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There are like millions of stores in the world who not only operate in form of retail stores but also online websites too but what about the reliability factor? Well, I bring you trust and quality both with this section of stores like H&M and of course lots and lots of fashion too.

As the options are growing, people are now getting more skeptical about online shopping option. But I think you definitely need to bookmark certain stores which are the legit definition of fashion and affordability going parallel. And hence I think this section was really necessary to be done.

Top 10 Stores like H&M

I don’t know about you but I really get confused seeing so many choices and which one to go for then? So, I picked out the 10 best stores like H&M on various basis like international shipping, quality of products, reliability, versatility, designs and popularity. I am sure you are going to love these options which are mentioned along with the details below.

1. Express

Website: https://www.express.com/


Express is a very popular American fashion retailer and also the first pick for this list of sites like H&M too. To be true Express is way more affordable than H&M and the designs and variety is also just amazing. There are more than 600 stores operated by it in USA and it also ships internationally too.

Although Express does not work for as many categories as H&M but the factor of affordability and reliability makes it a very popular name amongst the young men and women.

Some of the categories which can be found on Express are clothing for men and women, shoes, swimwear, intimates, accessories, everyday essentials and many more. They have this separate section of various types of jeans for men and women which I think you should definitely check out.

In fact, they also offer free shipping and returns on jeans. To avail more exciting offers and free rewards, it is important to register here. Whether it is about a party or you want to keep it casual, you can head to Express for all occasions and moods.

2. Urban Outfitter

Website: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/


I personally think that there should be more stores like Urban Outfitter out there to serve for a variety of categories and fulfill every single fashion requirements of a family. Where most of the stores are restricted to apparels only, you can find something more on Urban Outfitter.

UO ships to various locations around the world on really nominal shipping charges and this multinational clothing corporation have been working since 1970.

The focus of Urban Outfitter is more on being fashionable and stylish and hence all the pieces of clothing and other items found here are quite in trend. Apart from providing clothing, shoes, accessories and other stuff for men and women, you can also find categories like home décor, music and tech, intimates and even beauty essentials here.

This is one of the best picks for the category of stores like H&M and it also provides free shipping on the orders of $50 and more. I am sure the affordable pricing on UO is surely going to attract you.

3. Uniqlo

Website: https://www.uniqlo.com/


I don’t know if you have an idea about this store yet but I think it is the time that you should get to know about Uniqlo. As unique as its name, Uniqlo is the home to a variety of products for men, women, kids and even babies too. From fashion items to day to day stuff, you can find everything here.

It not only serves as a large retailer but it manufactures products too and hence you are going to find the prices extremely affordable here.

Such stores like H&M are a big aid especially when you are running on a budget. The company is based in Japan but works in various locations around the world. Categories you can find on Uniqlo are clothing, accessories, shoes, maternity stuff, fashion items for teenagers and many more.

The weekly promos are a big help to save some bucks and you would even glad to know that Uniqlo provides free shipping on all the orders. I was really amazed to see that you can find apparels for as low as just $7 here and I definitely think that you should shop for your family from here.

4. Borderfree

Website: https://www.borderfree.com/


The idea behind Borderfree is to make the global shopping seems like local and this is why their site is larger than life compilation of the best brands from across the globe. This is the reason for listing it out in the category of stores like H&M because its global approach gives you options like nowhere else.

They ship to 220 countries and brings down the best of their stores too like Aquila, Tony Bianco, Harvey Nichols, Pepe Jeans, Veronika Maine and many more.

To avail the full advantages of Borderfree, it is really important for you to get registered on their platform. However, the only thing you are not going to like about Borderfree is that they do not provide anything for women. Other categories out here are apparel for men and kids, shoes, watches, bags, accessories, home décor and many more.

The site also makes a wonderful section of Luxury gifts where you can find some really amazing items for everyone including women too.

5. Missguided

Website: http://missguidedus.com/


Missguided is basically a UK based multi-channel brand whose main focus is to serve affordable and stylish clothing for the women aged between 16 and 35. The ultimate aim of such clothing stores like H&M is to provide a more accessible and low-key options for fashion.

From tall to petite to curvy women, they have provided different sections for everyone and trust me there is not a single thing they would have missed out on.

Categories you can find on Missguided are shoes, wedding trousseau shopping, dresses, bodysuits, jeans, jackets and rest of the stuff. What I liked about Missguided is that even the cheapest item on their site is desirable because they have given priority to style and not money.

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You can shop by trend or by your body type too. In fact, they have this wonderful option of collaborative styles which you should definitely check out. I don’t think there are any other stores like H&M which provide so many options to their customers.

6. Topshop



After Missguided, Topshop is another British company on this list of stores like H&M. This is a multinational retailer of various fashion essentials and owns around 500 shops across the world. Apart from selling items at very affordable prices, they follow the standard deliveries across international borders too.

Topshop features categories like clothing, jeans, shoes, beauty essentials, bags, accessories and many more on their website.

However, the only issue here is that this brand serves to only women. Whether it is about consulting their blog for fashion cues or about going through lookbooks, all these features are available on their website. Brands you can find on Topshop are Ivy Park, Calvin Klein, Love, Tommy Hilfiger and many other renowned ones.

Topshop is amongst the favorite destination of shopping for women where the styles and trends are new and prices remain light on the pocket. You should definitely book their personal shopper once to experiment with your regular style and turn it into something completely different and I am really sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

7. Zara



Zara is a Spanish fast-fashion retailer company which has been working from 1975 in the retail sector. There are more than 2000 stores of Zara around the world and this is the reason that it is more approachable to people than other stores similar to H&M.

Why people prefer Zara is because their designs are quite refreshing and they come up with 20 new fashion collections every year which is way too many than other brands.

This is just the perfect destination to shop for your entire family. Categories you can find on Zara are apparels for men, women, and kids, shoes, bags, accessories, activewear and many more. There is also a special section named Zara TRF which is for women who want something different and daring to embrace and staple in their wardrobe.

This is where Zara puts other stores like H&M on shame because it is always a step higher than them. Their creative perspective is way amazing than any other website and this is why I think you should definitely buy from this store.

8. Rue 21

Website: https://www.rue21.com/store/

rue 21

Rue 21 is an American specialty retailer which works for young men and women and provides perfect fashion guidance and solution to them. Rue 21 operates various stores around the world and provides both the options of delivery to store and delivery to your desired address with varying shipping charges.

So, categories you can find on Rue 21 are apparels, intimates and sleepwear, accessories, shoes, jackets, and many more.

In fact, Rue 21 also serves in categories like décor and gift items as well as skin care and beauty products too. Their idea is to provide such options to young generation which are affordable and comfortable too. They even have a separate section for plus size clothing too.

Rue 21 makes a refreshing entry into this chart of stores like H&M and that too with prices quite affordable. Can you imagine that they provide t-shirts and tanks for just $5, so do not wait anymore and start shopping from them right away.

9. Wet Seal

Website: http://www.wetseal.com/


Amongst the sites like H&M Wet Seal might not be that popular but it surely is different and refreshing than other ones. It mainly focuses on bringing new designs and styles for teen clothing and only features low budgets and economy priced brands on their website.

However, Wet Seal only works for young women only and trust me all of their collection for the young girls are quite amazing.

To know more about their process and designs, I think you should check out their look books. You can literally get summer ready at economical prices when you are shopping from Wet Seal. Categories you can browse here are tops, jeans, dresses, shoes, jewelry, belts and many more.

In fact, they are offering free shipping on all the orders and I think you should totally grab that opportunity before it goes out of hands.

10. Charlotte Russe

Website: https://www.charlotterusse.com/

Charlotte Russe

And the final pick amongst the list of stores like H&M is Charlotte Russe. It is a clothing oriented retail store chain which works in USA. However, they do not ship internationally but if you are someone from USA then you should definitely check them out.

They provide free shipping on the orders of $50 and more and right now their spring steal is on where you can get products at really great prices.

They mainly target women in their teens and early twenties and provides the option of comfortable yet stylish fashion to them. Right now they are operating more than 500 stores in 45 States and really growing amazingly with each passing day.

Some of the categories you can check out on Charlotte Russe are shoes, dresses, tees, rompers, intimates, plus size clothing, bags, accessories and many more. To attract you even more, they have this sale section where you can find stuff for as low as under $4.99 only. They are a legit savior when you are on a budget.


H&M is all about serving entire families for their fashion needs and hence you can find stuff for men, women, teenagers, and kids too. Keeping that in mind I tried to pick such stores like H&M which are not centered around on a single kind of audience.

In fact, I am pretty sure that there are options you might not even have heard about before. But trust me no matter how capable you are to fulfill your needs, you definitely need to consider the affordability factor at some point. And at this point, the discount offers of these sites are surely going to help you.

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