pCloud Review – The Best DropBox Alternative Free Cloud Storage

pCloud Review: Gone are the days when we used only our own hardware storage to keep files and other important documents we need. With the advent of robust and safe cloud storages, we trust them with our data and they have proved themselves highly reliable.

pCloud is a state of the art Swiss-based cloud storage platform with top notch security and excellent features. It differentiates itself from its competitors in many ways and ensures that it becomes your all in one solution for online file storage through its ultra-secure data centers.

Let’s see what makes pCloud the best cloud storage option available online and check out its major features along with the pricing & plans it offers.

Why pCloud?

With so many cloud storage facilities available by reputed brands, you would imagine the same, why pCloud? But once you know the features of pCloud and more importantly, its super affordable pricing plans, you will not even consider the other options.

It comes with all that you need in a cloud makes it available on all the devices with suitable features for each platform. pCloud is relatively way faster and more secure than all its other competitors including Dropbox.

pcloud review

Features of pCloud

You will be amazed by the various features that pCloud comes with. Most of the features are missing in other similar cloud storage facilities and this is the reason why choosing pCloud is the best choice you can make. Let’s see its top notch features:

1). Collaboration

Collaboration improves productivity and you can use it in many ways for your benefits. pCloud offers amazing collaborative features where you can create download and upload links and share them publicly. You can also invite users to shared folders and let them make amends to it in terms of files or folders. Moreover, you will get all the statistics of public links in a detailed way through pCloud.

2). Security and Encryption

pCloud is highly secure and uses 256-bit TLS/SSL connection which is probably the most secure way of encryption available. There is also another service that pCloud provides known as Crypto which lets you keep all your files, docs, music, movies and important details in military grade security just for a small price. All your files have 5 copies each on different servers throughout the world so be assured that nothing can destroy them.

3). Synchronization and Access

pCloud can be accessed through all kinds of devices and is supported on all the major OS platforms including Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Linux. All the data that you store is automatically synced to the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. You can also have selective offline access for some files that are important to you. If you take a lot of pictures from your phone, you can auto upload it to the cloud directly from your device as soon as you click them.

4). Accessibility

If you are a heavy user of media files, pCloud is perfect for you as it lets you stream HD videos right through the built in player available. Even an audio player is built into the software/app which allows you to have playlists. Unlike other cloud storage facilities, there is no kind of restrictions on the file size and speed. With pCloud, both are unlimited. Also, you can free up your hard drive space and have it all on the cloud while accessing them through your desktop.

5). File Management

With the increasing number of files and folders, we would need an effective file management system to handle them. pCloud offers file versioning which helps you keep them separate and organized. In case you delete some files by mistake, you can quickly get them back by restoring. Also, cloud storage options like Dropbox only allow you to sync a single folder but with pCloud, you can sync any folder. It also lets you preview your documents online without downloading which is useful most of the times.

6). Backups

Backups are important in the age of so much information. PCloud allows you to take backups from top services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and OneDrive. You can simply use the cloud storage service for backups if not for anything else. All your data will be safe and secure along with being accessible whenever and wherever you want them to be.

Pricing Plans and Storage Options of pCloud

The reason why people prefer pCloud over others is its highly affordable pricing plans which also include a free version. Let’s see the different plans along with the storage options and the price they cost:

a). Basic

The Basic plan is completely free of cost to use and anyone can simply signup for pCloud to be on this plan. It allows you up to 20 GB storage of all kinds of files and lets you have 50 GB of download link traffic every month. The download link traffic comes from the links that you share publicly or with some specific people. This is a great plan to try out pCloud before you upgrade it to higher plans.

b). Premium

Premium is the most recommended and used plan from pCloud. It is perfect for people who regularly share large files either publicly or with certain people. With the premium plan, you get up to a massive 500 GB of storage and 500 GB of download link traffic too.The plan costs you $3.99/month and $47.88 for a year which is quite reasonable for the amount of storage and download link traffic you get.

c). Premium Plus

This is the top most plans available for those who want to use pCloud’s brilliant cloud services. It lets you have up to 2 TB of storage and a similar amount of download link traffic. Even the most hard core cloud users don’t have needs more than this. If you store and share extremely large files on a daily basis, this plan is perfectly suitable for you. The plan costs you $7.99/month or $95.88 if you pay yearly.

All the features of pCloud are included in all the pricing plans. In case you are a power user of cloud facilities and need more storage and download link traffic, you can get in touch with the company to get a customized subscription.

Final Say

With so many top end features, high security, blazing speed and a pricing plan that starts from free, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to use pCloud.

It has features that none of the other competitors seems to have and more than that, an impressive pricing plan completely wins over your requirements.

If you are in need of a cloud storage facility that does much more than you expect it to, pCloud is the one you must check out, after all its basic plan is free of cost.