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If you are a newbie at college life then you surely need some fashion inspiration to keep yourself up to date every single day. However, more than versatility you need such platforms which provides affordable fashion options. And hence this section of stores like Brandy Melville is for the young college going girls.

Teen clothing is all about trending fashion and affordability and this is why just having Brandy Melville by your side is not enough. And hence I came up with this idea of putting together less popular yet quite stylish platforms together for your help.

Top 10 Stores like Brandy Melville

So, as you know the department of teenage clothing is quite packed up, you get very little choices to pick from. And this is why I could only mention a few of them here. This list is comprised of the 10 amazing young female oriented stores like Brandy Melville which are all about fuss-free styles.

1. Asos

Website: http://us.asos.com/women

ASOSSummer is right here and this means the young college girls are looking for affordable places to shop cute dresses and comfy clothes from. And this is why they need to be introduced to Asos which is one of the most popular option under this list of stores like Brandy Melville.

Asos is a very global retailer of clothing and other fashion items but most importantly it is very versatile too. This means not only young girls but young guys can also shop from here.

In fact, from cozy streetwear to classy dresses, this place has it all for everyone. Not only shopping but Asos allows you to sell your old clothes in wearable condition too through their Marketplace section. However, let’s talk about the things you can find on Asos.

You can find a huge variety in sections like clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, activewear, intimates, body and face care products, gifts and many more. Asos features a variety of brands and currently it has this exclusive summer edition discount running which is definitely unmissable.

2. American Apparel

Website: http://www.americanapparel.com/en/

American ApparelAmerican Apparel is one of those brands like Brandy Melville which beliefs in being a more homegrown label than an international brand. Well, this is the reason that American Apparel ships within USA only and has not started international orders yet.

However, there are plenty of other reasons and benefits which makes up for this especially their super chic and uber-cool collection of clothing.

What makes them versatile is the fact that you can shop for men, women, kids and even for pets from their platform. In fact, there are super attractive deals going on all the times especially according to the seasons. What I liked about them further is that they offer very relatable fashion options especially for young generations.

Talking about their women section then there are plenty of categories you can find in it. These are graphic t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, denim collection, intimates, sweat sets, accessories and many more. Like most of the stores like Brandy Melville, they also feature their season based collection which are quite excellent.

3. Frankie Phoenix

Website: https://shop.frankie-phoenix.com/

Frankie PhoenixThe next pick I made for the list of stores like Brandy Melville is Frankie Phoenix. I know you guys would find this store a bit less heard but trust me, this is a destination which can offer brand new styles on a much lower price as compared to other stores mentioned here.

This store is all about affordable fashion items and it even offers free shipping on the all the purchases of $50 and more.

However, there are less variety available in terms of products and you get to shop in only clothing and jewelry section only. But you can present the gift card of Frankie Phoenix to your loved ones so they can enjoy the perks of shopping from this website.

Interestingly, despite being a smaller brand as compared to others, Frankie Phoenix still provides international shipping on their products. Their return policy is standard one which lasts for 30 days. Talking about the options in terms of clothing then you can buy bottoms, tops, jackets, dresses etc. from here.

4. Charlotte Russe

Website: https://www.charlotterusse.com/

Charlotte RusseCan you believe it that there are shops like Brandy Melville which offers cute dresses on as low as just $15. Well, if you don’t believe me then you should better check the collection on Charlotte Russe. They are a popular name in fashion world and has been operating since 1975.

However, Charlotte Russe might disappoint you regarding their shipping policies as they do not ship to any of the international locations and it is restricted to the 50 states of USA and some of the surrounding locations only.

Apart from it, you will not find any trouble ordering from Charlotte Russe as it offers a vast collection of fashion stuff. Things you can buy from here are dresses, basics, plus size clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and many more.

I really loved the fact that they have provided so many options to buy clothes from like on the basis of colors, occasions, styles and many more which is actually missing from most of the stores like Brandy Melville. And as this is summer, do not miss out on their special summer edition.

5. Pacsun

Website: https://www.pacsun.com/

PacsunPacific Sunwear of California or Pacsun is one of the most popular pick amongst the stores like Brandy Melville here. The site serves edgy and Californian style clothing and fashion options for both men and women and actually quite a global name too.

You can find a variety of brands serving their products in here like Adidas, Billabong, Reebok, Puma and many more.

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I think their platform is a wonderful cross between popular brands and uber-cool styles. But most importantly, they are quite generous and provides amazing discount deals and special student discount too. They also ship to almost all the countries and interestingly offer 60 days return policy for their customers.

Moreover, things you can buy from Pacsun are clothing for men and women, swimwear, shoes, denims, graphic tees, accessories, jewelry, bags and many more. Because of projecting LA style, you can find a very unique refreshing as well as laid back style in their clothing which is actually kind of cool too.

6. Motel Rocks

Website: http://www.motelrocks.com/

Another interesting name which can be included in this list of stores like Brandy Melville is Motel Rocks. This is actually quite unique not only by its name but also by its collection too. They are actually more about sassy vintage things but over the time they have modified a lot of retro looks into something more modern and unique clothing style.

So, basically they are all about edgy and unique styles and for every teen and young adult girls, this platform must be their go to fashion destination.

You can find things like dresses, playsuits, shorts, basics, swimwear, tops etc. here. So, basically Motel Rocks is all about clothing and nothing else and hence do not waste your time here if you want shoes or matching accessories too. Apart from their website, you can also shop from their Instagram page too.

Moreover, you can also check out their Trends section where you can find fashion according to trend like festive, sequins, floral, power prints and many more.

7. Little Mistress

Website: https://www.little-mistress.com/

If you have not find perfect clothes like Brandy Melville yet then you have another option to try out which is Little Mistress. Their idea is to create a perfect blend of various styles altogether and create something uniquely attractive as well as affordable out of them.

It seems like they are indeed succeeding in their motive because their products are quite a rage in market and looks gorgeous too.

In fact, despite having such a low price, they do not alter the quality of the fabric at all. They also have their stores on some of the locations too. Although not that of a big name like other stores like Brandy Melville, but Little Mistress provides international shipping option to its customers.

Now, talking about the things you can buy from Little Mistress then these are everything related to on-trend fashion. Some of the categories enlisted here are dresses, casual clothing, accessories, bags, footwear, plus size clothing, work wear and more such stuff. In fact, they have this special Wedding section where you can find gorgeous wedding dresses as well as clothing for bridesmaids too.

8. MissPap

Website: https://www.misspap.co.uk/

Although MissPap is a UK based fashion oriented company but they ship to various locations including USA too. In fact, it won’t be wrong to call them a global name because of their diversity and approachable products offered by them.

Including it in the category of stores like Brandy Melville is quite assuring as the ultimate goal of this website is to make the runway and celebrity style accessible to normal people on much affordable prices.

In fact, they are not limited to clothing only but provides quite a handful of things. Some of the categories available on their website are dresses, basics, tops, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products and many more. For the additional fashion inspiration, you can check out their blog too.

You can also purchase their products from their instashop too. You should also check out their section called Collections where you can find some really unique styles like airport outfits, off duty, workwear, mesh, lace, holiday shopping and many more interesting things.

9. Long Tall Sally

Website: https://www.longtallsally.com/us/

If you haven’t heard enough about Long Tall Sally yet then it is the time that you should. The concept behind this platform is way different from the rest of the stores like Brandy Melville and hence I would call this one a special mention in this list.

So, quite like its name this website is dedicated to the tall women in the world and entirely works for their fashion and styling.

Of course, it is so hard to find the right size of clothes for tall women because generally you find rest of the clothes made for women having moderate heights. So, this is the time tall women should get a fashion platform for their own. And they have some amazing categories for tall women only.

Categories you can find on Long Tall Sally are activewear, basics, dresses, shoes, accessories, suits, knitwear and many more stuff. You can also find clothes according to your size too or just be a part of various campaigns on the website too.

10. Hollister

Website: https://www.hollisterco.com/shop/wd

And the final pick amongst the stores similar to Brandy Melville is Hollister. This is actually a part of the fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch and focus on more affordable styles for young guys and girls.

Their main focus remains on the generation of 14 to 18 and they try to be a much approachable name than their parent company. In fact, they are quite popular amongst the younger generation because of their vibrant collection of clothing as well as simple site policies.

This retail division of A&F has been operating from 17 years and currently focus on categories like swimwear, clothing, basics, dresses, jeans, jackets, belts, shoes, fragrances and different types of accessories.

Hollister is a global brand, all thanks to its already popular parent company and hence it delivers to international locations too on nominal shipping charges. It is my personal recommendation to shop from Hollister and am sure you would fall in love with their teen-oriented collection.


You must be wondering that why not to go for street style shopping option than opting for these online stores? Well, of course you get advantage of fuss-free and quick shopping option when you are shopping online and of course, you do not even have to face the summer heat too.

So, while you are looking for one thing at these stores like Brandy Melville, you might discover something else too. And hence you are more likely to find unique fashion accessories and other items on a much lesser price. And not to be forgotten the amazing Instagram looks offered by them.

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