40+ Blog Post Ideas to Drive Massive Traffic to Blogs


Blog Post Ideas: How to write a compelling and convincing content that can lead you to the sea of traffic? Have you ever imagine how many ways you can write your blog posts? Yes, there are massive lists of blog post ideas that can be traffic grabbing.

Blog Post Ideas

Why are Blog post ideas the best tool for content creation?

Content is the ruler and Google adore content. The main reason that it is effortlessly recorded and makes two times benefit than others. In any case, Brainstorming about blog entry thoughts is very hard for everybody. There is some convention that everybody ought to take after while creating content. Article composing is very easy but have you ever imagine how you wrote that article?

If we say about traffic, then do you harsh to know why your content is not able to bring traffic to your blog. If you are thinking about this situation then you are in the right place. Yes, some kind of articles cannot bring traffic to your sites. You need to think out of the box and you need to find an extra route for the traffic source. Generating Blog post ideas that bring traffic for you is not an easy task.

There are many ways to create a quality content if you are straight to the topic and you have a well knowledge about the topic. But sometimes the situation goes completely opposite. You may write content with a very few knowledge. At this situation additional knowledge about blog post ideas will help to make this move possible.

Here is the massive list of making blog post ideas that will lead you to the correct source of massive traffic.

1).Pros and Cons Post

This is one of the human buying phycology that they use to search for pros and cons before buying. These types of post easily attracted by the people who really want to differentiate between two products. While talking about Blog post ideas, pros and cons posts are making a good effort to bring a massive amount of traffic. For example

2). How To Post

How to posts is the most effective tool for every content marketer? It is Prominent and directed towards the theme that you are writing. Basically, while People trying to get a solution to any problem they used to use the keyword “HOW TO” at the very beginning.

How to posts are the best blog post ideas that you can go with. If you need demo then go to google and search the keyword “HOW TO”.

3). Comparison Post

Making such kind of posts that compare between two or more products easily attract. In the market, there are lots and lots of products that are being used on a massive scale. But there is a very few amount of information that gives you the proper information about the product. There is always a condition apply the tag. But this could be a very good blog post ideas to write comparison post and drive traffic through it. One more addition, by doing a genuine comparison one can easily boost up the sales as an affiliate.

4). Announcing a Giveaway

There is always a need for premium free stuff. The limit of pricing is not audible for everyone. So, they tend to search for the free stuff. This is quite good situations for the bloggers. Announcing a giveaway can boost the traffic and conversation rates.

While writing about these kinds of post, you need to make sure that the post must be well structured so that people can easily know the terms and conditions. Announcing giveaway might be the best blog post idea for your blog. You can announce  a giveaway monthly or else as you like.

5). Announcing a Contest

Unlike the giveaways, hosting some contest in your niche sometimes more fun and it leads to engagement at your place. The host can easily demand to bring comments, Facebook likes, twitter followers etc. This is one of the ways that pro bloggers used to make a huge audience base creating such kind of contents.

Unlike Announcing Giveaways, announcing contest will also the most effective blog post ideas. (Follow previous point )

6). Before and After Post

If you are a health niche blogger or beauty blogger, then you might know about this kind of posts. “Before and after effect of this or that.” But this applies in every single niche. Bloggers need tools, that they can easily achieve the goals. The trend says that using third party tools is very effective to make a huge profit in the field of blogging. One advanced way of making a quality blog post is posting before and after scenes.

7). Review Post

Every blogger loves these types of post. This has some certain reasons. When you need to promote affiliate products, review posts are worth publishing. Also, when a new product launches this is the quality and strong way to make a huge traffic. While talking about blog post ideas this is one of the most prominent ways to make a new blog post which gives lots of freedom to add verity and bring traffic.

8). Showing What You have Posted

You can easily increase your hit count by publishing what you have. The previous blogging ideas were just to write about the daily lives. I am talking about late 90’s. But these days you can achieve a more no of views by doing so with a tweak.  So, how to write this kind of posts?

You can simply list down all that you have, all the gadgets that you use, there pros and cons, reviews anything.

9). Income Report Post

Bloggers love others income report. There are a few bloggers who earns in 6 figures. This gives a lot of motivation and courage for static blogging and trying new things daily. Probably your income is not too high but still you can write these types of post and trust me, you will get more no of hits within hours. Because people used to search for the money making platforms.

10). Comprehensive Guide Post

What is a comprehensive guide post? Well, comprehensive guide post is that post where all the methods of doing a task are mentioned in details. This might be a best blog post idea for you to write a comprehensive guide post and yes many bloggers are doing so. Especially blogging niche bloggers.

11). Case Study Post

While implementing new things, there is always a risk of returning that investment back or not. But if you are determined to apply ignoring the result no one can stop you. This is just for your motivation. But this criterion leads you to write a complete case study posts. So, what is a case study post? Well, everybody knows it.

12). Daily Vlog

Vlogging that is Video blogging is now on trend. People are making a huge amount of money by uploading vlogs on a daily basis. But how can you make vlogging a source for traffic for your blog? Well, this is a very best way to write a blog post and I am telling you in details-

So, many bloggers review their products in a video form and they are crosslinking the two platforms one is their blogs and another is the video platforms. Most of the cases it is YouTube.

So, they are attracting a massive visitor from both the platform. Thus, might be a best blog post ideas for you in the future.

13). Best of Post

Writing is a boring stuff. Isn’t it?  Well, no need to write an essay to get visitors. I am going to tell you the best blog post idea that doesn’t need 2500 words or more. Yes, what you can do is you can simply list down below the best blog post you have ever delivered to your readers and trust me this makes a hit within the house. You can use social platforms also for doing these kinds of stuff.

14). Webinar or Any Live Session

Another latest trend is introducing webinars or any live sessions. To bring traffic this is an extremely powerful way to convert your readers into daily followers. This types of blog post ideas will grow your blog audience and will give you more authority.

15). Interviewing the Milliners

Who don’t like the sayings of the milliners who make a huge profit on the internet? Well, the best and powerful blog post idea is to interview top marketers, bloggers, you tubers to get more result.

16). Infographics Post

Another powerful way to express your word is by publishing infographics. So, what are infographics?  Infographics are the very long looking images where all the information is implemented graphically. And the most powerful reason is that people can link your infographics into their blogs. Thus, you will get a hit from others blog. So, simple is that.

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17). Post with a Travel Experience

Exploring new places, visiting new places are always been fun and it brings lots of experience. But there are a few people who can exactly do so. But everybody dreamt about it. By posting your latest travel experience, you can easily grab more attention from the reader’s world.

18). Series Post

Series post! What is a series post?  You can convert the really long posts into a series post. This will be helpful for your bounce rate and thus, you can easily increase the engagement of your readers.

19). Tell your Readers that this is the Ultimate One

This is one of the best tricks that can bring a huge traffic. While preparing a guide post (point no 10) begin the title of that content with the keyword “ultimate” and see the results yourself. This is most efficient way to write a blog post in a smart way.

20). Showing off Personal Things

Sometimes a little shows off can bring you some extra traffic. If so, then why not showing off your personal stuff?  So, what kind of personal stuff you can show off? Well, there is more stuff like your working desk, your living room etc. Sometimes you can title it like” My home office”

21). Announce free Services

You can announce free services considering that the services are out of the market. Many bloggers doing so and by doing, they are not only making a customer base, they are making a profit also. So how this could be a prominent blog post idea for you?  Well, you can announce free services monthly to one customer or say 10 customers and you can ask for some contest also. (See point no 5)

22). Publish Controversies

Sometimes publishing controversies can make a good change in the traffic count.

23). Share your Story

We mentioned earlier that sharing is the best way to get a reward. Sharing your own story can make a change. This could motivate your readers and thus you makes a huge audience background. But you need to follow some rules. Make sure that the content touches everybody’s heart.

24). Question and Answers

One of the very well reached and promising blog post idea is to make a complete list of questions and answers. This should be readers oriented and you can ask your readers to submit their queries.

25). Post that you Ponder

Just think how many articles you read in a single day? In a week? Probably 10 maybe more. Listing all those articles in a single blog post that you have qualified as a readable one may give you a head start to bring traffic. How? By doing such post you will definitely get social media attraction and boom.

26). Ask Some Top People to Write an Article for your Blog

This is an awesome blog post idea to invite top of the industry people to write something for your site. By doing this there may be interchanging between the readers of both the sides. And this can be very favorable for you. But the top bloggers doesn’t get time and they will not write for you until and unless you have a very strong authority.

27). Create A to Z Series

When preparing content sometimes it seems that you need to add more and more words but some portion left behind. In such kind of situation, a series post is very favorable. It can be under the name of A-Z guidelines or simply series of “Your keyword”.

28). Distributes Free e-Books

E-books are one of the most powerful ways for list building and research says that 60% of the readers on the internet love e-books instead of content/articles. This has two reasons. One you will have the copy of that e-book forever and secondly, no hidden cost for that. This might be the best blog post ideas to distribute free e-books to your readers and makes a profit from it.

29). Skype Discussions

Now one biggest trend is linking your content in the form of videos. If you want to make a strong base then probably you should try your every possible move. Skype sessions with your fellow bloggers or with a pro blogger can easily give you more traffic. Instead of reading, the audio-visual media gives more knowledge. This might be a best blog post ideas for the future.

30). FAQ Post

One of the basic and most common ways to write a blog post is creating FAQ posts. These types of the post can bring returning visitors to your blog. You can take this FAQ into several parts that will leads you to another blog post ideas.

31). Podcast

Why you follow Pat Flynn? His income report? Or his podcast? Yes, it’s obviously his podcast.  From the initial day, bloggers are trying to implement new things and some are getting massive success. The success here is measured by traffic and conversation rate.

32). Tell Millionaire’s Story

There are many people who have succeeded in the field of blogging. But many few published what they did and how. But these are always a harsh situation to know more about your favorite one. So, by publishing millionaire’s story you can increase the page views.

33). Testimonials

Testimonials are the proof that you have a very strong background. When a visitor gets testimonials, they can easily assume that what you are doing in your niche. Gathering all the testimonials and publish the testimonials will the most effective way of blog post ideas.

34). Survey Post

Sometimes survey posts also can attract more visitors. So, what is a survey post? There is always a need for proper statistics but doing a survey along is not easy. But you can easily do the survey with the help of a team. These types of blog post ideas will easily attract visitors. These blog post ideas will help you to take tour blog in the long run and other associated blogs too.

35). Book Review

If you are in the field of profitable blogging, you might want to be an entrepreneur. Then reviewing book is one of the best ways to increase your base. Every successful person read books and the knowledge that one book gives, no other media can give it either. While talking about blog post ideas book review will be the strongest way to interact traffic.

36). Event Post

Events, seminars or GD’s are the way to interact and get more knowledge. By telling about the event you can sassily get more views. This might be another blog post ideas that will make people literate about what is going on in the society and also increase your hit count.

37). Festival Post

There are 365 days in a year and probably we have 12 festivals in between them in different communities. One prominent blog post idea is that making a post to wish your readers or to celebrate via your words can easily get more attraction. This types of post will wish people in the festive season and this should be your blog post idea for the next festive session.

38). Slide Share

One major trend this day we all con  see these days is sharing your slides what you previously used for making videos, presentation or else. For that, you can simply add third party app or software. These types of blog posts easily can attract more visitors from the platform and your blogs too.

39). Achievement Post

People tend to achieve more and more. There is always a trend to achieve the others dreams. Research says that people used to inspire by what other have and they also dreamt keeping himself in his position. Achievement post is one of the best ways to attract traffic. This might be the best blog post ideas in the future.

40). Common Mistake Post

One of the popular Blog post ideas is that you need to show how people are making mistakes in doing. People used to do mistakes and this is pretty obvious. There is a saying that- the mistakes you will do, the exact experience you will get. This might be a best blog post ideas to make your reader experienced.

41). Show Your Followers

If there will no one to follow your every move then probably you are on the wrong track. One logic behind getting a massive traffic to showing your upcoming traffic what you have earlier. Many of the bloggers follow this protocol and the result is just flawless.


So, there is a massive list of how to make blog post ideas that can lead to the traffic source. Remember that the traffic source is not considered as search engine traffic here. There are lots and lots of way to interact traffic into your website. So, you need to have a basic blog post idea so that your blog posts will suit every traffic condition. I mean to say traffic from your email subscribers, Facebook followers etc.

This is not a big deal how to generate blog post ideas but the only thing that matters is your blog post ideas will work or not?  If you want to go with a basic style of blogging then you must forget about Blog post ideas . But if you want to make a difference and if you are ready to make a change then go with these blog post ideas. This will lead you towards the massive amount of traffic within months.

Implement new blog post ideas and route of traffic.


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