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Best Bookmark Manager Tools

10 Best Bookmark Manager Tools

Be it print media or digital one, humans tend to forget a thing or two and this is why they need best bookmark manager...
Best epub Reader for Windows

10 Best epub Reader for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Those who are familiar with the concept of eBooks, they must be acknowledged with this eBook extension called epub. But the main thing here...
Sites like Udemy

10 Best Sites like Udemy

The world and education system has progressed a lot in the past recent years. Ditching the conventional, sites like Udemy are proving to be...
sites like facebook

Top 10 Sites like Facebook

Chatting, tagging, posting, and scrolling, well this is the base mix of Facebook and there is no doubt that this is the best social...
Block Websites on chrome

How to Block Websites on Chrome

Amongst so many other issues the one which remains prominent is to block certain websites because of the security issues or other reasons. If...
sites like kickass

Top 10 Sites like Kickass

Kickass Torrent or simply Kickass is a very popular torrent site where you can find torrent seeds of almost anything. People didn’t even used...