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  • Personal Dashboard to organize reports
  • One year access to the downloaded reports.
  • High Accuracy


  • Advanced services are not affordable
  • Sensitive information is not available in basic report.
  • Complicated pricing plans.

US Search is a service provided by PeopleConnect organization and you must not have acknowledged to the fact that Intelius is a part of the same organization. So, in the quest of US Search reviews, you are going to find various similarities between Intelius and US Search.

They both belong to the same type of criteria, which is background search service. Both are known to be included among the best background check sites.

This is all hype created for US Search background services like TruthfinderSpyfly, and Spokeo in the market right now, but without looking at the facts, I cannot declare the same about this site.

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So, I have done a descriptive USSearch review here which is going to clear the myths and doubts regarding the company here. And You will get a clear idea of whether you need to use USSearch or not?

What is USSearch?


US Search reviews start from its history which is set way back in 90s. The company kicked off its venture in 1994, this sets US Search to be one of the oldest background searching company ever. The site also gained a great reliability factor for being the only option of people search from a really long time.

It was after the years later to 2000 that we witnessed a great rise and competition in this era. So, we can say, on the basis of the concept and creation, US Search reviews surely stands out amongst all.

As time passed, the site became way more than just a people search engine. It introduced different types of services and finally empowered itself to be the most reliable and oldest type of service in the era of the background check.

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Features of USSearch

USSearch review is incomplete without taking a glance towards the features and services that it offers. The site has tried to put its best feet forward with an approach of offering a variety of services to its clients and customers.

As a newbie in the era of conducting a search about someone through some website, USSearch is something you can start with. To understand the site in a better way, I have listed down all the important features and services provided by the site right below.

Please take a look and decide on your own whether USSearch is adequate to be called the best background check site or not?

  • Reverse Phone Lookup Service

I think providing Reverse lookup services has become quite a rage amongst all types of sites to become the best background check service. You can get complete information about the unknown number calling you through this service. I guess that is a piece of fantastic information when it comes to handling so many unwanted calls continuously. 

Different Reports

US Search reviews about the different reports offered by it is quite impressive. They have one for each kind of use, and you can only pay for whatever you use without worrying about spending. To know more about the types of reports that USSearch offers, Below you can get ideas of reports that you can find with USSearch.

  • People Search Report


This is the first type of report issued by this site. It adds quite positivity in the US Search reviews as this basic report can be made available for a pretty less price. I am sure you would be all amazed while looking at its description.

The content for this report are.

  • Full Name and Aliases
  • Age and DOB
  • Address and address history
  • Phone number
  • Relative and associates

  • Criminal Search Report


This report is a combination of People search report along with the criminal history of a person. Although the service is available in only 43 states from the total. But it surely tells a lot about a person which means US Search reviews about the information it provides it quite positive.

The content of this report are:

  • All the contents of People Search report
  • Criminal charge history
  • Criminal court records

  • Background Search Report

This section is about the US Search background check review. All the contents of this report are mentioned below. This report charges the maximum and contains the most sensitive information about someone.

The content of this report are..

  • All the contents of the Criminal Search Report
  • Neighbor’s name and address
  • Social networks
  • Property ownership details
  • Marriage divorce records
  • Civil judgments
  • Bankruptcies and Tax liens etc.

  • Omni Search


This is a unique monthly subscription that strengthens the entire concept and pricing policies of US Search reviews. When you opt for a monthly subscription, then you get discounts for other services as well as unlimited people search and phone no. search for the subscription period.

If you want to access US Search for a really long time then I would recommend you to opt for this service.

  • Property Records

I know this is one of the most important and sensitive parts of the entire USSearch review. At some point, this can be pretty risky to deal with such kind of information about someone. But the security of the website ensures the information to be confidential. This informs us about the addresses, properties, and history about a person.

  • Dashboard

This feature is offered by almost all the other types of background services too. So, it was necessary to mention it here in US Search reviews too. You can browse all the saved reports from here for an entire year from the date of downloading them. I guess that is a pretty impressive fact.

Pricing Plans for US Search


The most important part about any service is its pricing policy and hence mentioning it was must in the section of USSearch reviews too. You are going to find various types of pricing plans offered by this site to the users according to their use and requirement.

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  • The first one is a People Search Report. This is a one-time report about someone carrying basic information and charges $2.45 per report.
  • The next one is a 1-State Criminal Check Report. This is also a one-time report and charges $14.95 per report with complete criminal records.
  • The next service is Background Reports. They charge $39.95 for this report and it is a one-time free for the elaborated description about someone.
  • There is also one additional service called Omni Search. This is a monthly subscription that allows a discount on reports plus unlimited searches. They charge $19.95 per month for this along with 2 days trial period.

Customer Support

I found the customer support quite of average type when it comes to US Search reviews about their customer care services. You have the option to call them on their toll-free number and also to email them too.

However, their customer support staff is active for only Monday to Friday and hence when its weekend you would have to wait for some time to catch up with them. There are no additional and updated facilities like live chat or instant messaging or even users chat too.

However, the FAQs and Terms of Services sections explain all the information regarding the usage of the site very well. Still, the real-time customer support is just lukewarm only.

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding US Search

US Search service is no different than other types of best background check services and hence it is important that laws proposed by FCRA should be followed by this site as well. To ensure the safest and best browsing by the users, it is important that they turn towards legal methods only.

According to the given US Search review, there is a detailed analysis and study about it’s appropriate use. If you are a member or even a casual user of this site, then too you cannot take these rules lightly otherwise it might result in some major issues.

Do’s Regarding US Search

US Search reviews about the things which are legal enough to be executed by the site have been mentioned right below. I would recommend you to go through it before you find yourself in some serious legal trouble.

  • You can get to know about someone’s background and personal details you have doubts on in your locality.
  • In this face-pacing world, speed dating is common. You can check about your online date through USSearch easily.
  • It is completely found to check someone’s criminal record and such history through USSearch.
  • If you want to inquire about simple and basic information about someone like aliases, phone numbers etc. then you can use USSearch for it.
  • One of the most important uses of USSearch is to find out the long-lost family members.
  • USSearch provides the facility of reverse phone lookup, and through it you can get to know about unknown callers.
  • You can also find out someone’s proper address and property records through USSearch.
  • If you have the old phone number of your friend, then you can find out a new one through this.

Don’ts Regarding US Search

This is important to get acknowledged with the don’ts regarding this service. US Search review regarding the things prohibited by it is mentioned below.

  • This is completely against the law to abruptly call someone against their wish.
  • USSearch cannot be a basis for finalizing decisions on important matters like finance, credit, insurance, etc.
  • Employment screening cannot be done by USSearch, and you can use other legal tools for it.
  • You cannot screen domestic helps, nannies for your kids, household caretakers etc. through USSearch.
  • This is completely illegal to steal someone’s identity through US Search.
  • Deciding on business transactions through US Search is wrong.
  • According to certain rules and regulations, US Search is not a Consumer Reporting Agency so hiring process cannot be done by it.

How to Use US Search?

US Search works like the rest of the background search services and hence using it is as simple as the rest of them. The process of sign-up and usage is kind of straightforward and I hope you are not going to get confused about it at all.

The process of using this service plays a vital role in the entire USSearch reviews, and you can use the following steps to use this service.

USSearch Registration

  • You are going to see the people search option directly on the home page.
  • Fill the details like full name and city to start conducting a search.
  • Now, you are going to see the search results and you are supposed to choose the desired one.
  • You will come across three options of reports here People search, criminal search, and background search.
  • Pick your favorite option and pay the amount asked along with the necessary information to sign up.
  • Bingo! The report will be in front of you in no minute.

Free Transparency

This is basically the amount of data the platform reveals about a user without you having to pay a dime. It’s not so you can get free information, but just so you can actually choose the right result to pay for.

There are services that offer absolutely no data about a search result except a “Results Found” message without receiving a payment.

Fortunately, US Search isn’t as conservative and displays the following information about each search without requiring any payment:

U.S Search Review

  • Name
  • Aliases
  • Age
  • Status for an Address and Phone number being (or not being) available.
  • All the locations/places the candidate has lived at. (Map included for more precise results).
  • Relatives (multiple).
  • All the educational institutes the candidate has studied at (when available).
  • The places the candidate has worked at.

This information is personal yet “public” information about an individual, which you probably already know if you know the person personally. It helps avoid making payments and receiving data about a completely unrelated candidate.

Also, U.S Search seems to be multiple times faster than other similar platforms and spends less time “searching” for the data. It takes just a few seconds to get you all of the above-mentioned information, while most other companies require minutes (as long as 5 minutes in some cases).

Final Words:

With the help of the information and descriptive USSearch reviews given above, I have come across various points which I would like to mention in my final verdict about the site. Intelius and USSearch belong to the same parent company; hence, the interface is also quite similar.

If you have already used Intelius, then using USsearch would be quite easy for you. However, if you are a beginner, then too, the site would not bother you in terms of processing.

The pricing for the basic report is quite affordable, or I would say cheap. But with some additional add-ons and sensitive information, this becomes quite expensive. USSearch for Peopledata review says that the site is surely one good tool to be used for different searching purposes.

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Bottom Line: At last I would like to summarize my USSearch reviews with the statement that Yes, I would like to suggest this site to someone who wants to carry out an elaborated search about someone.


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