5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost Your SEO Efforts


Nearly 51% of email users learn about new websites by opening their emails. According to Statista, there will be 4.6 billion email users by 2025. Together, these figures are an eye-opener for those email marketers who use the email marketing platform only for earning click-throughs.

Did you know that you could also use it to boost your SEO? Yes, you have read it right.

So, bringing some potential customers to your website through marketing emails will bring high-quality traffic to your website. You will enjoy two-fold benefits. You can also leverage your promotional emails to boost SEO alongside earning click-throughs.

Email marketing can help you attain your SEO goals in not just one but many ways. Read on to get an insight into how email marketing can help you go beyond average goals to achieve your SEO objectives.

How Email Marketing Boosts SEO Efforts

As an email marketing professional, you can also lend a helping hand to enhance the SEO efforts of a brand. For success in this regard, you need to use both conventional and out-of-the-book email marketing hacks. Merging the latter with your email marketing strategy will help boost your SEO efforts.

1. More Shares and Increased Activity on Social Media

Social sharing of content is one of the key requirements for boosting the SEO rankings. Google’s current SEO guidelines attach importance to the virality of social media posts. This criterion plays a vital role in listing websites on Google’s SERPs.

You’d generally consider using social media management tools for earning social shares. Though this technique can be helpful, you can also explore other ways to get more social shares.

When crafting your marketing emails, don’t forget to bear a few things in mind. Add social sharing links and CTA buttons to your email content. Request your potential customers to share content. This will swing your loyal first readers into action.

The more you engage such readers, the better. With their combined efforts, your social media posts will eventually go viral. And as they go more viral, your website will jump into the top spots on Google’s SERPs. You can even put it in one of the top five slots on Google’s SERPs with your consistent efforts.

2. Better Engagement of Visitors on Your Website

The bounce rate of your website acts as a mirror for search engines. The latter uses it to assess the credibility of the content on your website. From the SEO standpoint, it can make or break the deal for you.

The traffic on a website moves to another website within a shorter duration of time than intended. This is precisely what amounts to a low bounce rate on a website. Not improving the bounce rate on your website for a long time can kill your SEO ranking.

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With a carefully crafted promotional email, you can lower the bounce rate on your website. You will benefit by linking your best content through your email newsletter. This action will enable you to ensure two things at once. It will bring in sizeable traffic, but it will also help you ensure that it involves highly interested customers.

Potential customers who sign up to receive your newsletters are genuinely interested in your content. Their visit to your best content by clicking the links in your email serves as a strong testimony for it.

3. New Site Content for Maximizing Subscriber Base

As a useful channel, emails help you reach out to real people. They contain helpful content that you can use in non-conventional ways to draw the attention of your target audience.

If your long email has valuable content, consider repurposing it to benefit your potential customers. Likewise, you can also batch emails with lesser content and put them as blog posts. With valuable and unique content in your newsletters, you will better improve your SEO rankings.

In addition, also consider giving non-subscribers access to your quality content. This will let you open the door for non-subscribers to content available only for your subscribers. It will help you earn new subscribers by kindling their interest in your content.

4. Additional Traffic through Automated Sequences

Marketing automation will replace human marketing in the future. So, why not use the tool that promotes automation in the best possible way? Nothing beats emails when it comes to using automation through the simplest means. You can use them to create email sequences that operate on their own. It is one of the best examples of automation.

Your new subscribers will automatically see your best posts with automatic email sequences. On the one hand, it will help your traffic grow, and on the other hand, your website will get into the good books of Google’s SEO practices. With both these things happening simultaneously, the ranking of your website will go up several notches on SERPs.

5. Positive Reviews

The performance of local businesses depends on reviews. You can use email marketing to take your SEO efforts to a new level with good reviews. If you wish to boost the search results of a local business, ask your subscribers to write a review of it. With an honest review, they can share their opinion about it.

Google and other popular search engines rate a local business based on its customers’ honest reviews. Positive reviews can help improve the local SEO search results of your client’s local business.

Final Thoughts

From the above, it stands out that you can boost your SEO efforts via email marketing in many ways. If you have been using your marketing email only to achieve click-throughs, consider using them for SEO outcomes.

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