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There is no doubt in the fact that Notepad++ is an excellent text and source code editor but after the hacking controversy of 2008 people started to ditch this service. If you are the one who have not come across a reliable Notepad++ alternative yet, then you really need to check out this section.

Notepad++ is attributed like this because of the C increment operator used in it but this is not the only text editor present right now. However, it is also good to keep on switching between software in order to discover the right one for your system as well as according to your personal taste.

Top 10 Notepad++ Alternative

It was kind of tough to pick out such software which are at par with Notepad++ in terms of working but I had to do my bit. So, I picked out 10 most used Notepad++ alternative which are quite impressive in terms of the features that they offer. So, in the below given section, you are going to get to know about the details of these text editors and the platforms they are compatible with.

1. Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio CodeVisual Studio Code is quite like Notepad++ in terms of functioning as it works as both source code and text editor. This is quite a renowned software which is available in form of open source and free to use program. Developed by Microsoft, this makes a perfect Notepad++ alternative for sure.

Available to use for multiple applications, Visual Studio Code is currently available in version 1.24 and it can be surely your best go to editor for coding.

The program is absolutely lightweight which does not affect the functioning of your system. In fact, the developers keeps on pushing the software to the edge to add more and more features in it. Along with timely updates you have some extensions to help you out too.

Some of the popular features of Visual Studio Code which make it a perfect Notepad alternative are support to multiple programming languages, command-line interface for an organized experience, built-in Git control, support for debugging, intelligent and auto code completion, syntax highlighting and much more.

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2. Atom


AtomAtom is as powerful and resourceful as its name and defies to be a paid program too. In fact, this freeware is an open source software ideal for cross-platform text editing and of course shine bright as an excellent source code editor.

What makes it an excellent Notepad++ alternative is that the interface is not dull and geeky. You can actually change themes and make it user-friendly while you are working on it.

The power of Atom brings in some distinct and useful features that every user would love to access. Some of them are faster code writing with smart auto-completion, multiple panes for comparing and editing code faster, important tools like find, replace, preview, easy file browsing with even easier interface and much more.

If you are a beginner at code writing then I think you should better start with Atom. The experience is more comfortable and multiple packages and themes would further improve it for you.

Compatible with: 

3. Sublime Text


Sublime TextUnfortunately, the next one in hour list is not a freeware program but Sublime Text is surely an excellent source code editor software enabling cross platform connection. The API of the software is written in that of Python but it perfectly supports the numbers of programming and markup languages.

Buying Sublime Text is going to cost you $80 as one-time fee. You can use it under the free license initially but you would have to buy it anyway for continuous use.

Sublime Text is quite sophisticated and systematic and works as a text editor for coding, markup, and prose too. It won’t be wrong to consider it as Notepad++ alternative owing to the fact that Sublime Text is power packed with the variety of features in it.

Coming on to the features of Sublime Text, these are simple interface and quick navigation, command palette for easier actions, python based plugin API, customization options along with the variety of themes, cross-platform support, project-specific preference and a lot more.

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4. Brackets


Thinking of more Notepad replacement? Well, I think you can get satisfied with Brackets which is an open source editor. The API is constructed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Brackets mainly focus towards web development.

This popular editor is known for its live HTML, CSS and JavaScript functionality and by keeping with the cross-platform feature, the functioning of this program becomes even simpler.

Brackets is keeping up with the modern day technology and hence the developers kept it lightweight yet powerful. Moreover, visual representation has been used to keep the user hooked and the project turns out to be more organized and appealing because of it.

There are tons of other advantages which makes it a reliable Notepad++ alternative. Some of them are like inline editor commands, live preview, preprocessor support, multiple extensions for better functionality, auto-updates, file tree for the organized system, Git connectivity and much more. However, Brackets still has way to go to come at par with above-mentioned programs.

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5. Emacs


EmacsIf you have become a pro at source code editing then I think you are all set to move to the next step. Emacs is an entire lineage of text editors which has totally changed the way for developers and coders. This can be termed as one of the most accomplished Notepad++ alternative in this list.

This is a freeware which is highly popular for their extensibility and how rich and versatile they are. In fact, you can find more than 10,000 built-in commands here which can be used for automate work completion.

This is literally spending half of the time on a project as compared to other text editors. Moreover, the functionality does not stop here only but moves to the next level. You will be even amazed to know that there are extensions to manage emails, RSS feed, files, outlines etc.

The ultimate cross platform tool that Emacs is, advanced features offered by other source code editors seems like basic for this program. Apart from all, you can access tutorials, Unicode support, debugging interface, project planning, customizable platform and many of other hi-tech features here.

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6. BBEdit


BBEditCurrently, BBEdit is running its BBEdit 12 version while the earlier one is also still in use. This text editor mainly aims to ease down the process for software developers and web designers. The software also found native support from multiple programming and markup languages which makes the use of this program more widespread.

However, as the software is a proprietary one, you would have to pay $49.99 for BBEdit 12 for individual use. While the charges for upgrades and multi-user support are different.

If you are a new user of BBEdit then I would advise you to go for the latest version which is BBEdit 12. It has better and improved features along with visual appeal and customization possibility which gives major control to the user. In fact, you are going to witness an improved platform behavior too which makes the program’s speed better.

Other features of this Notepad++ alternative are multiple editing commands, touch bar support, text factory window, integration in workflow and much more.

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7. Vim


Vim is a contraction for Vi Improved which is an improved clone of Vi text editor. Without a blink of eyes, I can claim that this one is the best Notepad for windows as it has been around for like 26 years and they people have kept on improving it with numerous upgrades.

Despite having multiple features and merits, Vim remained a free software and highly configurable too. Currently, the software is performing in a very stable and reliable state.

Vim also supports cross-platform programming and this text editor uses C language for its API. Apart from being simple and straightforward to use, Vim has so many advanced features to use especially its in-line based commands on the interface.

As a Notepad++ alternative, Vim offers other features too like extensively customizable platform, superb user control, auto-completion of coding, merging, integrated help system and many more.

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8. Geany


GeanyIf you are tired of your system getting slowed down due to these text editors then you need to ditch them all for Geany. This is a very lightweight text editor which mostly include basic IDE features. So, you better not expect anything advanced from it.

However, you can prefer it as an effective Notepad++ alternative as there are some features of it which makes your experience better.

Although the platform itself does not provide a long list of effective help but you can always rely on the external libraries and packaged. However, you are going to need them less as the basic functions are included in the software itself.

However, when drawing a comparison you are going to realize that Geany finds the most resemblance to Notepad++ rather than any other text editor like Vim or Emacs. So, if you are looking for a not so high switch from Notepad++ then you can consider Geany for it.

Compatible with: 

9. Kate


Developed by KDE community, Kate or KDE Advanced Text Editor is a freeware program for you. The major focus while creating Kate was on software developers and hence the features and functioning included in this program are to support them more.

Kate is power packed with some of the most common text editor features like syntax highlighting, customization options, multiple layout options, extensibility etc.

It is great that this Notepad++ alternative is open for adding plugins and extensions in order to improve its functionality. The API is written in C++ which gives a very relatable and approachable user experience and keep the things mainstream and simple too.

Other interesting features of this text editor are over 200 file formats with code folding rules, supporting multiple coding schemes, multiple document interface, project editing, basic tools like find and replace, multi-line searches and much more.

Compatible with: 

10. Acme


Acme is my final choice as Notepad++ alternative which turn out to be quite a productive as well as impressive text editor service. It ditches the mainstream API and opts for a platform which uses Sam command language and you can also see the influence of Oberon in the designing.

This is a major change for a text editor and hence the experience of working on this program is way different from the others.

In fact, the UI also allow mouse chording which is something new to see compared to the other text editors of this range. Bringing a very unique addition to options of alternatives to Notepad++, there are multiple features offered by this text and source code editor too.

Some of the features of Acme include minimalist user interface, basic designing etc. However, the fact where Acme lacks that it has not included modern day tools into its features like auto-completion and syntax highlighting.

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Notepad++ came as a big replacement for Notepad which was not only free and open source but also supported multiple languages too. But currently there is a big competition between text editors and we seems to have so many options that it becomes so difficult to choose the right option.

However, these Notepad++ alternative are going to help you in providing just the right combination of features that you were always looking for. Apart from being technically advanced, these are the kind of software which are simple to use and also lives up to the expectations of a user too.

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