wondershare Filmora Scrn Recorder Overview

Filmora Scrn recorder is a multi-faceted tool, which boasts webcam recording as well as video-editing and effects-tool in the screen recorder suit. Although what makes it really special is its low-demanding nature, it doesn’t need high end CPUs and would run on most average systems out there.

Its primary features include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Super easy user-interface
  • Up to 120FPS recording.
  • Simultaneous webcam recording.
  • Advanced editing tool.
  • Advanced effects tool.
  • Picture in Picture.

Note that on the Windows OS, it supports only 64bit systems.

Filmora Screen Recorder User Interface

How hard or easy is it to use the Filomra video editor cum Filmora Scrn recorder? Well, it’s crafted for the most basic users, meaning you don’t have to be a tech-savvy programmer in order to use the tool, rather anyone with basic computer knowledge is able to navigate his way through the tool and get a desirable output.

As soon as you fire up the tool, it presents you with two basic options- Quick Capture and Video Editor. If you wish to start capturing your screen, you click on “Quick capture”, if you wish to edit a previously recorded video, “video editor” is where you click. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Screen Recording

If you click on “Quick capture” it brings up the “Screen recording” interface for you, which looks something like this:

As is apparent, you can set the resolution pretty easily simply by changing the two values provided on the record screen.

It even has advanced options which let you crop out your screen so only the selected areas on your screen are recorded, helpful when you’re recording a tutorial of something particular, or just wish to hide your apps or other background elements which may be visible otherwise.

The best part about its screen-recording feature is that it can record as high as 120FPS! Which is almost insane, even though there aren’t many users who work with 120FPS on a daily basis, it’s still useful for those who do. The FPS limit however is 60FPS on Mac.

There also is no time-limit as to how long you can record your screens, you can select audio sources such as if you wish to record the system audio, or your microphone. The microphone recording feature also makes for a great voice-over tool should you need it.

It even lets us set the frame-rate for the videos, along with a dedicated “game” option where you can select any game that’s being run to be recorded directly!

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Record Simultaneously from Screen and Webcam

Doesn’t matter if you’re playing a game, making a tutorial or doing anything else where your face needs to be visible, the Wondershare Filmora Screen recorder would let you record your screen, as well as your webcam, simultaneously.

PIP- Picture in Picture

It’s another feature which can be included along with the screen cum webcam recording feature, it has this “picture in picture” feature which lets you add a picture or video, on top of your primary picture of video.

Can be used for face-cams when gaming, or even if you wish to put up a watermark, a video-banner or something else on top of whatever it is you’re creating.


Most often than not, we capture screens with tutorials, games and stuff and then have to migrate the video to another video-editing software to include basic elements such as an arrow maybe, an annotation, a text-box, a speech-bubble and what not.

Filmora Scrn Screen Capture software has taken care of that by including the video-editing suit in the same package. It lets us add music, reduce background noise, add arrows, speech-bubbles and other such elements, add annotations and even cursors of different shapes and sizes.

If you need to edit the recorded video into next level, you can try Filmora video editor which is also from Wondershare company.

Filters, pre-made graphic overlays, and even a royalty-free music library is included in Filmora so you can import those music files to your videos directly. It even supports 1:1 portrait and 9:16 ones, along with frame-by-frame editing support so you can edit your audios and videos in a perfect sync, colour-adjustments and other such video-upgrades too are available.

Advanced feature such as Chroma Key editing (green screen), video-stabilization for shaking cameras, and auto scene-change detection to know what changed automatically too are available. Professional video-effects can be chosen from the Wondershare library directly, and they’re updated every month keeping your videos fresh without repetition.

It’s super detailed and let’s us even add left—click sounds, clicking highlights, rings around your cursor when you click and other similar attention-grabbers. Adding these elements is as easy as one single click, and/or dragging and dropping them, these features are what make it one of the best Video editors specially for the “not so tech-savvy” folks out there.

File-Format Support

Which file formats are supported? Well, nearly every format that exists. It lets us import videos of nearly every format, followed by audio and photos too without almost any format-restrictions.

The files created using Wondershare Filmora too can be exported to multiple formats including, but not limited to MP4, MOV, GIF etc.

Pricing Plans

Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room, so it’s feature-rich! Great. But like most other “feature-rich” products would it need you to take out a new mortgage on your house? Fortunately no. Well it costs as low as USD $19.99/YEAR, or you can get its lifetime license for as low as USD $29.99. Either way, it seems pretty cheap to me considering the features being offered.

Final Words on Wondershare Filmora Scrn

So in my opinion, the tool is pretty advanced, but also offers the most basic features most users need, and in the most basic manner possible making it extremely easy to be used by just about anyone.

I couldn’t come up with any major feature which I wanted the tool to have but it missed, also it’s pretty-cheap so there isn’t a reason to bench the app, is there?

Bottomline, I’m impressed but I don’t expect you to be (yet), so go out there and try Filmora Scrn for yourselves, it does have a free trial period so you’ve got nothing to lose and then let us know what you think of Wondershare Filmora Scrn Video Capture.

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