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Sync claims to be one of the best cloud storage platforms. Of course, we don’t believe in claims. That is why in this review, we will discuss everything Sync claims to be and see what’s truly being offered.

If you need a cloud storage solution with good security and sharing features, Sync may be worth your time.

Hey, it’s free anyway (forever) and doesn’t even need your credit card. Not a lot to lose, is there?

Let’s get started.

What is

Sync is a cloud storage and backup solution. As the name suggests, it syncs with your files and keeps them updated and backed up in the cloud.


It also offers tons of features that let you share the file with anyone on the planet. As for security, it ensures complete zero-knowledge encryption (discussed later).

Before we dive deeper, here’s an overview of all its primary features:

  • Website:
  • Sign up 100% free forever
  • End-to-End encryption
  • 365-day revisions
  • Link features: password/expiry/download only view-only etc.
  • Team features: shared folders/ request files/ activity monitor/comments
  • Custom branding
  • Virtual drive
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

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Let’s get you a closer insight then?

End-to-End Encrypted

The primary and most important reason why I consider Sync a good cloud storage platform is its End-to-End encrypted.

This means everything you store on is accessible only to you. No third-party, including or even govt. agencies can’t access your files, ever. Yes, even if they wanted to. It’s a technical impossibility.

On top of that, Sync also is compliant with all the major legal compliances that protect you and your data. This includes GDPR, PIPEDA and even HIPAA (this is on the more expensive plans).

Up to 365-day History And Account Rewinds

Time travel has been invented, well,  atleast as far as goes.

Imagine you made an edit you weren’t supposed to, or deleted a file that you still need.

Sync has pretty impressive “time travelling” features. For starters, it lets you access file histories up to 365 days.  That’s a pretty long time as far as correcting errors go, isn’t it?

You can access a file’s history and even restore it to a previous version as long as the change was made <366 days ago.

Similarly, there’s also an “account rewind” feature. Instead of a few files, you can rewind the entire account to a back date.

Advanced and Secure Sharing Features

Sharing files/folders with others is an integral part of our lives these days, isn’t it? Now, being able to do so securely is what makes one platform better than the other.

Sync has a few features that caught my eye:

  • Unlimited link sharing: For starters, unlike quite a few Sync alternatives out there, Sync doesn’t “limit” your shares. You can create and share as many links as you’d like to.
  • Password protected links: I’m sure you’ve guessed what this is. Yeah, each protected link will require a password to be accessed. Makes sure the content remains safe even if the link somehow is compromised.
  • Expiring links: Again, you may be running an offer, or hiring employees or anything that’s time-specific. You can basically set an expiry date/time on links so that they can’t be used after set time expires. Neat, isn’t it?
  • Preview only links: Let’s say you’re sharing PDF/excel or any other such files and you do not want the other person to download your files. You can set them to “preview only”. Doing this lets the user view and access your file, but not download it! (Do note that the person may still capture a screenshot or use some other third-party tool to store the file. Of course, the legality of the file can then be debated if need ever arises).
  • Download limits: I’m sure there are hundreds of scenarios when you need to ensure a file only gets downloaded X no. of times. Well, with Sync, that’s possible.

In my opinion and experience, not many cloud storage providers offer as many link/sharing features as Sync.

Advanced Team/Collaboration Features

Sure, we just discussed links. But, Sync actually has many other ways you can collaborate with other users/team.

Again, if you’re a startup, group or just colleagues, these features I believe may make your life easier.

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  • Shared folders: Make your folders and files accessible to multiple users. All the edits/changes made by everyone are public.
  • Manage permissions: just because you shared a folder, doesn’t mean you need to offer unrestricted access. You can specify the exact level of permission each user has for each folder. Yes, multiple levels of permissions can be set for the same user for different folders and files. Impressive, isn’t it?
  • Comments: the other members can comment on your flies which keeps all of you in the loop.
  • File requests/remote upload: This isn’t a very rare feature yet is an extremely useful one at that. So, it basically lets you generate a link. Using this link, anyone can send you files that get stored in your Sync account. Now, this also means you can use this to upload files to your account without actually logging in to your Sync account. From anywhere and any system!
  • Monitor activity: You get full access to each user’s activity history on your Sync account.

Again, in my opinion these features make Sync more than just a cloud storage platform. Wouldn’t you agree?

Optional Cloud-only Sync

Now, generally everything you Sync using stays both on the cloud, as well as on your computer. Any changes you make to the local file get synced to the cloud files as well.

There’s this option called “Sync Vault”. It basically lets you select files that you’ll store only on the cloud. These files will not be available to you locally. If you’re low on space, or just wish to save your space this one can be a real lifesaver.

 Virtual Drive & Offline Access

This one is a feature I expected from Sync anyway. So, once downloaded, Sync creates a virtual drive on your system.

This means, you do not need to visit the website or some application each time you wish to access your files.

That can simply be done from your file explorer. You can see a new drive (that doesn’t take up any space) alongside the other drives on your system.

Obviously, you can access your Sync files without an internet connection. Syncing sure will need internet but they remain accessible at all times.

Do note that free users can only access “files” offline, paid users also get offline access to entire folders.

Mobile Compatibility

Sync isn’t just for computers. It also has apps for iOS as well as Android. The best part? You can access all the files stored in your account on all your devices.

Oh, it’s also capable of automatically uploading all your photos directly to the cloud. This makes sure as soon as you snap a picture, it’s backed up.

Custom Branding (White Labelling)

If you’re an agency/company or anyone who deals with clients, you’ll love this feature.

So, Sync has this “custom branding” feature. It lets you share files and folders with your clients with your logo and branding.

They still access your Sync files but without knowing it’s from Sync. It would look like a customized environment from your company! Pricing Plans and Refund Policy

Prepare to be surprised. Sync cloud storage is free! You heard that right.

It’s free, forever, and doesn’t require your credit cards! The best part? Despite being free, you get access to most of its primary features. Yes, even E2E, all link & collaboration features and much more.

If you do opt for paid plans, they’ve got 2 of those (for individuals, other “team” plans exist):

Sync Pricing Plan

Of course, the features differ for each; e.g. custom branding is a “Solo Professional” feature. for feature comparison, I am adding a screenshot for understanding.


To top it up, in case you don’t like the services, you get a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to a few questions you may have about Sync-

  • is Sync cloud storage safe?

Absolutely. Its End-to-End encryption ensures no one except you, and anyone you choose gets access to your files. It’s not a “moral” choice, third-parties, regardless of their power or jurisdiction can not access your files.

  • Is cloud storage really free?

Yes. There’s a free forever plan that requires only your e-mail ID.

  • How much free storage you get on the free account?

The free plan offers you 5GB free storage.

Final Verdict

So, is Sync a good cloud storage platform? I’d say it is. Well, I certainly don’t see any major features that it’s missing, do you?

The security and encryption are surely on point. The sharing and collab features are more than impressive. Then the user-interface by itself is extremely easy to use and understand.

Hey, why believe this review when you can always try it 100% free right away!

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