Top 7 ideas to make a bibliophile happy


If you are a bibliophile or are friends with one, you will know that books can indeed be one’s best friends. From a cozy afternoons spent in bed to long journeys alone, a book can keep you company like no one else can. Reading a book helps you to keep mentally fit and acquire a strong sense of communication. The best part about bibliophiles is that it is very easy to keep them happy, as all you need to do is think of something that revolves around books. Here are the top 7 ideas to make a bibliophile happy.

  1. Gift them books

One of the best ways to make a bibliophile happy is by presenting them with books. You can easily go onto online sites that will give you access to this feature. You can find both new and old books on and get access to many different types of books all under the same roof.

  1. Posters of book covers

If they love books, they will love posters of their favourite books. Imagine waking up to find the words you love best on your wall. You can pick up different posters and have them hanging on the walls, thus making the room look pretty and keeping the book lovers very happy.

  1. Cozy up with words

What if the different accessories in your house were made out of words? Through literally that cannot be possible, you can actually use print designs to cover many of the things in your home with words. You can either go to different quirky shops or online sites to pick up these things or invest in your own DIY projects to get these word prints.

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  1. Inspirations on the walls

Do you love some lines for a particular book? Do you sometimes feel that these words were meant for you? If this happens to you, then it is a great idea to have them on your wall. This will serve as inspiration and motivation for you each single day.

  1. Book page totes

If you love bags and love books then you need to amalgamate hem together. Carry some nice tote bags printed with your favourite book pages and you are good to go.

  1. Innovative book shelves

Try and have different designs for the book shelves at home. Since you love books, you would definitely love to give them a good home to stay on.

  1. Personalized journals

Most people who love reading will love to pen down their thoughts. You can gift them with personalized journals that they can use to write down lines they love or just pen down their thoughts

If you are planning to surprise someone who loves reading, then these ideas are sure to make them very happy. Buying or renting books for them is a very good idea as you are honestly helping them to do something they love. Try and incorporate these plans the next time you want to make a bibliophile happy and see them give their broadest smiles.

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