100 Websites Who Accept Bitcoin Payment


Here are 150 big companies which accept Bitcoin in 2021. Bitcoin is arguably the biggest financial revolution this century or mankind has seen in its history, isn’t that right? But one of the most commonly asked questions around Bitcoins is, Where do you spend it? Websites Who Accept Bitcoin? Where is Bitcoin Accepted?

Most folks bought/are buying Bitcoin simply because it seems to exponentially grow the investment, in a relatively shorter span of time.

Although did you know you can order stuff as common as a Pizza, and rare as Lamborghini or even tickets to the SPACE using Bitcoins? Just about everything else such as Jewelry , Subscription to online sites, Airplane tickets and Tech-gadgets too can now be purchased using BTC.

So if you’ve got a couple extra BTC you wouldn’t mind spending, throughout this piece we list nearly 200 sites and platforms which let you buy products using the much famed Cryptocurrency.

Note that, we’ve manually checked every single site to be accepting Bitcoin before enlisting them here on this list of companies that accept Bitcoin. Let’s checkout table of content for easy finding.

However some sites like to keep it an “on and off” thing (such as Microsoft) so at times (specially when the market is volatile) some companies may refrain from accepting BTC.

E-commerce Sites Who Accept Bitcoin

E-commerce sites have been listed at the very top of this article for the simple reason that they would cater to most users’ needs here, not everyone on this page wishes to, or can afford Lamborghini or diamonds using Bitcoins just yet now, can they?

E-com sites as is already known to you are sites which let you buy a variety of products, from food, clothes, gadgets, to everything else in between, they’re the modern world’s replacement for Shopping Malls.

The Leading E-com portal from Japan which has a little bit of everything too accepts Bitcoin. It also is big on offering cashbacks and gift-vouchers.

This is one of the online stores that accept bitcoin, primarily dedicated towards Electronic gadgets, although also offers parts and spares. Has thousands of products ranging from E-cigarettes to Car Accessories and Mini PCs.

OverStock sells everything from Jewelleries, Home decor, furniture, clothes, electronic gadget to baby products and everything else in between. One of the first major retailers to accept BTC. Its shares increased 17% in August 2018 after it got funded for tZero, its own blockchain subsidiary. (Source).

Cryptoemporium is an all-around E-com website which sells anything and everything. Starting off with Video games and watches to Real-estate properties and private jet charters! Offers a very professional interface as well as a live-chat team. Accepts LTC, ETH, XVG, XRP, DCR as well as DASH for payments. Mandatory registrations required. Has a worldwide shipping policy.

One of the most popular Female clothe merchants that accept Bitcoin. Has every piece a women might ever want, and they accept Monero as well in addition to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Shirt is an E-commerce portal launched by some Bitcoin enthusiast who sells goodies and merchandize related to Bitcoin, such as Cups, Tees, Scarf and so on.

A “Cryptocurrency only” E-clothing store which sells apparels primarily targeted towards nerds, programmers and geeks. Even has a complete section dedicated to clothes related to Cryptocurrencies.

NewEgg is every tech-lovers’ dream. An E-commerce portal which sells Electronic gadgets and hardware and it’s now accepting Bitcoin.

Shopify is an E-commerce store which lets other independent users sell their products on the marketplace, much like Amazon, E-bay or Flipkart. If you own such a store on Shopify you can make it one of those stores that accept Bitcoin, or if you need to purchase any product from a Shopify store; BTC can be used to do so.

Alike Shopify, Etsy too lets users create their own shops and sell products. Not every merchant on the site accepts BTC, but some do.

Flights/Hotels (And SPACE-TRAVEL) sites Who Accept Bitcoin

Flights are just as revolutionary an invention as BTC, although not all Airlines have accepted the currency yet, probably for its volatility, here are the few major ones which do, also note that most of these portals let you book hotels/ car-rentals and other services along with the flights:

The founding-idea of this online travel agency was “Offering flight trips, with BTC”, although also accepts LTC. Primarily offers flights through Europe.

SurfAir is a platform which arranges private flights and memberships to private aviation clubs which can be paid for in Bitcoin as they recently announced.

The first-ever travel agency to start accepting Bitcoins. Flights to and fro all major airports in the world can be booked. (Not applicable on Car Rentals). Also accepts BTCH, LTC and DASH.

As the name hints, it’s a travel-agency which accepts ONLY Cryptocurrencies, as many as 140 of them including Bitcoin. It offers flights, hotels, adventures, holidays and everything else in the niche.

A full-fledged travel site, based out of Japan offering flights to and fro almost every primary destination across the globe, accepts BTC among other payment options.

One of the most popular flight and hotel mediator on the web; also lets users book Cruises, Cars, and offers ideas on “things to do”!

Not a fan of public-aircrafts? Private Fly is the first-ever private jet company which now accepts Bitcoin among other Cryptocurrencies.

Markets itself as “World’s truly first on-demand Private Jet service”, offers Airport-to-Airport as well as Door-to-Door flights and pickups. Also has the unique concept of “auctions” for flight bookings.

A Portal which lets users purchase gift cards for almost all major airlines, to and fro all major airports. As many as 300 airlines and nearly 1000 destinations are available.

A flight-finding platform which searches for cheap business class tickets equal to, or just slightly higher than Economy class tickets for flights across most major airports on the planet. They recently posted a new “special offer page” clearly stating they now accept BTC payments.

Another holiday-planning website which offers Airtickets, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Disney, Cars, Fun activities to name some of its services. Offers custom-trip packages in addition to pre-made packages with set destinations, flights and visiting sights. All major airlines can be booked. Accepts BTC in addition to Bank Cards and even Cash-payment at offline branches among other methods.

Webjet claims to be the #1 OTA (Online Travel Agency) in Australia as well as New Zealand. It offers bookings for Flights, Cruises, Cars, Bikes, Hotels etc. The standard flight interface for most OTAs is what’s used, hence easy bookings possible. Massively discounted tours are Webjet’s specialties.

Berkeley doesn’t facilitate direct bookings of flights or hotels. Rather, it’s a luxury-travel OTA. You can book luxury destinations, holiday packages, Concierge services and even Private Jets for the ultra-Elite. They even arrange Visas for the travelers making the entire experience buttery-smooth. Cruises, Beaches, Honeymoons, Golfing, Skiing, Safari etc. are some other options.

The name makes it pretty evident, doesn’t it? Bitcoin Travel is a company which facilitates travelling for Bitcoins. It works as an OTA and connects users to multiple third-party websites and Airlines which can be used to make the Booking. It’s trustworthy and has testimonials on Forbes, Coindesk and other such internationally reputed sites.

If it’s longer, or multi-destination flights you’re looking for, something like an around the world ticket, AirTrek is one platform which makes it possible. A person named Simon Roca booked his(or maybe her) first AirTrek using Bitcoin recently.

The American Airlines do not directly accept Bitcoins, but you can purchase tickets in the form of Gift cards from Gyft (the link above). Gyft also lets you buy ticket gift-cards (among other things) for Delta Airlines and SouthWest Airlines as well.

This Airline is already spending a fortune for the keyword- “Airlines Accepting BTC” on Google Adwords.

Its tagline says- “Book Travel with Cryptocurrencies”. Lets users book Flights, Hotels, Cars, Trains, Lounges and every other travel-requirement.

In addition to Flights, also lets you book Hotels, Trains and Airport lounges using Bitcoin.

Creative name (Peach=Cheap), a Japanese Airlines announced in their Press-release of their approval of BTC payments.

It’s an airline carrier based out of Latvia, it’s one of the earliest Airlines to start accepting Bitcoins.

Space-Travel: The Billionaire Richard Branson’s futuristic company Virgin Galactic announced that they’d start accepting Bitcoins once they launch commercial space-travel (expected sooner than 2020).

Fast-Food Chains Who Accept Bitcoin

Fast-Foods are just as important, or arguably a more important aspect of modern life than Air travel and E-commerce stores. Here are a few of those companies which accept BTC.

Note that some of these chains may only accept BTC in specific countries or locations (although all of these do accept in their U.S stores).

The world’s largest fast-food chain Subway does accept Bitcoin at some of its locations, primarily specializing in Submarine Sandwiches and Salads although as is already known to you, it offers a number of other delicacies. (Acceptance depends on individual franchisee).

After McDonaldz, the second largest Hamburger chain in the world, Burger King too started accepting Bitcoins recently.

PizzaForCoins is a third-party website which lets users place their orders on the website, choose their Pizza franchise of choice and pay for the orders using Bitcoins.

One of the most awaited placed that accept Bitcoin includes KFC Canada, which announced via Twitter in the second half of 2018 that they now accept Bitcoin payments.

This is one of the largest German fast-food chains and it too accepts Bitcoin payments. It also has a mobile app you can use to place the orders.

VPNs Who Accept Bitcoin

I’m a big proponent of VPNs, they try to bring back the lost privacy and anonymity of today’s Digital world. Also considering how VPNs are all about anonymity, it’s only rational for them to accept Bitcoin payments, isn’t it?

Here’s a list of VPNs sites that accept Bitcoin as the mode of Payment.

NordVPN is hands-down “the” best VPN in my personal opinion. It has a huge number of IP addresses and countries, extremely secure protocols and encryption and the least speed-drop we’ve seen so far. You can read a full NordVPN review here.

SurfShark is a pretty well-established VPN. It too is independently audited just like NordVPN. The VPN allows connecting to unlimited devices simultenously. Also features an inbuilt ad-blocker/malware blocker, supports Split Tunelling, has a camaouflage mode, and also a “No Borders” mode.

ExpressVPN is only second to NordVPN when it comes to features, security, or speed. It too accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

IPVanish boasts 7 years of experience in the industry, provides as many as 10 simultaneous connections, zero logs policy, 74 server locations & loves Bitcoin.

TorGuard offers 50+ countries to choose from, has a no logs policy, offers protection against MITM attacks, offers upto simultaneous connections and even has E-mail and Routers up its products’-list.

One of the very few sites on this list of companies that accept Bitcoin payments which doesn’t include a Middleman (payment processor) such as BitPay and rather directly accepts BTC payments in the company accounts.

Just another VPN, impressive features, just not as popular (yet) as Nord or Express, but is feature-rich and Bitcoin loving.

Another VPN which provides 5 simultaneous connections, blocks ads/malware/ supports P2P and includes Socks5. Doesn’t keep any logs either.

This company built its initial reputation by providing free yet feature-rich VPN accounts, despite being more commercially-motivated now it still is one of the first choices for many.

AirVPN provides 5 simultaneous connections, no bandwidth, time or server-switching limits. Has extremely simple UI. Accepts BTC.

Another BTC-accepting VPN company offering 3 simultaneous connections, 256-bit encryption, 5 connection protocols and no logs policy among other features.

PureVPN offers 140+countries to choose from, split tunnelling, Unlimited Bandwidth, P2P support, DDoS protection among many other features and accepts BTC.

“VPN” offers 21 countries to choose from, Multiple encryption protocols, doesn’t restrict users on speed, doesn’t keep any logs and in addition to VPN services also provides Pen-testing, Security consulting, and audits as services.

Famed as “Hide My Net”, the VPN later evolved into a more full-fledged project as a VPN and named itself IronSocket. Doesn’t keep any logs. Offers 38 countries to choose from, Smart DNS Proxy, and also 7-day money-back guarantee.

A VPN allowing 5 simultaneous connections, 100+ locations, 1000+ servers, no logs policy, kill-switch, unlimited bandwidth and speed, P2P support and everything else.

Proton VPN is one of the rarest VPNs primarily because it’s open-source. Also, it’s from the guys at ProtonMail, literally the most anonymous e-mail provider on the planet. Governed by Swiss laws. Forever free version exists. 10 simultenous connections. P2P supported. 60 countries to choose from. VPN accelerator in-built (superfast speeds).

It’s a VPN that offers unlimited simultenous connections. As of today, offers 31 countries to choose from. It even has a privacy policy that’s audited and verified by an independent third-party. Features in-built tracker blocker, safeswap (multiple IPs simultenously), WireGuard protocol, Split Tunneling and a data breach monitor. Has a 30-day refund policy.

Dating Sites Who Accept Bitcoin

This decade has seen a rise in Dating sites, Dating sites for Teens, middle-aged people, and even some oriented towards Married couples. Here’s a list of Dating sites which accept Bitcoin payments:

With exactly 4 1 6 4 0 5 9 5 6 9 0 1 2 3 members and growing every second, it is the largest Dating site in the industry right now. Registration is free. Paid membership can be purchased using Bitcoin.

This is basically “Tinder”, but for Millionaires, or the richest section of the society. Formerly known as “Luxy”. It only accepts people who have a minimum yearly income of USD $200,000, the balance is manually verified. Does accept Bitcoin.

OKCupid is one of the largest and most popular Dating sites, if not “the” largest. It also is one of the first Dating sites to accept Bitcoins and does so since 2013.

Sparklet is the newest Dating Site which still is in Development although is functional, and accepts Bitcoin payments. Primarily made for Mobile devices. Provides “Demo” accounts for testing purposes.

Porn Sites Who Accept Bitcoin

PornHub is the 8th most visited site in the world, followed by Xvideos at 9th position (source) clearly Porn is something that sells, and almost every user on the Internet searches for. Here are some of the most established porn sites which accept Bitcoin payments.

The anonymity that comes with BTC payments is an additional bonus when it comes to purchasing content such as Porn online.

Probably the most popular “paid” porn site, Naughty America caters to everyone’s need, no matter how cringy, weird or Tabooed they are. It too accepts Bitcoin payments.

A “Live Video Streaming” platform where performers stream themselves and accept payment in the form of “tips”. Also allows viewers to chat and request specific actions from the performers.

Another “live webcam Adult performance streaming” site which allows viewers to interact with the performers which accepts Bitcoin payments. Also intends to soon enlist other CryptoCurrencies.

Despite not being as Popular as the other “not so evident domain names” in the industry, Porn.com does accept Bitcoin payments.

Not exactly similar to Naughty America or XVideos, rather the website which publishes the PlayBoy Magazine and grants access to adult photos/videos on the website. Subscriptions for the site/magazine too can be purchased using Bitcoins.

A porn site which offers free live-webcams all across the globe. The site is available globally, in over 36 local languages. Private-chats can be requested with models. “Tokens” are used to pay for private chats, tips, adding music etc. which need to be purchased using Bitcoins. Registration required for Chatting or Private shows. Requires only an username.

XL Network is a Porn Site which accepts Bitcoin among other fiat payment methods. The site has a very specific Porn Micro-Niche, that of Oversized models and Actors/Actresses. It also offers photos-albums which can be purchased. Is Licensed and legal.

Doesn’t need an introduction, does it? PornHub too accepts Bitcoin payments in case you didn’t know of it.

This is one of the businesses that accept Bitcoin and stood with the Cryptocurrency from Day 1, a full-fledged Adult site featuring not just recorded videos but also live-cams, streams and interactions with the performers.

Mofos Network is a network of multiple sites featuring porn. All the commonly searched categories are available. Totally accepts Bitcoins, however, Crypto payments have a minimum plan-period of 5 years. Lower terms can’t be purchased using Crypto but only with Fiat.

Scoreland isn’t just dedicated to video porn, but also features a paid image gallery. Also allows independent artists to enlist themselves as models for the platform. BTC, DASH, LTC etc. accepted. As low as 1-month packages can be purchased using Crypto.

MetArt even though has video films, is primarily dedicated to photos. Each model has a profile, thousands of professional nude and adult photoshoots are featured in each profile. Free samples provided. BTC is the only accepted Cryptocurrency. Monthly, Yearly and even a lifetime package available!

It’s a website which lets you hire escorts instantly. You don’t need to register. You can browse thousands of different escorts, their interests, photos, physical traits, and even phone numbers absolutely free. It’s not limited to Bitcoins it’s also a site that accepts Ethereum.

Video-Games Who Accept Bitcoin

Video Games aren’t just a kid’s entertainment anymore, E-sport companies such as Cloud9, Team SoloMid, Team Liquid etc. have a valuation of USD $310Million, USD $250Mil and USD $200Mil respectively!(source)

Here are the top video-game sites/platforms which let you purchase those games using BTC.

Bitrefill is a gift-card shop which sells gift cards for some other items, in addition to Video games. The Video-game git cards can be purchased either for Steam or Roblox. Cards are available in denominations from 5EUR to 50EUR. In addition to Bitcoin, other altcoins LTC, ETH, DOGE etc. too can be used to purchase items. There’s a 15-minute window to make the payments.

JJGames is a platform dedicated to selling Video-games both physical (and their keys). It provides a 5% discount on Bitcoin payments using the coupon- bitcoin. The payments are processed via Bitpay. The “Bitcoin” option only becomes available if the coupon code is entered during checkout.

CJS-CDKEYS is one of the most popular video-game retailers that accept Bitcoin selling Boxed games, as well as their keys. CJS CDKeys accepts not just Bitcoin but also LTC, ETH and other Altcoins.

“Coins” here denotes Cryptocurrencies, it’s another platform like CJS which lets users buy video-game keys for Steam, Origin and other platforms using Cryptocurrencies.

The two names dominating video-games are Playstation and Xbox, aren’t they? Well Playstation for one lets users pay for their games, as well as subscriptions and other side-kicks using Bitcoins.

Xbox from Microsoft had no reason to say no to Bitcoin considering how PlayStation is already accepting BTC, Xbox too lets users purchase digital goods off its online library using BTC.

Note: You have to deposit the funds in your Microsoft account, and then use them from there to purchase the goodies.

G2A is a gaming-marketplace which lets users buy products not only from the parent platform but from other platforms as well as Bitcoin among other payment methods.

Plati is a Russian gaming marketplace where independent sellers too are allowed to sell game-related products. Some sellers do accept Bitcoin payments.

If you’ve heard of FarmVille, you already know Zynga, don’t you? Zynga is primarily social-mobile games developing company which develops mobile games for social networks. It started accepting Bitcoins around 2017, although they were test-launched only for some specific games.

Online Casinos Who Accept Bitcoin

Online Casinos are platforms which let you savour the betting experience without having to walk into a brick and mortar casino, or leaving the comfort of your homes.

mBit Casino is one of the most game-rich casinos in the Online Bitcoin casino industry, with nearly 1000 games, it’s not Provably fair, is licensed under Curacao laws, accepts BTC among other currencies and also offers VIP loyalty program.

As the name hints, the company loves Bitcoins, it too is a Provably fair casino with around 750 games, licensed under Curacao laws, offers 100% Signup bonus among other weekly and consequent-deposit bonuses.

A company licensed under the Curacao laws, is provably fair, offers 1000+ games, doesn’t require any documents during registration, has impressive bonuses and accepts BTC among many other Cryptocurrencies.

A Partially Provably Fair casino, with around 400 games or more to its credit. Accepts not just BTC but also ETH, DASH, DOGE, Monero, LTC, BTC gold and many other such currencies.

Another casino with 500+ games, supports Bitcoin and nearly 10 other Cryptocurrencies, is Provably fair, offers 100% signup bonus maintains good support and has its own exclusive VIP club.

A total of 225% welcome bonus is offered, distributed as 100% on first deposit, 50% on second and then 25% X 3 times for the next 3 reloads. Also accepts players from U.S

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Not as big on Games as some other Online Bitcoin casinos, but still has 200+ of them. Earlier was licensed to E-gaming Montenegro but recently also acquired Curacao licensing. Isn’t Provably fair.

Bitcoin Casino is one of the first licensed casinos in the industry. Offers 1000+mBit joining bonuses, live casinos, and a fair number of games overall.

This is a casino which doesn’t accept U.K players. Provides 100% first-deposit bonus upto 1BTC. 30% bonus on each deposit upto 1BTC is offered as well. Fast payouts. Although needs 3x deposit wagers before withdrawal. Accepts BTC.

Offers 100% deposit bonus upto EUR 500 (min requirement- EUR 20 or 0.004BTC), followed by 200 free spins. Fairness is handled by Technical Systems testing. Has impressive number of games.

1xBit too is game-rich and has around 500 games, accepts 10+ Cryptocurrencies, and is Partially Provably fair. Even though German by origin, offers impressive Support in English and other languages. Accepts BTC among other currencies.

Another Bitcoin Gambling platform, however not anything like the above listed options, has an extremely modernistic and different interface, as well as working-infrastructure.

Mars Casino offers over 1300 games, and upto EUR 300 and 50 free spins. Offers quite a few Provably fair games and also has a Mobile version which can be played on cell phones.

Stake is a completely Provably fair casino, has no limits on wins and they can go as high as 15BTC!

The company offers 100% first deposit bonus + 30 free spins, and then 75% + 25 free spins on the second deposits. Offers 200+ HD games and is Provably fair.

CryptoWild offers 150% signup bonus and 150Free spins, followed by 50% bonuses from 2nd to the 4th deposit. Also has a VIP club with Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships.

Licensed under Curacao laws, an online casino which lets users bet using a number of CryptoCurrencies. Has 8 different types of games and several hundred games in total. Is provably fair.

King Billy offers 4 “big” bonuses for the first 4 deposits going upto USD or EUR 1000 + 200 free spins, and it did win a couple awards from “AskGamblers”. Is licensed in Curacao and is provably fair.

One of the most welcoming casinos, offering 275% upto USD $2000 first deposit bonus followed by 33 free spins.

Offers a 200% welcome bonus, upto EUR 100 and weekly bonuses upto 1000EUR. It too like most Online Bitcoin casinos is licensed in Curacao.

The casino offers USD $1200+240 free spins as the welcome bonus. Has over 100 slots and also offers a “play for fun” mode which doesn’t require real deposits.

It offers 150% match bonus, upto USD $1500, offers 200+ games and supports iOS and Android mobile devices as well.

Oshi offers over 2500 games, is licensed in Curacao and offers impressive first deposit, weekly as well as Reload bonuses.

Offshore Anonymous Hosting Who Accept Bitcoin

Offshore Hosting is primarily sought-after due to its liberal approach towards content, however for such questionable content anonymity too is one of the most important factors that should be taken care of, that’s where Bitcoin comes to the rescue.

Here are some (actually all, or as many as I could find) hosting companies which accept Bitcoin (mostly offshore). Although note that all of these also accept “Fiats” in addition to Bitcoin and other Cryptos.

Not an “offshore” hosting company yet one of the most famed companies offering hosting, domain registration and many other web-services.

Founded in 2002, It’s one of the most content-liberal and revolutionizing anonymous offshore companies I’ve ever been with. Based out off an actual cold-war Military bunker in Netherlands, allows anything and everything except Child Porn and Terrorism. Provides extreme anonymity.

Offers servers from Reykjavik, Iceland, cheapest plan is priced at USD 43.40/month, has Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Doesn’t allow Child Porn, Terrorism, Scam or Phishing sites.

Established in 2009, offers servers from Netherlands, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Russia. Cheapest plan starts at USD $3.49/month. Allows even copyrighted content.

Established in 2002, offers servers from Panama and Netherlands. Cheapest plan is priced at USD $2.95/month. Doesn’t allow Piracy, IRC or scam sites.

A much recent company found in 2011, offers servers from Poland, USA, Russia and Ukraine, lowest server is priced at USD $2.99/month.

Founded in 2007 with 12 years of experience it offers servers from Russia, Netherlands and USA. Doesn’t provide shared servers, only Dedicated and VPS available. Cheapest plan goes for EUR 35.00/month.

Private Layer offering servers from Switzerland, offers Dedicated servers only and they start at USD $89.00/month.

Based off Panama, one of the most digitally-liberal countries in the world, CCI hosting offers all kinds of servers, starting at USD $4.00/month.

PanamaServer is obviously based off Panama, offers Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers; starting price for servers being USD $4.00/month. Doesn’t allow Porn, Warez and Copyright violations.

Offering servers from Russia, Netherlands and Bulgaria the servers start at USD $2.75/month. Porn, Terrorism, Game-scripts and many other similarly controversial content not allowed.

Servers from “Europe”, shared servers aren’t available. However VPS and “Adult servers” are. Cheapest plan starts at EUR 14.95/month.

Servers from numerous countries including Hongkong, Israel, India, Panama, Hongkong, India, Saudi Arabia, Ukrain, Israel, Panama, available. Cheapest plan starts at USD $20.00/month. Shared servers aren’t available.

Servers from Netherlands. No shared or VPS servers are available. Dedicated servers have a starting price of USD $29.00/month.

Again no specific country mentioned, servers from “Europe” available, shared servers unavailable. Dedicated and VPS are provided with the cheapest starting price of USD $25.00/month.

Offers servers from Sweden. Is explicitly a “Bitcoin only” hosting company. All kinds of servers available with a starting price of 0.00024 BTC.

Based out of Moldova, offers all three major types of servers and has a starting price of USD $0.94/month. Gambling, Mining, Porn, Scam-sites, Hacking or any other illegal content isn’t allowed.

Offering servers from Russia, offers Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Starting price being 82.50p/month. Copyrighted content, Porn etc. aren’t allowed.

Delta host offers servers from 3 countries namely USA, Ukraine as well as Netherlands. Doesn’t provide shared servers. Starting price for shared VPS is USD $6.00/month.

Another offshore Bitcoin hosting company which doesn’t provide shared servers and only Dedicated + VPS are available. Starting price for VPS being USD $5.00/month.

A company accepting Bitcoin which only provides Dedicated servers at a starting price of EUR 65.00/month, the servers are based out of Bulgaria.

Dedi stands for Dedicated, “Am” for Amsterdam, hence it’s a company which provides only Dedicated servers based in Amsterdam. Starting price is set at EUR 59.00/month.

VPS God despite its name actually sells Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers based out of Netherlands, USA, at the cheapest package being sold for USD $1.99/month.

All kinds of servers available, servers based in Ukraine. Cheapest plan costs USD 2.50/month. Doesn’t allow anything illegal.

In accordance with its name ,the company also doesn’t reveal the location of the servers however cheapest servers start at USD $4.95/month. Child Porn, Hacking, Fraud, Carding and other similar content of questionable nature isn’t allowed.

This company is in contrast to its name, despite its name being “WRZ Host” which probably means “Warez Host”, it doesn’t allow copyrighted content, or anything else which is illegal among other things. Cheapest plan starts at USD $2.00/month.

RockHoster keeps things low-end and doesn’t provide Dedicated servers, however shared and VPS servers have a starting price of USD $1.99/month.

A “Dedicated server only” company based out of Hungary with a starting price-tag of EUR 120.00/month.

Based out of Netherlands, offers only VPS with a starting price of USD $39.00/month. Doesn’t allow Child Porn, Spam, Hacking, Human/Animal pain content.

A company offering servers from Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands as well as Luxemburg. No shared servers available, however VPS + Dedicated + Streaming servers available. Starting plan costs EUR 20.00/month.

This company only provides VPS and Dedicated servers. Doesn’t allow copyrighted content, illegal Pharma products and other illegal content. Based out of Russia. Cheapest plan costs USD $70.00/month.

Offering servers from the Netherlands and Romania, with a starting price of USD $0.95/month it could be one of the cheapest offshore Bitcoin hosting companies on this list.

VPS BG offers Bulgarian servers, it doesn’t provide shared servers, only VPS and Dedicated ones available. Cheapest plan starts at EUR 10.00/month. Anything illegal, or related to Hacking isn’t allowed.

They market their location as being “secret”, Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers available. Cheapest plan costs USD $5.00/month.

Based out of Moscow, Russia the company’s cheapest plan costs as low as USD $0.5/month for shared servers. Dedicated and VPS too available.

If you need Costa Rica servers, RL is the go-to option. Cheapest shared servers start at USD $10.00/month. Only legal content under Costa Rican laws are allowed.

Based out of Netherlands, offers only Dedicated and Streaming servers. Starting price for servers is EUR 29.00/month.

Costa Rica is where the servers are based off, cheapest plan starts at USD $7.50/month. Doesn’t allow Porn sites, Hacking, Spam etc.

Another company based out of Costa Rica, offering Shared VPS as well as Dedicated servers with a starting price of USD $9.99/month. Porn, violation of human rights, hacking or personally attacking content isn’t allowed.

Has servers in Netherlands, Bulgaria as well as Russia. Cheapest shared servers start at USD $5.00/month, VPS and Dedicated too available. Only “lawful” content allowed (meaning no warez/copyrighted content allowed).

With servers in Netherlands, the company doesn’t provide for Dedicated servers. The shared servers start at EUR 2.95/month. Dedicated servers too available.

Offers servers from USA, Netherlands, HongKong and Malaysia. No VPS available, is limited to Shared and Dedicated servers; starting at USD $9.95/month.

Latvia and Sweden are the two countries these servers are based out of. Only VPS servers available staring at EUR 4.00/month.

URDN offers servers from Sweden and Ukraine, it’s a VPS-only company and the starting price is set at USD $6.00/month.

Offering servers from Germany and Russia; no VPS only Dedicated and shared servers provided. Cheapest plan costs USD $65.00/month.

Based out of Hong Kong, TeleAsia provides only VPS and Dedicated servers, cheapest server is priced at HK$199.00/month.

A Hongkong based offshore anonymous hosting company which accepts Bitcoin, it provides only VPS and Shared servers, starting at USD $60.00/year.

The servers will be based off Valencia, offers only VPS and Dedicated ones starting at EUR 136.00/year.

Offers servers from Romania, shared servers start as low as EUR 0.29/month. VPS & Dedicated servers available as well. Only legal content allowed.

It offers servers from Canada, Germany as well as Ukraine. VDS, Dedicated and Shared servers available; starting price being USD $1.56/month.

A Russia based offshore hosting company whose cheapest plan goes for USD $4.00/month; offers VPS and Dedicated plans. Copyrighted content, Child Porn etc. aren’t allowed.

With servers in Panama, the company’s lowest plan starts at USD $19.00/month for VPS plans, no other servers are available.

Servers based off Iceland, the company sells only Shared and VPS servers, cheapest plan starting at USD $6.99/month.

Bulgarian servers can be purchased on the platform, starting at EUR 19.00/month, does provide shared, VPs and Dedicated ones.

Made primarily keeping “Bitcoin” in mind, also accepts a number of other CryptoCurrencies. Offers anonymity. Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers available.

A Canadian hosting company which accepts Bitcoin. Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers available. Cheapest plan is priced at USD $3.95/month.

Another “not offshore” hosting company, established back in 2010 it offers Shared and Semi-Dedicated servers. Cheapest plan costs USD $4.95/month.

Founded in 2000, offers servers from Luxemburg, Holland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, HongKong, Singapore, Russia and Lithuania. Cheapest plan starts at USD $3.95/month.

Food Sites Who Accept Bitcoin

This section has an independent presence from the “Fast food chains” section considering how we’ve enlisted organic, or kitchen-appropriate food here rather than takeaways or pre-cooked meals.

If you’re in Utah, and need organic, 100% pure honey this is the site to go to. A locally founded, small startup which sells honey for BTC.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon. Them accepting BTC is a major “yay” factor for Bitcoin, isn’t it? Earlier, they accepted Bitcoins via third-party gift codes. They recently partnered up with Flexa and Gemini to directly accept Bitcoin payments. The partnership allows them to accept the cryptocurrency without additional hardware expenses.

It’s a company which sells over 40 coffee-varieties and 20 or so different types of tea. Shipping is free on orders worth USD $50+.

As the title states, it’s against “Fish killing or harming” hence it extracts and sells Omega3 directly from Algae, unlike other companies which it claims do it by killing the fishes for the Omega3 which they eat.

Koyah is an online shop which sells organic, plant-based powders. It’s a modern way of eating beets, spinach, broccoli, collard greens and everything else which is generally green, and not liked by your family.

Miscellaneous Sites Who Accept Bitcoin

So this section is dedicated to all the sites and platforms which I find randomly on the web to be accepting Bitcoin, yet couldn’t fit them in any one specific category.

A Luxury Boutique selling everything from SuperCars, Luxury watches, Jewellery, Bags, and even Gold for Bitcoins! Extremely anonymous, not much documentation required. Tons of positive reviews on multiple platforms (no negative reviews found either) But do your own research and verify legitimacy before ordering products.

When we first scribbled this article 2 years back, we did say that soon you’d be buying cars with Bitcoin. Well, Elon Musk announced just a few days back that all models of the Tesla car can now be bought with Bitcoin!

What’s good news for the BTC community is, Elon also said they wouldn’t be converting these payments to fiats. Rather, payments via BTC will be retained as BTC!

If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you can buy soft drinks using Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies! Coca Cola Amatil

Even though this was primarily done to reduce “touch and contact” due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, it probably will be continued even after the pandemic (if there’s ever an “after”).

PayPal in a controversial (and disappointing) statement called Bitcoin a “scam” in 2019. Just one year later, in 2020, PayPal announced that their U.S users can now not only use, but also hold Bitcoins using their PayPal accounts.

Sure it’s limited to specific account types and locations for now, but, it’s still one of the biggest developments for BTC throughout the decade!

One of the biggest companies on the planet is all set to accept BTC. For now, it’s a bit indirect. You can use Bitcoins on Apple Pay using the Coinbase Bitcoin debit card. A recent job hunt led by Apple further strengths the belief that the company may soon be accepting Bitcoins directly.

Bitcoin has really gone public and mainstream! This is a very well-established university out in the U.K. It recently started accepting Bitcoin as an official payment mode for tuition fee! It helps majorly as most people generally use Credit Cards for payment which levies additional charges.

A very successful, established and reputed company offering digital entertainment, as well as hardware such as Receivers, Internet, and also offers streaming services. Accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Has global presence and can be used in any country on the planet.

It’s one of the most well-established law firms in the U.S and was established back in 1898! They clearly are very smart people and hence have succeeded in their business, and hence they understand that Bitcoin is the future and accept payments via the same. Obviously there may be some T&C but in general, it’s accepted.

It’s another law-firm and this one’s based out of Finland. They too announced a few years back that they’d now accept payments via Bitcoin. The website isn’t in English and they may not be of practical use to most of you, however, this does show how Bitcoin is being globally accepted and understood for its potential.

AT&T is the first mobile carrier in the world who accepts Bitcoin officially. It also is one of the largest and most used networks on the planet. They accept payments via BitPay.

Nordstorm is an online and offline luxury retail line. They sell everything from shoes, bags, clothes, beauty products and everything else.

Teahouse Transport is a courier and parcel delivery service which accepts payments via Bitcoin. You can request a pickup directly on your doorstep. It’s then shipped worldwide. It even has a “virtual address” feature which lets you hide your real address.

This is how you “physically” gift people Bitcoins. This USB-like device holds the coins, and can’t be opened or used without proper authentication by the actual owner (lot of technicalities, this is the outline).

A luxury Jewel retailer which now accepts online Bitcoin payments for its Jewels, Watches, Bracelets and everything else.

It’s the largest North-American theatre (source) and now accepts Bitcoins for ticket bookings.

When you’re buying “Guns”, even though this is a legal site and needs extensive verification; Bitcoin can still be a somewhat better way to pay for it than Fiats. (Announcement).

Security precautions before making payments

Before making payments with Bitcoin, it’ll help if you pay attention to a couple security features.

You already know Bitcoin is 100% transparent. So all incoming and outgoing funds can be trailed pretty easily.

You can’t ever be sure of the security of any of the sites listed above. What if one of them is hacked? And the hacker (s) find your BTC address. And they get to your primary BTC account which has your lives’ savings, and empty it out.

Pretty frightening, I know.

So, it’s best to always create a new, smaller wallet. Transfer funds from your primary wallet to this smaller wallet, and from there send it to whatever shop/platform you wish to make a purchase on.

If you’re extremely paranoid, using one of the best Bitcoin mixers is better, more expensive but also more secure way of making yourself anonymous.

Also, make sure you check a site’s refund policies when using Bitcoins to buy products. If you can’t find the information, get in touch with their support team. This is important because majority of the websites do not provide refunds when “Bitcoin” is used. This is primarily due to Bitcoin’s volatility & fees.

The second tip you can follow is for your taxes. Do your research about tax laws in your country regarding Bitcoin. In some countries there’s no tax, in some there is and in others the tax depends on multiple factors when BTC is involved for payments

If you’re a Bitcoin holder and don’t have one of the best Hardware wallets yet, you’re just waiting for your funds to be stolen. I’d suggest get one now.

Tip: Did you know you can use Bitcoin Debit cards to pay at almost any outlet/retailer who accepts VISA and other cards? Go check those out.

Is Paying on sites using Bitcoin Illegal?

A number of you might be here primarily because you’re trying to dump your coins. Well that’s a doubt a number of Bitcoiners (if that’s even a term)go through, so let us help you out.

In a word, N-O. Paying on sites using Bitcoin IS NOT ILLEGAL. Bitcoin is largely legal throughout the globe. Also, any of the websites listed above have taken care of their legalities, this ensures they’re legally allowed to receive Bitcoin payments.

The only problem, if any, may be at your end. Unless you’re in the Middle-East, or one of those extremely conservative nations chances are Bitcoin is legal in your country.

Note that there are “layers” of legalities to the use of Bitcoin. For e.g. in some countries you’re allowed to HOLD Bitcoin, but not “pay” for services using BTC. In others, transactions are legal but not holding long-term and so on.

It’s best to glance through this Wikipedia article on the legalities and conduct your own research regarding the Bitcoin legalities of your nation. But in a nutshell, for the most part Bitcoin is a legal token of transaction.


So those were some of the E-commerce sites/ online stores which sell various different goods and services offering a payment mode for everyone who uses Bitcoin.

With the eventual growth of the coin, and more establishments realizing its potential more and more online as well as offline shops are likely to integrate the payment method onto themselves.

Anyway this is just a fraction of all the online sites which accept Bitcoin as a payment mode, there are hundreds other; just come back to this piece every week or so to get your hands on a couple extra ones.

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