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Incogni review 2023: Is it the best personal information removal service in the industry? Well, it sure claims to be. Generally, I don’t entertain baseless claims from a random brand.

However, Incogni isn’t exactly random. It’s a product from Surfshark, one of the top 3 VPNs in the industry in my opinion and experience.

So, let’s give it the benefit of doubt for now?

In this review, we’d dissect Incogni to its core. Look at what it does, how well it does it, the pricing, refund policy and everything else.

If that’s satisfactory to you, please continue.

What are Data Brokers?

If you’re new, let me explain in brief? Data brokers are companies that buy data about you (and everyone else) to sell it/use it anyway they please.

The data generally includes your name, address, contact number, health policies, insurance status, credit score, subscription info for OTT, food apps and everything else!

This data is then sold to the highest bidder. Best-case scenario? You just get dozens of “buy insurance from us” calls. Worst case scenario? Someone unravels your entire life, loans, career and may even get you in legal trouble using this information!

At times, people use background check services to check you before hiring you for a job/partnering up with you etc. These background check services buy information off these data brokers as well. This may lead to a lot of missed opportunities for you.

Now, we need this data removed, don’t we? That’s where (claims to) helps us out.

IncogniWhat is Incogni?

Incogni is a service that helps you remove yourself from the internet! To be precise, it gets you deleted from data brokers who have bought massive amounts of privacy invading data about you.

Incogni BannerNow, you can request data deletion from these data brokers on your own. However, they do not make it easy. They’ve paid for your data, they won’t just let you delete that, right?

Deletion generally includes filling up forms, making calls, sending e-mails and more. The problem is, there are over 200 data brokers out there.  And, they buy your data repeatedly and continuously.

Imagine calling/mailing 200 data brokers every 6 months? That’s “IF” you can locate their contact information/ opt-out forms to begin with. I certainly do not have the time, energy and patience for it, do you?

This is where Incogni comes to the rescue.

It’s a service that finds the contact info/opt-out forms, contacts these data brokers and gets your data removed, on automation.

In this Incogni review, we will discuss if it’s the best personal information removal service, or not.

Here’s an overview of what’s offered:

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Let’s dive deeper then?

Which and How Many Data Brokers can Incogni Remove Data From?

This is one of the first things I look for when choosing a personal data removal service.

Incogni, as of February, 2023 can remove your data from 183 data brokers do be precise.

This is massive. I’ve used about 3 other services in the past. All big names. Most remove your data from 100 brokers or less.

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It does cover some of the most commonly used background check services as well. These include TruthFinder, USSearch, Beenverified, Yellowpages, Instantcheckmate etc. (Fun tidbit: I actually have reviewed all three of these services previously!)

Registration and Setup-Streamlined in One!

So, once you’ve decided to get yourself removed from the internet, you’d need to sign up at Incogni, wouldn’t you?

The first step of the registration process involves you entering an e-mail and a password.

Do note that you must enter the e-mail that you use the most to sign up at services. This e-mail is one of the things Incogni will use to spot and delete your data.

Next, you’re asked to enter your full name. This of course is required so your data can be found.

The next page will ask you for your address.

Finally, use your mouse (or draw on your screen) to sign the form that’s displayed.

This form basically gives Incogni the right to contact these data brokers and request data removal on your behalf.

Of course, these permissions are only valid as long as you’re subscribed to Incogni. Once your subscription expires (or you cancel) Incogni no longer holds any rights.

Finally, you make your payment and you’re done!

I like how Incogni made it so that you don’t have to be a “techy” to use the service.

It’s a straight-line process from the registration to the payment. You don’t even have to do anything once you’ve paid!

They take care of all requests, rejections, objections and all other formalities.

Which Countries Does Incogni Work For?

Due to privacy and other laws, Incogni cannot provide its service worldwide (as of now).

So, which countries are covered?

Well, you can use Incogni to remove yourself from the internet if you’re from one of the following countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • European Union.

With time, probably more countries will be added. Considering Incogni is still an infant and only just came out, the list is pretty acceptable, isn’t it?

Incogni Pricing Plans and Refund Policy

So, how much does Incogni cost? Almost nothing compared to the privacy, anonymity and mental peace it offers. But hey, let’s not be philosophical.

So there’s a single plan which makes things extremely simple. There are two payment cycles for this plan.

Depending on the payment cycle, the pricing differs.

If you pay monthly, the pricing is $12.99/month. Yearly, the price reduces down to about half the price to $6.49/month.

Is this cheap? Expensive? I’ll say it’s very rationally priced. I’ve actually paid more on some of the similar services which had a smaller broker database.

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Incogni Refund Policy

Maybe you aren’t satisfied with the service offered? Didn’t meet your expectations? What then?

Well, Incogni has a 30-day refund policy. This ensures that you pay only if you get the results you’re looking for.

Considering 30 days is a pretty long period, wouldn’t you agree this is pretty generous (and shows confidence on their part?)

Final Words:

Let’s sum this Incogni review up then?

So, Incogni is asking for $6.49/month to keep you off about 200 data brokers, on automation, repeatedly. On your part, you need to sign up and pay, the process takes like 5minutes at best.

Considering the tradeoff, I’d say it’s a decent deal. Of course, you do not have to take my word for it.

You totally should go try Incogni for yourself. The 30-day refund policy makes sure you do not pay unless you absolutely want to.

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