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There are certain metrics and features we as users seek for in an offshore hosting company before deciding to go (or not go) with the company, that’s what we will audit throughout this BlueAngelHost review.

The prime factors we pay attention to in this BlueAngelHost review are Anonymity, Uptime, Speed, Security, Support and Pricing Plans. All Metrics will clear a perfect image in your mind, Is you need to use BlueAngelHost for your website? Or Not?

BlueAngelHost Offshore Hosting Quick Overview

We include this section in all our reviews to draw an outline of the platform helping you get a glimpse of what the platform offers:

Get Your Offshore Host With BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHost Pricing Plans

The reason we’ve placed this section on the very top of this BlueAngelHost review is; regardless of how feature-rich, superpowered and secure any app/tool/platform is; it’ll only make sense if we as users can afford to use all those features.

BlueAngelHost for starters offers VPS servers as well as Dedicated servers also, offer SSL certificates and so on but for the purposes of this BlueAngelHost review we’ll keep ourselves restrained to its servers.

VPS servers can be paid for both monthly and yearly; they start at $8.99/year (HDD) and $9.99/Month(SSD) while going up to  $59.99/Month(SSD) and $45.99(HDD) plans. But SSD and HDD plans have only disk difference, SSD VPS Server performance is always better as compared to HDD. But HDD servers offer more disk space.


Get Your VPS Offshore Host With BlueAngelHost

VPS KVM-v1 server that price is $8.99/Month, This is the starting and cheapest plan of BlueAngelHost, It offers 1 core CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB HDD storage, 1TB Bandwidth, And Anti-DDOS free with every plan. For the best configuration SSH root access is available.

Recommended KVM-V6 Server price is $45.99/Month, Which comes with 4 CPU cores and 6 GB RAM, Disk storage will be 120GB HDD RAID 10(Backup) and server bandwidth will be 8TB which is huge for high-traffic sites.

Dedicated servers differ in price not only based on server resources but also the “location” of those servers. In the shortest possible words; they start at the lowest price of USD $49.00/month; while the most expensive server can go as high as USD $329.00/month.


Get Your Offshore Host With BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHost also offers an offshore streaming server that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective.
If you are looking for hosting for IPTV or Video Hosting website, you may try this service. Here you can host porn sites, movies, TV Shows, and any kind of streaming sites.

The dedicated server ST-1220v3 price is $49/Month (starting plan), and has intel Xeon E3-1220v3, 4 core, 8GB DDR3, 2TB HDD, and unmetered bandwidth.

Fast Dedicated Server H-2680v4 offers 2 Intel Xeon CPUs with 28 cores and 56 threads. That has 64GB DDR4, 4 Disk Drives, and unmetered bandwidth. The user can easily customize this configuration according to his requirements.

Get Your Dedicated Offshore Host With BlueAngelHost

The Sever Locations

As just mentioned; the locations of the servers impact the price of the Dedicated servers. However, they also impact the AUP (Acceptable use policy), security, and freedom that users get with their content (based on country laws).

BlueAngelHost offers servers from three of the most digitally-liberal countries on the planet, namely:

  • Bulgaria, Russia, Netherlands.

Their primary Datacenter is located in Moscow, Michurinsky Prospekt 27/5, Moscow, Russia to be exact.

User Anonymity Policies

The company even though doesn’t ask for any personally identifiable information during registrations, may do so as required by the nature of a question asked by the user or to provide appropriate support (as stated in their T&C).

It however has a “No sharing policy” which ensures users at no times is their personal information sold/rented/leased/shared to any third-party.

What this means is, it’s as anonymous as the users make it. It’s not mandatory to use real information during registrations, also make the payments using Cryptocurrencies (they accept quite a few) and no one knows who you are.

What’s Allowed and Not Allowed (AUP)

Arguably the biggest reason why users opt for offshore anonymous hosting companies is because of the content they wish to upload; which may not be legally or morally allowed or acceptable by the laws or society of their own countries.

What’s Not Allowed:

  • Terrorism
  • Child Porn
  • Financial Information (Paypal, Credit Card data etc).
  • Hacking

Apart from the above “not allowed whatsoever” material; there are some server-specific content as well. For e.g. Hosting of video or audio files isn’t allowed on Shared servers however it’s allowed on VPS and Dedicated servers.

Bots, IRC Scripts, Proxy Scripts, Gaming servers too aren’t allowed on Shared servers; and DDoS attacks are prohibited from any of its servers.

What’s Allowed:

It’s a DMCA Ignored Hosting; meaning it doesn’t mind users uploading copyrighted content and doesn’t pay attention to DMCA complaints, unless a court-order from the courts of Bulgaria is issued for the removal of the content.

Any and all kind of Adult content is allowed; except Child Porn. It even allows hosting Warez and nulled scripts!

In a nutshell, it’s one of the most content-liberal offshore hosting sites we’ve ever seen; apart from giants like BulletProofWeb.

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Page Load-Time

A server’s performance is based majorly on the time required by it to load any specific webpage; so we test the average time required by the server to load any specific webpage in this page load-time test.

Test Results:

BlueAngelHost Review

Even load times from other locations such as London and USA turned out to be 540ms and 538ms respectively, indicating the server’s impressive performance with loading speeds.

Server Response Time

This is another test related to a page’s speed that we conduct; the load time was impressive no doubt but the Server Response Time measures not the time required to load the complete webpage; rather the time needed for the server to respond to the browser’s request to load the site.

In short, the first response that the server provides to the browser, only after which the rest of the loading requests are initiated or completed, you can see how that would directly effect the load-time, can’t you?

Test Results (Verify here):

BlueAngelHost Review

  • Website:
  • London: 106ms
  • US (East): 134ms
  • US (West): 169ms
  • Sydney: 315ms
  • Bangalore: 540ms
  • Singapore: 580ms
  • San Paulo: 672ms
  • Japan: 1136ms

Again the server performs considerably well for most locations, infact for all locations except Japan (which is expected and most natural for just about any company).

Server Response Time when Traffic Spikes

Despite the company’s impressive performance results so far; there’s one last test we’d like to conduct, a traffic-spike test.

Meaning, we’d like to monitor how the server reacts when there’s a tariff-spike on the website, does it start needing more requests; or maybe response time?

So we use LoadImpact and send 25 Virtual Users to the site; these behave as real users requiring the same resources from the server as real humans, and here are the test results (Verify):

BlueAngelHost Review

As the image above shows, the SRT (Server Response Time) did flinch quite a bit, it went upto 7ms with only 10 active VUs on the site, but needed only 3ms of response time for 24active VUs.

Note that, regardless of the fluctuations the highest SRT recorded was 7ms which is extremely low, one of the lowest SRTs we’ve ever recorded!

How You Can Pay to BlueAngelHost?

Payment methods aren’t only about ease of payment, they also affect user anonymity that’s why when you will buy a new host with BlueAngelHost that time always use Anonymous Email at registration time and use an anonymous payment mode like cryptocurrencies. To keep this anonymity intact BlueAngelHost accepts a number of CryptoCurrencies, which include: BlueAngelHost-Payment-Methods

  • Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Dash, Bitcoin Cash

But, if you’d rather not mess with Cryptos and keep things traditional, you can also pay using:

  • Paypal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Credit/Debit cards, Or direct Bank transfers!

Bottomline, it has a payment method for you regardless of your need, be it faster transactions, the lower fee (with currencies other than BTC) , or just easy transfers (such as with fiats). They do offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

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Support of BlueAngelHost

One of the final aspects we’d cover in this BlueAngelHost reviews is its support. Officially they can be contacted via the following ways:

  • Live Chat, Skype, E-mail, Or Phone.

However, we monitored their live chat for nearly 18 hours while scribbling this BlueAngelHost review down and not once did the live chat come online, an acceptable explanation is today being a Sunday, in which case the support (via live chat) isn’t provided 24X7.

Other Features

BlueAngelHost-FeaturesThey have DDoS protection upto 500Gbps ensuring security from such threats. Full root access too is granted which allows users to manage their VPS servers by themselves.

The Datacenter is a Tier-III datacenter; and has redundant security features such as a four-level security system, CCTV monitoring, disaster resistance etc.

Free site-migration too is offered which includes free transfer of files, databases, scripts, and domains.

Officially they also claim 99.9% uptime although this couldn’t be verified; neither is any guarantee associated with it in their T&C.

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Final Words

So that’s us signing off this BlueAngelHost review; we believe all the major factors about the company have been discusses, and questions answered.

In our personal opinion, the site seems more than impressive with its speed and performance, the content-policy too is extremely liberal, and the fact that it offers servers not from one but three locations helps users choose the one which suits their visitors and needs best.

Support too isn’t disappointing (except that it’s not 24X7). Bottom-line, like every other offshore hosting company it has its ups and downs, more ups than downs fortunately and seems worth a glimpse.

Get Your Host With BlueAngelHost

But that’s just what we think; your opinion counts too so drop your thoughts, questions and doubts about the company as well as this BlueAngelHost review in the comments.

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