Top 10 Outlook Alternative for MailBox Service


This section is especially dedicated to all the users to know about Outlook Alternative.

I am talking about the Personal Information Manager Service from Microsoft which comes along with the Microsoft Office complete package.

There are various alternatives to Outlook which are used as email service and for various other official works. This is like keeping all your important information in a more secure and organized form.

Top 10 Outlook Alternative for MailBox Service

I am sure now you will be having multiple options to choose from through these Outlook alternatives.

1. Gmail


There is no doubt in the fact that Gmail is one of the most used Outlook Alternative. Everyone uses this service for every day which makes it the most browsed email service in the world. Of course, Gmail is not completely similar to Outlook but their main concept remains the same.

Where Outlook’s main purpose remains to be organizing the emails and working as a manager, Gmail is quite similar to it. Google offers 15GB space for all free users for his storage (Included Gmails, Photos, Videos, Doc and etc).

Gmail is a part of big Google community which connects you directly to the rest of the Google services like drive, play store, sheets etc. But this is not possible in Outlook. Gmail is more like a website although it has its own apps for both Android and iOS but Outlook is more like a Window’s tool.

I have been using Gmail from like 10+ years and I can say you with complete surety that it is one of the most secure, successful and best email service you will ever find.

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2. Mailbird


Mailbird is a desktop supporting service and they require you to download it first to start using it. This mail service is used by multiple clients in the world to manage their various accounts on a single platform easily and without even paying a penny for it.

Mailbird being a great Outlook alternative has various features associated with it. These unique features are personalization to the account, productive services, secure platform, complete customer support etc.

Although Mailbird does offer pricing plans which charge some amount from its users to offer them better and commercial services. The plans are Lite and Pro. Lite is a service which is absolutely free to use. Whereas, you need to pay $7.79 for the first year to buy Pro plan whereas for its lifetime access you need to pay $15.64.

Mailbird offers special services to its business clients which can even put Outlook to shame. Mailbird is such a huge platform that it manages the account of about 1 million users across the world and that too very efficiently. Mailbird keeps on developing and modifying its services to woo its users.

3. Front


Front is a big name in the world of email management services. Front provides you the facility of having a shared inbox which drives emails and messages through different sources. It has totally revolutionized the way one can manage their emails, clients, conversations, etc.

Sadly, Front is not free to use like Outlook and like various other Outlook Alternative. You can try out it’s trial period which applies for 14 days only.

There are various features provided by Front and to use them you will have to download it first. There features are Multi-channel inbox, productivity, internal comments, collision detection, reminders, analytical report, open API etc.

The front has various pricing plans to be operated. These plans are Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. You can buy Basic for $15, Premium for $29 and Enterprise for $49 per user per month. You can try any of these services on a trial period of 14 days.

Front is a powerful Outlook alternative which can be used for its multi-purpose utilities and quality support to its users throughout the world.

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4. Mailgun


Mailgun is an email service and management system which is especially intended for developers. It makes the process of handling your emails simpler and comfortable. With their high-end technology usage and smart approach, they are giving a quality option to the people out there.

You must also know about the features of this Outlook alternative. These features are inbound routing, logs, reports, email validation, sure shot deliverability, integration, sending queue, batch sending etc.

The pricing system on Mailgun is very different than the rest of the alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. In the rest of the options, you have per month charging system whereas, Mailgun charges you on the basis of the emails used.

This goes like you need not to pay anything when you are using 10,000 emails per month. But afterwards, for next 500,000 they charge $0.00050 per mail, for next 1,000,000 they charge $0.00035 per mail and for next 5,000,000 they charge $0.00015 per email. I think this is way affordable than any other site.

Just sign up on Mailgun and start using this exceptional management service right now.

5. Mozilla Thunderbird


Thunderbird is an open source email, RSS and news service started by Mozilla Foundation in 2003. After it primary release, they have constantly upgraded its system and features to make it fit in according to the current requirements. This is the reason it is prime Outlook alternative right now.

Thunderbird is more like an application that you can download for different platforms through their site. In fact, it is available in various languages for different consoles.

There is no doubt in it that Mozilla has given us quality services from a really long time and this Outlook alternative is one of them too. You would be glad to know that Mozilla Thunderbird is a completely free to use service which excels the way we have always looked at an Email management system.

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The best part of Thunderbird is that just like Mozilla browser, you get various add-ons on this system as well. Some of these add-ons cum features are CardBook, Mail Redirect, look out, Spellchecker, Mail merge, Adblock plus etc.

This reliable service is very much compatible to platforms like Windows, SP3, OS X, Linux etc.

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6. eM Client


eM Client is a fully featured and very latest email client service currently used by most of the users. With its multiple features and simple user interface, it has been continuously growing in the current phase. eM client is also works as a calendar, task manager, contact manager and chat source too.

With so many features, it is gradually becoming one of the best option that we have right now for managing all our emails on one place.

There are various features of eM client like supporting various mailing platforms on one place, easy import from old email client, touch support, super-fast search, message encryption, conversation view, spell check system, mass email, templates, signature etc.

eM Client follows a pricing plan although its initial version is absolutely free to use. But when you are upgrading to the Pro version then you would have to pay $20 for it. This is a price per license but when you buy more than 2 then you would have to pay less for per license.

eM Client is surely one useful and ultra-modern Outlook alternative that we are having right now.

7. Postbox


The next one in this list of Outlook alternative is Postbox. Postbox is a more than perfect email app especially designed for the business associates to manage their emails efficiently. This is dedicated to mostly those people who are heavy email users.

There are various features that make Postbox what it is right now. These are the features that make it worth an outlook alternative that you can surely use. These features are response templates, new look, business features, quick post, message size indicator, image scaling, anti-tracking, integration etc.

Postbox is more like an application which you can run on your windows platform. But for this you would have to download it first.

Unfortunately, Postbox is not free to download and you would have to pay a certain amount for it. For the purchase of Postbox 5 you would have to make one-time payment of $40. In this purchase, you get features like free 70 email business templates, free 25 email signatures, etc.

This is a very organized and reliable platform for bulk messaging, and it handles every important email of yours perfectly.

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8. Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor is one highly reliable and diversified Outlook alternative in this list. This is one email managing service which can be called simple and elegant at the same time. This is perfect for those people who want to create powerful and effective email marketing campaigns on their own.

The features for Campaign Monitor goes like the rest of the options in this list. Some of the features of Campaign Monitor are drag and drop simplicity, professional email marketing campaigns, professionally designed templates, personalization of every message, powerful data compilation etc.

Campaign Monitor follows a pricing plan. However, you can use it for free in a trial period of some days but later on you would have to upgrade on a plan.

There are three plans of Campaign Monitor Basic, Unlimited and Premier. For Basic plan they charge $9 per month, for Unlimited plan they charge $29 per month and for the last Premier plan they charge $149 per month. Each plan comes with some up gradation and distinct facilities.

9. Blue Mail


Blue Mail is the next Outlook alternative in this list. Like the rest of the options that I listed out here, you can easily rely on this one as well. However, Blue Mail is more like an application rather than a browsed service. It is even available for Android and iOS devices too.

Now, let’s talk about the various features of this Outlook alternative here. Some of these features are people-centric, easy clusters, group mailing, unified inbox, reminder settings, instant push, various themes, visual appeals etc.

There are two versions of Blue Mail from which one is simple to use and free to download too. But the next one is Blue Mail Plus which is especially intended for corporate people only. So, if you want to browse this version then you would have to consult the company first.

Interestingly, Blue Mail is a wonderful email handler for personal and professional need.

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10. Inky


The last Outlook Alternative in this list is Inky. Actually, this platform works more as an Anti-phishing tool and because of the high-level security, this is just next to impossible to hack your emails. It is compatible to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even has a version for office 365 too.

Inky acts as a barrier from all the possible malware to your privacy. I would strongly recommend this email manager to those people who want their data to be safe and secured.

In fact, you can use Inky as an add-on to Outlook and can keep on continuing your normal workflow easily. This platform is luckily free to use and you just need to download it once to use it. You can link various email services to it and see all your emails on one screen through it.

Inky has various features and services like integration, simple user interface, high-level security, compatibility, cryptographic checks, easy and quick installation, global database on one click, email recovery etc.

All these features are made available easily when you are using Inky as your email client.

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These services are not just an option which you can use instead of your email service but way more than that. Apart from managing your emails, they are your task manager, contact manager, calendar, digital journal, web browser etc.

Microsoft is a very reliable name and there is no doubt in it. But still, there are very renowned services you can trust upon to manage your accounts. The Outlook alternative listed above becomes the example of the same. This is always good to have options so that you can choose the best amongst them.

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