Top Best High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List


High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites: Blog commenting is the most preferred off page SEO technique for the new and professional bloggers. It is the easiest way of building backlinks and attracting referral traffic to your website.

In general, blog commenting is a system in which a separate box is placed below each blog post, and the readers give their feedback through.

High PR Blog Commenting Sites List

A strategic approach to the blog commenting can bring many benefits to your site or blog.

Mostly, bloggers use this technique to get visitors to their blogs. However, webmasters can also use it for lead generation and conversion. Read this post and get to know how the blog commenting helps in lead generation.
If I talk on my side, commenting ranks in the third position in the traffic sources list of my blogs. I follow this technique daily to grow traffic to my blog.

I get numerous messages from Facebook friends asking about the number of comments should they make each day.

Well, there is no any rule book that can tell the number.

What I do is – I make 5 comments each day. It’s my daily routine.

You can set your own number, but do not overdo it otherwise; it could hurt the traffic to your blog. You should comment both on dofollow and Nofollow blogs.


In the starting of my blogging journey, I wasn’t aware of the blog commenting, so I decided to ask a professional blogger who wisely use the blog commenting.

As you know- In the starting, when no one knows you in the blogosphere, connecting with the professional bloggers seems a tedious task.

So I took an easy path and moved on to his blog. I found a different meaning of blog commenting that was new to me.

He writes – Blog Commenting is another name of relationship building with other bloggers in your niche.

My mind got a kick and I went into deeper of this statement.Would you like to know what I found?

I will reveal everything that I got to know after going in the depth of this statement. If you also want to know….keep reading….at the end of this article, you will get the answers to all your questions.

Let’s begin from the 0 level and will reach high-level concepts of blog commenting.

At very first, a newbie blogger has to know – what’s a blog?

What is Blog?

The word ‘Blog’ has taken from the ‘Weblog’ or ‘web log’. It is kind of online journal which gets updated frequently. It is a place where people share their thoughts and things they are passionate about.

In simple words, a blog is a website that the owner updates on an ongoing basis. The owner could be a girl, a boy or an organization.

The information on the blogs is found in the form of blog posts. The act of writing posts on blogs is called blogging.
The blogger John comes up with some advanced definitions of blogging. I am serving you as I found them.



These advanced definitions include some technical terms. If you do not understand these terms, please do not take the stress. You should only mean to the blogging, which is your sole purpose. These technical terms do not matter a lot.

It is for your knowledge purpose.Now I bring you forward in this journey. Let us dive deeper in this interesting concept and discuss the types of blogs we can comment on.

Types of Blogs for Linkbuilding:

Blogging is an amazing thing which allows everyone to share whatever in the mind with just an internet connection. Typically, the blogs are written in a single topic to serve the needs of readers looking for specific information. The blogs are the amazing source of engaging readers and encourage them to purchase your product if you are offering a product.

There are many bloggers making their living out of blogging, but you should aware of the kind of blog that suits you best.

Technically, with the benefits of blog commenting, we divide the blogs into two major categories:

1). Do follow
2). No Follow

Dofollow Blogs:

Dofollow blogs are those blogs which offer the dofollow links to the commenters. There is numerous blog commenting sites that offer dofollow backlinks which are crucial to SEO point of view. The giant search engine Google counts the dofollow backlinks to rank any web page in SERP.

Would you love to see a sample dofollow blog comment right here?You should see that. It is quite interesting.


I am using NoFollow extension in my Chrome browser, which shows a red rectangle around the Nofollow links. You can clearly see that it is not showing the link which I indicated as a Dofollow link in the screenshot.

I never saw any simple blog offering dofollow backlinks. In most of the cases, the comment Luv blogs stand in the front row to share the dofollow backlinks to their readers.

The major advantage to commenting over dofollow blog commenting sites is that you can get an easy dofollow link for your blog or website.

You just need to read the complete post and leave a meaningful comment that adds value to the content.

Further, in this article, I will share the trick to finding out the high PR blog commenting sites to improve the Domain Authority on your blog or website.

There would also be some guidelines for proper utilization of the dofollow blog commenting sites.

NoFollow Blogs:

The NoFollow blogs do not offer any link juice to their readers. I.e. After leaving comments over these blogs, you do not get any dofollow backlink pointing to your blog or website. Mostly, the corporate blogs do not offer the dofollow backlinks to the readers due to frequent updates in Google’s ranking algorithm.

If any blogger offers the dofollow backlinks through comments in an uncontrollable way, then his blog may have to face a Google penalty soon. It is better to comment on Nofollow blogs in this case.

The benefit of Nofollow blog commenting sites is to attract the referral traffic. You should leave an informative comment over the top blog sites to capture the attention of other commenters.

I am using NoFollow extension in my Chrome browser, which shows a red rectangle around the Nofollow links. You can clearly see that it is not showing the link which I indicated as a Dofollow link in the screenshot.


Look above in the screenshot which has been taken from an authority blog-Shoutmeloud. You could see a red dotted box around the link that is indicating towards a Nofollow link. The red box is showing due to the NoFollow extension of Chrome browser.

In case, if you are not using the Nofollow extension, then right click on the link, a list of multiple options will appear on the screen. There, select ‘Inspect Element’ option. A coding part will appear on your browser screen like as the below screenshot.


In this coding part, just look for the ‘rel’ attribute in Anchor tag. If the value of rel=”nofollow or “external nofollow”, then link is nofollow. In case of dofollow link, you won’t find ‘nofollow’ word in the value of ‘rel’ attribute. By default, each link sets as a dofollow link.

In my words, blog commenting is the finest way of building relations with other bloggers. As a blogger, we have to make connections with fellow bloggers.

Most of the big blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, etc. are having commenting system. These platforms allow the readers to leave the valuable comments over the blog posts to induce the interaction between author and readers.

If anyone wants to grow as a blogger, then he or she has to create a community of ‘likeminded’ people to grow faster. Blog comments assist in this mission.

Commenting over other blogs give us the chance to interact with other bloggers and make connection frequently.

In other words, blog commenting is a bridge which connects the visitors and the author. Readers leave their valuable comments in the comment box and the author gives answers them.

Readers can ask any query or give some suggestions by commenting. As a result of this, it is beneficial for both the parties.Would you like to have more meat???

I guess you nodded your neck to say yes.

I would like to give you some more reasons to comment on best blog sites. Are you ready?

Read below: Blog commenting sites benefits for Blog Author

1). Blog comments keep your blog updated.
2). The higher number of blog comments shows the high readers’ engagement in the post. The readers’ contributed content in the comments gets counted within the existing content.

Note: We will further elaborate these two points in this post.

Blog commenting sites benefits for Commenters

1). Commenting offers an easy reach to any blogger.
2). It helps to have a guest post on authority blogs.
3). Most of the times, you get backlinks to your blog or website.

Blog Commenting Guidelines:

There is no any official guideline exist to comment over blog commenting sites. However, an ethical way can be followed to comment over high PR blog commenting sites.

What ethics a commenter should be followed while commenting can be understood through the below example.

It’s a comment of Harleena Singh on a popular blog Harleena is a commenting queen. I have read out so many valuable comments of Harleena Mem. Therefore, I thought of educating you through one of her comments.


Let me explain you the above comment in the right sequence…..


Each person loves to hear his or her name. Even at the commenting over blog commenting sites, you should use the salute to regard the author. Greeting is the beginning of a valuable comment.

If you did this in the right way, it would help you to connect closely to the author.

Do you use greetings in each of your comment?

If you don’t do that, then start right away and feel the changes. The author is likely to reply your comment more frequently when you refer him or her by the name. Believe me; greeting is the most personalized way to draw the attention of the author.

So please do not react like a robot and refer author by their names as the Harleena did this in above comment.

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You should always compliment the people whom you meet in day to day life, and it should be applied even when you are commenting over a blog post.

A compliment if your friend bought a new vehicle.A compliment if your friend or your acquaintance wore a new outfit.
These are the real life instances.

A complement in a comment will amazingly strengthen your bonding.

A frequent compliment gives a boost to the entire comment.

Adding value: Adding value to the post should be your sole purpose while doing blog commenting.

How could you do it?

You could add some extra information which is related to the content’s topic, but the author did not talk about that.
You may ask a meaningful question related to the post.

You can share your personal insights regarding the article. What you have learned from the article can be shared in your comment.


At the end of the comment, you can write one or two lines showing gratitude to the author. The commenter may again appreciate the post at the end of the comment. By this way, you can make a comment valuable, insightful, informative and interesting.


Always avoid the one liner comments. It heads your comment into the spam folder. The “Thanks for sharing” kind of one lines comment won’t give you any benefits for your efforts. Instead of making 100 this type of comments, Keep a habit to leave meaningful, informative and interesting comments having a length more than three lines.

Commenting should be done manually. Several automated blog commenting tools are available in the market. Just avoid them and take the responsibility to comment manually. Such kind of tools or software invites the Google penalty which is not good for your money site.

Importance of Blog Commenting In Seo:

Blog commenting is beneficial from SEO point of view. When you leave comments on other blogs, at the same time, you make a link pointing to your money site.

Blog commenting helps in building link popularity. Sadly, most of the blogs are NoFollow. However, there are several dofollow blogs are also present, which love to share the link juice.

By commenting over these dofollow blogs commenting sites, the visitors get two backlinks. The first hyperlink comes within your name and the second one is in the form of a recent post of your blog. It shows at the end of the comment.
Searching of best blog commenting sites for SEO is really a hectic task, but with the consistent efforts, we get able to find them.

You should not worry about it. It will help you to save your precious time. I will share a long list of dofollow blogs at the end of this article.

Blog commenting is such a nice technique to increase traffic to your blog or website. Each time you leave a comment, the blog owner takes notice of you.

In case, you are consistently commenting over blogs within the same niche, you get to have visitors to your own site.

If you are sharing value on your site, they would love to link to you. In some cases, they can invite you on their blogs for the guest post. Eventually, it builds authority for you in your niche.

A strategical approach towards blog commenting is beneficial for both blog author and commenter. Through the blog commenting, the post gets updated frequently and helps in ranking in SERP.

The higher number of comments over a blog post shows the higher user engagement.

Blog commenting is the easiest technique to increase the number of inbound links for your site or blog. You would already know that at the blog commenting time, you get a chance to add a link back to your money site.

For a newbie bloggers, blog commenting offers multiple benefits from the SEO point of view as well as assist in improving visibility as a blogger.

How To Search Relevant Blogs Sites for Blog Commenting?

Now the talk comes over the searching relevant sites for blog commenting.

You should consider below think before choosing a blog for comment-

a). The blog should be popular.
b). Should be in your niche
c). Commentluv enabled
d). Top commentator widget
e). If dofollow, then good. If not, must have an authority blog.

Searching for the top blog site is very easy by taking help of a website-


1). Register yourself at Dropmylink.
2). Login through your account.
3). Put your keyword in the search box and press enter. I am willing to have ‘commentluv premium blog’, so I set the footprint to it.

4). Here you got the list of blogs in the Google search results.

5). It is simple as that.

In the huge list of blogs, it may be difficult to find the dofollow blogs. To make the work easy, I use ‘NoFollow’ extension in my chrome browser to find out the NoFollow links frequently. This chrome extension creates a red box around the NoFollow link. When you use this extension in your chrome browser, all the NoFollow link in a web page will be surrounded by the red boxes.

The Mozilla users can use the Highlight NoFollow links add in their Firefox browser.

Best High Pr Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List

Although, it is hard to prepare a blog commenting sites list offering dofollow backlinks to each commentator. However, through my hard efforts, I compiled a list of dofollow blogs.

If you do not get the dofollow backlinks in the first attempt, it may possible that the blog author has set a threshold for each commentator. This threshold can be set on ten comments or more. When you or anyone else crosses that threshold, the comment backlinks get converted into the dofollow links. It happens when a blog is using premium Comment Luv plugin.

Well, here is your gift that I had promised at the beginning of this post.

Here is the High Pr Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List. Make comments on them and win dofollow backlinks….


No words to express the power of blog commenting. Many of the influential bloggers opt it to express their views about the blog posts. It does not only give backlinks to the site, but also assist in building relations with the professional bloggers in your niche. Blog commenting sites are the best means to create dofollow backlinks which help in your SEO efforts. No any other method I have seen ever to get the Dofollow backlinks in such an easy way.
It is a myth that blog commenting is dying, in fact, it is coming into its actual form for which It is made.

Add value and keep the discussion going through your comments. It is such a fantastic method to share your views and ask your queries from the influencers

If you are still looking any guide related to link building and want to increase your domain authority then these guide can help you. Let’s check.

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hope this article will prove helpful for you, and you will improve your website status into search engine, and you may will get high traffic.

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