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Most Played Game in the World

10 Most Played Game in the World

The easiest way to compile a list of most played game in the world is to take a look at the best-selling games, and...
ps4 multiplayer games

Top 25 PS4 Multiplayer Games

PlayStation 4 is the most popular gaming console by Sony in the current times, and you can make most of it when you are...
Best Open World Games

25 Best Open World Games of All Times

The open world is a type of genre of games which is exceptional. It is a big factor which can make or break any...
Best PS3 Games

25 Best PS3 Games for All Times

Innovation and Sony are like two best friends going hand in hand from forever and PlayStation 3 seems to be making a perfect example...
games like tera

10 Best Games like Tera

All those, who are in extreme love with the MMORPGs, this is the time to check out this section of games like Tera. These...
Best N64 Games

25 Best N64 Games of All Times

Nintendo 64 or N64 is the third home video game console and trust me if you haven’t played games on this one I might...