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  • You can seal leak instantly
  • Various size alternative available
  • Works in water environment
  • Works in mostly surface


  • Doesn't work on wood or rough surface
  • Not permanent solution
  • No reusable

Are you looking Flex tape reviews? if yes here I cover every small and big point about this great products. Let’s start…

Flex Tape is one of the most popular product for sorting out all your leakage and waterproofing issues. This affordable and effective idea applies on everything and works for a decent amount of time until you can find a permanent solution for it.

Flex Tape has always been a great helping hand in context of repairing day to day damaged products. So, today I am going to let you know about my Flex tape reviews on the basis of different parameters, facts and usage.

This will help you to understand the actual use and reality of the product quality better.

Table of Content:

What is Flex Tape?

It is important to know that what a Flex Tape is like before heading to complete Flex Tape reviews.

Flex Tape is a type of rubberized tape which comes with tripe thick adhesive and waterproof features. You can use Flex Tape on whichever platform you want and you are going to get it completely seized against moisture and water.

Surfaces on which it works are metal, wood, acrylic, PVC, plaster, fiberglass, stone, plaster, drywall, ceramic, hot, cold or underwater surface etc.

However, Flex seal Tape cannot be used on surfaces like oily, dirty, porous, greasy, fabrics, siliconized materials, water repellent surfaces etc. You must also keep in mind that Flex Tape is only a temporary solution to the damaged surfaces, for permanent solutions you need to opt for more reliable options.

The Flex Tape works like a wonder on the surface to be repaired. It immediately forms a strong bond with the platform and try to be such an adhesive which works even underwater. This is the reason Flex Tape is used a lot to repair water leakage problems.

Cost of Flex Tape

If you are going to search for the alternatives of Flex Tape or any other adhesive Vinyl Tape then you are going to find various options for it. So, we can say that on the basis of reliability Flex Tape reviews are only average and not excellent.

When we are talking about the cost for the Flex Tape, then it differs according to its size. In fact, on different shopping platforms, you are going to find different prices for the Flex Tape.

For example: I checked out the price for White Flex Tape of size 8”X5” on Amazon and it was $15.97 whereas, the same was available for $19.99 on its official site.

In fact, Flex Tape comes in 3 sizes and all of them are available on their official site. These are –

  • Large Size 4”x5” for $12.99 in White and Black color.
  • Jumbo size 8”X5” for $19.99 in both colors.
  • Giant size 12”x10” for $49.99 in both colors.

On this section, I would strongly recommend you to buy this Flex seal Tape from the Amazon.com as the prices are slashed heavily on it. Plus, you get all types of Flex tapes available on it.

Features and Claims of Flex Tape by the Company

You must get acknowledged with all the features of Flex Tape and claims done by the company to get a step closer to the perfect Flex Tape reviews. To understand any product, it is important that you go through all of its features and the description provided by the company.

Of course, every company would say a bit more in the praise of its product and Flex Tape is no exception in it. So, here are the features of Flex Tape claimed according to the company –

a). Water Resistance Technology

Since, starting I am talking about this fact that Flex Tape is mostly used for repairing the water leakages. So, yes of course the water resistance technology remains their prime feature of all. The Flex Tape is so useful in repairing leakage holes like a pro and that too in one use only.

So, when you are thinking about to repair the annoying leakages in home, you can head towards Flex Tape for sure. In fact, the tape is good enough to repair small holes in boats too. Isn’t it just extra ordinary?

b). Available in Various Sizes

We have already talked about the fact that Flex Tape comes in various sizes and this can be the reason behind its growing popularity too. Of course, the holes and leakages are not same every time. And when you are talking about repairing something underwater than you need aid more than usual.

So, this is the reason Flex Tape is available in three different sizes of 4”X5”, 8”X5” and 12”X10”. I think that is a very positive aspect to be included in Flex Seal reviews. Although, for small holes, you would have to cut out some part from the broad tape as they do not provide a narrow version.

c). Available in Different Colors

So, the Flex Tape not only cares about repairing the faulty and damaged surfaces but it also cares about their appearance too. This is the reason it comes in two different colors. According to my personal experience, you will find very less brands of Tapes that offers such versatility.

Being provided in White and Black colors gives the surface a good finish after someone is done with the repairing work. When you finally figure out a permanent solution for your damage up till then you can use these multi colored tapes for the repairing. So, a big thumbs up for this approach in Flex tape reviews.

d). Applicable to Almost all the Surfaces

It is a well-known fact that like its competitors and other tapes, Flex Tape is also applicable to various surfaces. Be it dry or drenched, wood or iron or any other surface, Flex Tape has the capability to stick over all of them and form a unified bond with the surface.

In fact, Flex Tape does not even consume much time to stick on the body and immediately works as a repairing medium. So, when it is a work of urgency in your home you can surely look forward to Flex Tape for managing it.

e). Affordable

The next thing in Flex Tape reviews is its being affordable to use. When you buy this product from its original site then you get more products from Flex Seal in the packaging apart from its tape. So, this is like having bonus.

And there are various offers available on the rest of the sites too. You should also know that Flex Tape comes in a packaging of about 5 feet which means it is quite long to last for a really long period of time. I would again recommend it to be bought from Amazon instead of the original site to claim fee shipping on it.

f). Easy to Use

The best part about the Flex Tape that I personally liked is that it is so easy to use. I mean when you see the water leaking with the speed of light, there is no way you are going to indulge in handling the tape rather than the water.

So, the easy to use peel off and stick on formula is a dream come true. You just need to peel off the covering from the adhesive surface and then stick it on the damaged surface without wasting any time. This adds another feather in reviews of Flex Tape.

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g). Instant Bonding

The flex Seal Tape review adds another strong point by the fact that the very delicate tape is actually very strong. This is like a wonder when it comes to using it underwater. This is the reason people having boat related repairing issues use Flex tape a lot for a temporary solution.

You can try it on your own and then can figure it out on your own that how Flex Tape instantly sticks hardly on whichever surface you apply it on.

Flex Tape and its Competition

So, I wanted to check out that the much hype about Flex Tape is even true or not? So, to get more proofs for the Flex Tape reviews, I Googled “Waterproof Tapes” and guess what? I got the option of Flex Tape on 2nd position.

So, the tape is really influencing the market right now and maybe because it is kind of new right now. But, the hype and claims done by the company is really turning out to be true with such position.

But, this is not the only Seal Tape available in the market right now. It has got more competition than ever. Some of its competitors are:

  • Nashua Tape
  • Gorilla Clear Repair Duct Tape
  • Emergency Repair Tape
  • SolutioNerd Waterproof Repair Tape

These are just some of the examples I got by Google search and Amazon results. However, on Amazon too, I got to see various options of Flex Tapes when I searched for “Waterproof Tape’.

So, my Flex Tape Reviews regarding the much popularity and competition to Flex Tape is that it stands well on this platform. I mean almost all the sites are displaying the results for Flex Tape on its first page only which means it is being a popular option for your repairing and waterproofing work.

Amazon Review of Flex Tape

It is important to analyze a product well before actually buying it and Amazon is one such platform which provides  true review about any product. On the basis of Amazon Flex reviews, I have drawn a conclusion like this:

Flex Tape got a rating of about 3.5 out of 5 which is average. So, Flex Tape is not that much of an extremely amazing product that the hype is all about. In fact, there are some Flex tape customer reviews according to which the product is not good at all.

Some people reported that it was expensive and does not work as advertised. In fact, some customers even denied the fact that it works underwater which is a huge scam regarding the tape.

However, there were people who found it extremely well on regular repairing works like car accessories, broken things etc. But the Tape seems to lose its grip when exposed to too much of temperature or even too much of sunlight.

The Flex Tape reviews drawn from Amazon was quite mixed with critics and praise too. On the basis of the Amazon reviews, we can consider it to be an average product only.

My Take on Flex Tape

When comparing to the earlier products for the instant repairing I would surely say that Flex Tape reviews are positive on this aspect. Earlier products were demanded to be consumed all at the time of opening them but Flex Tape is different.

It is dry and you can use whatever amount you want to repair the cracks and leaks.

Frankly, speaking when the company says affordable, I did not find it relative to Flex Tape. Because after charging about $20 on a roll of 8”x5” the company charges additional $20 more on it for the shipping purposes.

So, if you wish to save some bucks, order it from the Amazon or buy it from the nearby Walmart store.

The one thing I hated about Flex Tape is that there are no second chances in it. Once you have mistakenly applied the tape on wrong position then it is just done. It will take you about 5-10 min. of struggle to pull it over from that place and after this, the tape is totally ruined.

Return Policy and Customer Support on Flex Tape

You must already know the fact that, the original site charges you an additional amount of $20 on the processing of Flex Tape. So, when you are claiming a return of the product then you have 30 days from the date of purchasing for it.

But you should keep it in mind that they will not return the $20 of processing and the original cost of the product will be refunded only.

When it comes to customer support then you can contact them on the number 1-800-307-6201. However, the customer support of Flex Tape is not so effective and you would have to contact them several times or even would have to leave a mail for your queries too.

I would also like to add it in Flex Tape reviews that there is no facility of Live chat on the customer support.

Flex Tape Pros

So, finally, after getting to know so much about Flex Tape reviews I should finally put it together that why you should really go for this product. These are the reasons or pros of Flex Seal Tape:

  • Easy to use stick on type of adhesive tape.
  • Comes in various sizes and colors for different uses.
  • Each roll comes in excellent length of about five feet or ten feet which means long lasting life.
  • Highly recommended for the applications where waterproofing is required.
  • Sticks on almost every type of surfaces except some.

Flex Tape Cons

Every coin has two sides so Flex Tape also has some cons too. There are some of the reasons you should know because of which you may not consider to buy this product. This section is going to clear your views on Flex Tape reviews even more:

  • Not a permanent solution to the damaging issues, comes with limited life span.
  • Cannot be applied to greasy or oily surfaces.
  • No narrow rolls than 4 inches are produced by the company.
  • Comes with the non-reusable technology.
  • Having high competition in the market.

How to Use Flex Tape?

There are some of the steps which must be followed when you are using a Flex tape over some damaged surface. These are the steps which will clear the Flex seal review even more for you:

  1. Take the Flex Tape and find its edge.
  2. Now cut the desired amount of tape with the help of sharp scissors.
  3. Remove the coating which is going to expose out the adhesive side of the tape.
  4. Make sure to clean the surface and then apply the tape on the desired place.
  5. Do not try to position it once stuck on a place as the adhesive will get severed then.

If you wish to buy the Flex Seal Tape and know more about it then you can visit.

My Quick Flex Tape Reviews:

My final verdict on Flex Tape reviews is mixed which is based on considering various aspects and statements of the people who actually used it. Of course, the tape is quite efficient when it comes to the regular uses like repairing the broken vase, car accessories etc.

But when it comes to repairing water leaks, the results are still under the question. I mean it may work for small holes or leaks but it might not be able to repair big cracks or holes in boats or other underwater equipment.

So, concluding the Flex Tape reviews, I would only say that it is nothing new for the repairing work and not a revolution too. The other products in the same area are as capable as Flex Tape itself.

If you want to share your Flex Tape reviews and experience of using it then you can comment right below.

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