Shinjiru OffShore Hosting Review


This Shinjiru Review is a mirror into the company’s features, our own experience with the company as well as a comparison of how it performs when compared to its rivals.

Note that we do not claim any company to be the best anonymous offshore web hosting company, rather we simply bring out its features and performance in full honesty, and transparency with verifiable proof for you folks to be the judge and jury of the company’s potential.

The Basis of Shinjiru Review

What exactly is this, or any of our other anonymous offshore web hosting reviews are based on? How or why do we claim one company to be better than other? Obviously, it’s not just “opinion” or “gut-feeling”.

Rather, we let the facts talk. The first and foremost factor we’ll pay attention to in this Shinjiru review is anonymity and offshore-locations. The more anonymous the company’s registrations and payment methods are the better.

The location itself, as well as the number of such offshore servers provided is another one of the important factors we pay consideration to. Then there’s its AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), the less limitations on the kind of content uploaded the better choice it’s supposed to be.

Technical features such as Speed, Ping, real-time traffic handling capabilities as well as support and pricing too are taken into consideration. Bottomline? This review won’t be just heresy but rather a research-packed thesis on the company.

Shinjiru Offshore Hosting Overview

This is where we aim to provide an insight into the company to you folks, a broken-down, easy to grasp yet all encompassing summary of what the platform offers: Shinjiru Hosting

  • First ever ISO 9001: 2008 accredited offshore hosting provider in Malaysia.
  • Primary URL:
  • Servers from: Malaysia, Luxemburg, Lithuania, Holland, Bulgaria, HongKong, Singapore, Russia.
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Card Payment, Paypal, Perfect Money and Wire Transfer.
  • Cheapest Plan: EUR $3.95/month
  • DMCA: Ignored.
  • Servers: VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting, Bitcoin Hosting, Anonymous Domain.
  • Content not allowed – Child Pornography, Game hosting servers, IRC, DDoS, Spam, Hacking, Viruses, Terrorism, Fraud, Illegal content by Malaysian Laws.

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Why Shinjiru

  • Offshore Location

The primary aspect of an Offshore web hosting company is, well its offshore location(s). How “liberal” the company is with its AUP and other laws depends completely on where it’s based off.

Shinjiru for that matter has its headquarters housed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia as is widely known is one of the most liberal countries not only digitally but also with its financial laws.

Apart from Malaysia, the company offers servers from as many as 7 other offshore locations, the highest number we ever crossed paths with among all the 135 offshore hosting companies we researched upon.

The locations are: 

  • Luxemburg, Lithuania, Holland, Bulgaria, HongKong, Singapore, Russia

Shinjiru offshore location

  • Anonymity and Privacy

Shinjiru pays special attention to user anonymity,  in fact they have a special package called “Bitcoin Hosting” which eliminates all need of any Bank, Card or Personal Details.

Even though purchasing the plan requires users to go through a mandatory registrations page, the details shared on this page do not have to be necessarily true or correct.

And considering how it allows for payments via Cryptocurrencies, anonymity for payments too is taken care of.


  • Shinjiru Website Speed

Regardless of a site’s anonymity, price, or offshore liberty the speed does factor in when it comes to serving your visitors.

We did a speed test of the Shinjiru homepage using Pingdom’s speed tool, and here’s the result we got (verify here):

Shinjiru Review


As is evident, the load time is less than 1.5 seconds for Europe (1.6 seconds for London, and 5seconds for Japan) which is impressive for a site with as much data, text, image, and tables as Shinjiru.

No official speed-test file could be found on Shinjiru’s website, but from our own experience and the test above it can be concluded that the speed won’t be a disappointment, instead, it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen with offshore companies.

  • Shinjiru Server Response Time

This is like the big-brother to speed, not necessarily known to all; Server Response Time is the time the server would need to respond to your request.

In simpler words, it directly effects the speed of the website. If the server responds or replies late, the speed required for the website to load up will definitely be slow.

We tested the server response time from various locations and here’s the result:

Shinjiru Review

As is evident the website ( is fastest for London with a response time as fast as 60ms (1000ms=1second) which testifies to its best possible potential, the best or fastest speed that the server can provide.

As for the speed being slowest for Japan, that’s probably because the website is hosted on a server that’s at quite a distance from Asia, the solution to this is simply switching to a server closer to Asia if your visitors are supposed to be from over there.

  • Real-Time Traffic Spike Analysis

Both the direct speed test, and the SRT (Server Response Time) test were done on the stable Shinjiru Homepage.

I also like to test the waters for these companies with dynamic, real-time data. So I’ll spike up the homepage with “virtual traffic”, it’s like the server will experience a spike in its traffic and let’s see how the server handles it then?

So we sent as many as 24 virtual users to the site, but it’s impressive that the response time remained almost stable or constant from Virtual use #1 to VU #24 (as denoted by the blue line), for the complete test duration of 3minutes and 2seconds.

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Shinjiru Review

The server had a response time of 115ms when only 2 VUs were active, with 9 requests/second being sent at the time; and even with 24 Virtual Users the response time remained at 115ms with as many as 93 requests/second. (Verify here).

Bottom line, Shinjiru servers seem to handle traffic spikes quite well and won’t crumble down under the pressure.

  • Acceptable Use Policy

This policy states what’s accepted, as well as not accepted on the platform. One of the prime attractions with Shinjiru is its Anti-DMCA policy! Meaning it ignores DMCA copyright claims and complaints!

It’s rare, even for offshore hosting companies to do so, and a very select few of the companies turn a blind eye when it comes to DMCA. Fortunately, Shinjiru does, hence you can upload even copyrighted material free of concern on Shinjiru.

Although, its list of “not acceptable content” includes Child Pornography, Game hosting servers, IRC, DDoS, Spam, Hacking, Viruses, Terrorism, and Fraud.

Another unique liberty with Shinjiru is it doesn’t allow content which is illegal under Malaysian laws! How’s it a liberty? Generally even offshore hosting companies do not allow any and all content illegal in any country; with Shinjiru it’s limited only to “Malaysian laws”.

  • Available Price Plans

As this Shinjiru review is nearing its conclusion, let’s talk a bit about the plans it offers and the prices asked for them.

Shinjiru offers Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. Although a lot of other services are offered as well such as Domain registration, SSL certificated etc. we’d keep ourselves centred around its hosting plans.

Shared Servers:

Shared servers start at USD $3.95/month, and go upto USD $6.95/month. The number of domains, E-mail accounts, Space, Bandwidth and everything else differs based on the plans as can also be understood from the below screenshot:

Shinjiru Price Plan

Note that an alternative to the shared plans is its “Bitcoin Hosting” package, with the same features and pricing as the shared plan, just offering added anonymity.

VPS Plans:

The cheapest VPS plan starts at USD $41.90/month and may go as high as USD $31.90/month.  Again all the features of the VPS differ based on the plan you’ve selected.

Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated servers start at USD $49.90/month while the most expensive plan may cost as high as USD $309.90/month. All of these plans come with a Dedicate server engineer for upto 30days.

Dedicated Server Price Plan Shinjiru

Users are free to choose the location of any (Shared/VPS/Dedicated) of these servers manually, and it doesn’t effect the prices at all.

Note that these prices are for the “longest-term packages”, same plans when bought for shorter durations will be priced differently and are more expensive.

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Payment Methods

As already mentioned couple times throughout this Shinjiru review, the company allows for anonymous payments. But which methods exactly are accepted?

Shinjiru Review


  • Bitcoin Payment
  • Ethereum Payment
  • Paypal Deposit
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • Perfect Money
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfers

The crypto payments keep things under the radar, however for folks not too concerned about anonymity and only seeking an easy and streamlined payment method the company accepts popular fiat payments as well.


  • Additional Services on Shinjiru

A hosting company isn’t just about servers, Shinjiru seems well aware of the fact and hence provides DDoS protection from attacks upto 100Gbps!

Then it also provides completely free migration services of the website, as well as 25 E-mail accounts. Not just that, they also assign a migration engineer for upto 7 days after the migration to ensure the site is functioning as it should.

Paid addons for more and better firewalls, cPanels, etc. are available as well.

  • Customer Support

The customer support did blow my mind off when I needed them personally, the response time never exceeded 24 hours.

However officially on the surface level they have a staff of over 50+ support reps and offer support via:

  • Phone Calls – +603.92128338
  • Live Chat, E-mail
  • Contact Form and even Skype! – Shinjiru121.

Final Words:

Shinjiru HostingSo that’s a wrap as far as this Shinjiru review goes folks. We believe we’ve brought forward as many technical, as well as non-technical aspects of the company as possible?

Speed, Response time, locations, real-time traffic analysis, pricing plans, and our own experiences, at the very least this should get you a basic idea about the potential or features the company offers.

In my personal opinion, even if Shinjiru may not be the absolute best in the game, it surely tops the charts and definitely serves as an impressive offshore anonymous hosting company if you need it.


But then again that’s just my opinion, I’d like to get your two cents in the comments; both about this Shinjiru review as well as the company in general.

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