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When talking of Offshore Anonymous Hosting companies, it’s more or less BulletProof Hosting that we’re talking about. Well the subject of this BulletProofWeb Hosting review is quite literally “BulletProof Hosting” (yeah, that’s what they’re called).

We’ve done enough of these Anonymous Offshore Hosting reviews to know exactly what you would be looking for. Is it an extremely liberal, secure and probably DMCA-tolerating company?  If yes, this BulletProof Hosting review would totally be worth your time.

The prime questions we’d be answering are:

Doesn’t that answer (almost) all the questions you have before choosing your next offshore anonymous host? Let’s get started then.

BulletProofWeb Hosting Quick Overview

Buletproof-Hosting-BannerExtremely brief answers to all the above questions are included in the list that follows. Additional and crucial information can totally be found in the fine-print of this BulletProof Hosting review if you’d just go through it.

  • New URL: https://bpw.sc (New)
  • Servers in: Netherlands, Ukraine, Sweden, Moldova, Russia and CyberBunker..
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin + Fiats.
  • Cheapest Plan: $80/month (VPS), $155/Month (Dedicated).
  • Servers: VPS Server, Dedicated Server, Domain Registration.
  • DMCA Ignored: Yes, Available CyberBunker Server for Any Kind Hosting
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

Get Your First BuletProofWeb Server at offshore Location

Let’s dive deeper into this BulletProof Hosting review!

Is BulletProofWeb Hosting Anonymous?

Yes, by all definitions of the word it is! We’ve personally confirmed that the registration data required during registering on the platform can be totally random and doesn’t have to be true.

This is a major factor affecting Anonymity considering how there’s no anonymity at all if a company demands only real-life credentials, is there? Our webcare360 review mentions one such company which has these conservative demands (although may excel at other aspects).

Then, Bullet Proof Hosting accepts payments via quite a few anonymous options. It even has a No-Logs Policy, and doesn’t store or log IP-addresses either!

Basically no data except Orders, Invoices and Tickets are stored which makes it one of the most anonymous hosting companies we’ve ever been with.

Host Offshore Website With BPW

Is BulletProofWeb Hosting Offshore?

So far, it has been nothing but impressive. Continuing the tradition, it came out offering servers not just from one or two locations, but as many as 5! The available locations are:

Netherlands, Sweden, Moldova, Russian, Ukraine.

If you’re educated in the digi-laws of specific countries, you’d probably agree that the above list consists of some of the most digitally-liberal countries on the planet!

Do continue to the AUP section and you’d notice how each of these locations effect the AUP significantly.


What Content Is or Isn’t Allowed on BulletProofWeb Hosting? (AUP)

BulletProofWeb Hosting doesn’t excel just in its Anonimity policies or offshore locations, but also Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

It has specific restrictions and allowances on content, based on the location. Let’s start with the fact that it’s a DMCA-tolerant Hosting. So you can host content and it won’t be taken down unless there’s extreme pressure from legal channels.

Also, the support staff recommends Moldova and Netherlands for DMCA content which clearly shows their support for the same, and backs up their claim of being “Bulletproof”. So much so that they even have a currently-active coupon code – “LoveToPiracy” hinting at their liberalism.

Furthermore, their Netherland servers clearly mention that you can upload pirated content .


Apart from this, what content is or isn’t allowed is primarily dependent on each specific location, although a loose list of content which are banned on all servers include:

  • Terrorism, Child Porn, Spam, Hacking, Phishing, Viruses etc.

While Porn is generally allowed on the servers, Moldova and Russia are exceptions and hence Porn isn’t allowed on those two servers.

Additionally note that only “Server-country laws” apply on the content and not Global. So if your content is legal in the country where your server is at, you can host it.

Finally, in addition to being BulletProofWeb they’re also tolerant towards AUP-violation. Hence if and when a user does upload content which wasn’t allowed on a server, the account isn’t instantly banned or suspended rather they’re asked to remove the content in question.

Host Any Kind Content Website With BuletProofWeb

You’d probably agree that the AUP is much in line with what we saw in our Anonymous Hosting Review.

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What are the Payment Options on BulletProofWeb Hosting?

We mentioned the company accepting Anonymous payments. What we meant is, it accepts Bitcoins among other modes which is anonymous.


  • Qiwi, Cards, WebMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money.

How Well do the Servers Perform?

Just because the company offers extreme anonymity and liberal AUP policy doesn’t mean it’s a done-deal. If it doesn’t perform well, none of those other factors would matter.

To test the performance of the servers, we’d be testing its newest URL – https://bpw.sc/ .

Even though the URL mentioned above is hosted on BulletProof Hosting servers, we’ve been notified that the traffic is routed through various proxies and hence the tests aren’t to be taken as absolute results and are probably a lot better than these numbers would show.

  • Load-time Test

The page on the above URL is exactly 1.7MB. The time required to load the page in its entirety (all the images, texts and background scripts) obviously would vary depending on the location of the user.

For our tests, it performed best from Germany with a load-time of 5.06seconds (verify).


The load-time required from USA was 7.09Seconds, while from Japan it was 8.58seconds. Australia was a huge disappointment requiring 10 seconds to load the page.

But then again, the proxies. Let’s move on another test and then at the end combining the results from all of these tests we may come up with a somewhat acceptable idea of the server’s quality.

  • Server Response Time Test (SRT)

A rough idea of how long the server requires to respond to a browser’s request to load the page can be obtained from this test.

Here are the SRT test results (verify):


As is evident, an average response-time of nearly 200ms+ is required in most cases. If taken at face value these numbers aren’t just not impressive, but are a disappointment. Especially if you’ve seen results as good as the ones mentioned in our  KatzGlobal Review.

  • SRT During Traffic-Hike

Even though the traffic is routed via proxies, the server’s performance under traffic-spike will still stay relatively true for the most part. Let’s put the server through a crowd of 25 users visiting the site simultaneously.

Here are the results obtained (verify)


When compared to the static SRT test result above, these numbers clearly show that the server panics when there’s heavier resource-demand. While the average SRT requirement was around 200ms, with traffic-spike the average SRT requirement too spiked upto 1.23 seconds.

While the numbers could’ve been better without the proxies, it still holds true that the server’s performance under pressure will be a lot worse than it is on a static, no-traffic website.

Which Servers can you Buy from BulletProofWeb Hosting?

The company doesn’t sell Shared servers. The only available options are VPS and Dedicated ones.

Also, even though the company lists “Cyberbunker Servers” and “Sweden Servers”, both of these servers are temporarily unavailable.  (You can still read our CyberBunker Review, PirateBay and WikiLeaks use it!)

The company has a ton of Pricing plans, based on the server configurations and locations. VPS servers (Netherlands) start from USD $235.00. Dedicated servers are pretty expensive and start at USD $600+ for Netherlands.


The renewal cycle can be monthly , yearly, half-yearly or even for 3-months!

Register Your Server With BuletProofWeb

How can you Contact BulletProof Hosting Support?

It’s one of the few offshore hosting companies which actually provides a functional live-chat. Even though it’s not 24X7, the chat is available 9.00 AM to 1 P.M EST.

E-mail options are available as well in case the chat isn’t available. The chat representative seem Russian, but are fluent in English.

The response time, as well as provided information isn’t vague either and is informative.

Final Verdict:

Buletproof-Hosting-BannerWrapping this BulletProof Hosting review up, I’d say it’s one of the more impressive options we’ve crossed paths with so far.

It’s extremely anonymous, doesn’t keep logs and even offers an option to get all logs and data about a user account get deleted! Payments are anonymous as well.

Their approach towards “conservative content”, which may not always be allowed on other similar companies is pretty impressive. The speed too isn’t a major deal-breaker.

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All in all, it indeed is an anonymous offshore hosting solution considering how it offers over 4 different locations to choose from. So my final verdict for this BulletProof Hosting review is, it totally is worth a try. Why don’t you let us know what your verdict is in the comments?

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