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Web Hosting is the backbone is how the internet survives, and so there are gazillions of companies selling the same, that does create a bit of confusion and over-availability of options, that’s something we try to help you out within this MivoCloud review.

We’ve personally used, assessed and researched on the company and throughout this MivoCloud review we aim to bring out its features in full transparency for you folks, while leaving the final verdict and judgment of MivoCloud being or not being worthy of your time and money to you educated gentle(wo)men.

MivoCloud Hosting Quick Overview

Before getting on with this MivoCloud review here’s an overview of the platform so you get an idea of what we’re talking about: Mivocloud Hosting

  • Primary URL: https://www.mivocloud.com/
  • Countries: Moldova, Romania, Russia, USA (VPS)
  • Storage Technology: SSD RAID 10, NVMe, HDD
  • Payment methods: Both crypto currencies as well as fiats.
  • Cheapest Plan: EUR 5/month.
  • Servers: VPS (NVMe, SSD), Dedicated (NVMe, Storage Server) , Shared, RDP
  • DMCA Compliant: Yes, But very Supportive (10/10)
  • Content not allowed: Anything illegal. 


  • OffShore Hosting

MivoCloud is an anonymous hosting company established in 2015, what this means it’s a company with servers in countries “outside your native countries”, and lets users choose from locations such as Moldova, Romania, Russia, USA .

Because those three locations are in foreign countries and not in your own, only the laws of those countries are applicable on the hosted content, even though it doesn’t allow illegal content it still can be used to upload views and opinions which otherwise may be considered hostile in your native countries.

For e.g. in some countries it may be prohibitive speaking against god or religion, in others porn may not be a socially acceptable form of content. Those are scenarios where MivoCloud comes to the rescue.

Although the content that’s directly prohibited on MivoCloud includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • SPAM, Hacking, Phishing, Scams, Tor Exit Relays, DDoS

  • MivoCloud Speed

Before paying attention to anything else, it’s speed I look into when it comes to choosing a hosting company considering how the loss of even a second according to Amazon would cost it over USD $1.6 Billion in sales each year!

As for Google too a second’s load time delay is worth 8 million searches every day! That’s around 20-30 million less ad-displays (every page has several ads), and millions of dollars which Google “won’t” make because of that second!

Even if you aren’t selling anything, from SEO perspective alone Speed is one of the most important factors when it comes to rankings!

And let’s say you don’t care about money, neither rankings. Well if you have a “website”, you clearly do care about visitors no matter what that’s the only reason you’ve got a website on the Internet, for people to come visit, isn’t that right?

Well, according to this survey, more than 25% of your users would abandon your site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load! Hence point established- Speed is important.

Let’s fetch you back to MivoCloud’s speed, we tested MivoCloud’s homepage which doesn’t have a ton of content hence served as a great dummy test-subject, here’s what the Pingdom search brought back at us:

Mivocloud Hosting

It took less than 2 seconds and 30 requests which I’d say is quite impressive. So speed? Won’t be a problem.

Download Speed:

What if you’ve got downloadable content on your site? Well for that very purpose we also analyzed MivoCloud’s download speeds.

Note that my normal download speed on average is around 500 Kbps to 1 Mbps and keeping that in mind the download speed I got with MivoCloud’s 100MB download file was around 900 Kbps.

Hence, there’s no speed loss as compared to any other hosting providers out there. So whatever speed you generally get with your connection is almost what you’ll get with MivoCloud’s servers as well.

  • MivoCloud Server Response Time

Server Response time is slightly different from the speed of a website, the speed is the outcome, how fast users see a website load up. The server response time however is the “reason” of the speed, in other words it’s the amount of time any server needs to respond to a browser request.

It’s important because if the Server responds slow, no matter how extremely well optimized your other elements are (page size, compressed images etc.) the site will still be slow to load up

Here’s the response time MivoCloud server needed for different parts of the world, as is evident it’s fastest for London and slowest for users from Japan!

Mivocloud Hosting

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  •  Real-Time Traffic Vs. Response Time Analysis

So all of the above tests were done without me knowing the number of users on the site at the time of testing.

So I went out on a limb and decided to send a packet of VU (virtual users) to the site to analyze how the server reacts when the traffic load increases.

Here’s the test result (Verify here).

Mivocloud Hosting

To my surprise I found that as the number of users increases (green line) the response time gradually came down, with only 1 VU active it had a response time of 447ms, while at peak traffic with 24VUs active it had a response time of 162ms!

That does prove that a growing number of users on your site won’t be a problem for MivoCloud and it does handle traffic spikes quite well.

  • Other Features

Some other features that MivoCloud boasts of and I think should be included in this MivoCloud review are its KVM Virtualization, SSD RAID storage technology, and DDoS protections.

In the simplest possible terms, KVM Virtualization lets the Kernal work and function as a hypervisor and helps streamline and coordinate calls for Processor, Hard Disks, Networks and all other resources through the host OS.

SSD RAID storage on the other hand is an advanced storage tech which works towards protecting data by mirroring/ copying files.

And finally, MivoCloud also can and does provide DDoS protection up to 1TBPS attacks on some servers and hosting plans.

Other minor features include an easy to use control panel (it really was easy), deployment time of less than 10seconds, ability to add IPv6 to servers, instant resource changes, and the ability to create, save and reuse server templates without having to do the work twice.

  • Pricing Plans (Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server)

First off, MivoCloud is a “Pay Per Hour” service so whatever servers you’re using, you pay only for the hours the servers are actually functioning, you turn it off the billing stops.

MivoCloud offers VPS, Dedicated as well as Shared servers. Obviously, each of these has their individual pricing plans.

All the shared hosting plans include:

  • Daily Backup
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts
  • DDoS protection
  • Unlimited Databases.

The cheapest shared server plan starts at 5 Euro/Month which offers 10GB NVMe, Unlimited Domains, 1GB RAM, 1 Core vCPU, while the most expensive plan goes upto EUR 11/Month and offers 80 GB space.

Mivocloud HostingBuy Mivocloud Shared Hosting only Euro 5/Month

All the VPS plans with MivoCloud include:

  • DDoS Protection
  • 1IPv4 / 64IPv6
  • And Unmetered traffic.

The cheapest plan here starts at EUR 5.00/month and goes upto EUR 45.00/month depending on the specs you go with.

Finally, Dedicated servers have the following pre-included with all the plans:

  • 1IPv4
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • DDoS Protection / 64IPv6
  • Xeon CPUs.

The plans start as low as EUR 49.00/month and may go as high as EUR 119.00/month depending on the resources.

  • Payment Methods

MivoCloud does pay attention to user anonymity, and hence no personal information is asked for unless absolutely necessary by the company.

Payments can be made anonymously using Bitcoins which would keep your identity safe.

However, Fiat payment methods are available as well which include Paypal, Visa/Master Cards, WebMoney, Payeer, Yandex Money and even Wire Transfer!

Mivocloud Hosting

  • MivoCloud Support

Officially, they offer support through call, E-mail, Telegram and even Facebook messenger! I believe that’s a lot of options.

But the one thing I loved about them during my own experience with them was the fact that whenever there’s an issue with a webpage, a complaint or unacceptable material being found maybe, they not only let us know the webpage that needs fixing, but the exact section/link/content which makes things extremely easy for us as users.

This is something I’ve found missing with most companies I’ve been with, and hence it’s praiseworthy when found with MivoCloud.

Final Words:

So that’s all as far as this MivoCloud review goes folks. I believe this arguably is the most detailed, well-researched and transparent MivoCloud review on the whole of the Internet as of today, isn’t that so?

As far as my personal opinion goes, I’ve loved its extensive customization abilities that it provides, not to mention the not so expensive plans and offshore locations.

The support is one of the best and fastest I’ve ever seen (both in terms of speed, and helping solve a problem) and the server speed as explained via different tests is impressive as well.

Registration is anonymous and so is payment. Bottomline, I didn’t find a lot to complain about. Did you? Do let us know what you think of this MivoCloud review as well as the hosting company in general in the comments.

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