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Any marketer worth his salt can say for sure where a brand should look for the best conversion rate. So, if there is a platform that is also the second-largest search engine after Google itself, you should know this much: use it immediately! 

Of course, we are talking here about YouTube. It’s been a long time since YouTube wasn’t the best video platform out there, and it barely ever will be. But to get real results from it you have to act smart. What does it mean? 

Well, if you ever wondered why certain YouTube channels always get from thousands to millions of views after just posting something, you might already understand that it is not entirely about their content. Nope. There is something else. 

The truth is way more simple. Most of the bloggers and successful YouTube channels understand how the platform works and how to use it in order to make content reachable. 

To complete the answer we just have to say one thing: the right keywords in the video descriptions and titles can bring you a fortune. Create great content that manifests your values and vision, but don’t forget about another work you have to do in order to be visible to people. 

The best keywords tools

Before we actually get acquainted with the most useful keywords that can leverage your business, let’s figure out where to look for them

Ahrefs is number one here. This tool has an incredibly huge memory on SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research and other things that helps to promote video content on YouTube. 

Proofs? YouTube search volumes for keywords includes data on 243 countries. With such a big collection of promoting materials, you can put your project on the path of a successful brand. It doesn’t matter what you produce in terms of video content – this tool will get you what you need to be seen by your target audience. – try to search for a video on YouTube. Do you know what happens? The platform will offer you a list of recommended results based on what other people searched for in the past. 

So, if you need to analyze popular search phrases, this tool is the best choice to implement your video in one of them. 

Besides, analyzing popular search phrases helps to find what will fit – or what is fitting at the moment – to your target audience and act accordingly. 

VidIQ is a perfect tool for brands that focuses on creating video content more than anything else. 

It also can be great for anyone who creates or just shares video content.  How does it work? Once you research a term, VidIQ offers you a view of what’s going on with that term. Eventually, you receive recommended tags and a list of top-performing videos related to the term. Besides, you can find out your “Keyword Score” – snapshot analysis of how hot (or not) the word or phrase is. 

Don’t forget that you can always do your keyword research by reviewing YouTube Analytics. Easy, right?

The Reach tab will show you a summary of how your audience is finding the videos on your channel. It actually can be a major help. 

Besides, don’t forget about an even simpler way to gather what you need: YouTube Autocomplete. 

You may have noticed that – just kidding, you sure know about the feature –  when you search for something on YouTube, the service acts like google: it suggests some keywords to complete your request. 

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It is the way of telling you: “hey, here’s what people write in order to find a video. Maybe it will be handy to you, too?”. 

Meaning: YouTube suggests you to use those as keywords. 

Keywords for 2022

So, we learned where to look for the best keywords in order to make the performance of our video better. Now, let’s move to the keywords themselves. 

Just in case we will share the top of searches that can give you a hint on what might be worth using. 

  • pewdiepie – 45,71,398; 
  • asmr     –   40,36,274; 
  • music 33,47,560;
  • markiplier 29,69,267;
  • old town road 25,01,430;
  • billie eilish 23,55,459;
  • pewdiepie vs t series 21,79,597;
  • fortnite 20,10,834;
  • david dobrik 20,06,263;
  • jacksepticeye 19,56,498. 

As you see, most of the keywords are related to some celebrity or just hyping themes. However, in order to promote your own video, these can hardly be helpful for you 🙂 

If you need animation related keywords, the top 10 includes: 

  • #animation; 
  • #animation meme; 
  • #animation vs Minecraft; 
  • #animation movies; 
  • #animation movies English; 
  • #animation story; 
  • #animation movie in Hindi; 
  • #animation short film; 
  • #animation meme compilation; 
  • #animation YouTubers. 

Depending on your niche, the keywords can vary. Besides, they change drastically over periods of time. There’s also hype in some niches which can affect the popularity of others. Use the tools we shared with you to learn how well your keywords score. 


Just a few things to add. Always use at least 4 keywords for each video. Make sure that every single keyword is relevant to your content and your channel theme. Keywords and tags should be working as a team. 

What keywords do is more than just giving the audience some direction, no way. They plug your video content – any video you make –  into comfy frameworks geared toward your target audience. 

One more thing: don’t believe those who say that search is dead. Thousands of creators, projects and companies build their channels based on popular search phrases. So, don’t hesitate to use keywords – it is your way to make your content seen by people. 

That’s it! 

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