Instant Checkmate Review – Is It a Legit Background Check?

Instant Checkmate

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  • Easy and simple to use website and application
  • Great customer support
  • Complete report consisting 30 points for a person’s information
  • Customizable options for search parameters
  • Complete criminal record of a person


  • Instant Checkmate works only for the people and locations of USA
  • Sometimes, it do blunders with the data of users which decreases the accuracy
  • Extra criminal history is made available with extra charges only
  • Premium report feature is quite expensive
  • Additional charges for some of the services despite paying subscription charges

You must have heard about various background check sites before. This section is about one of the such site called Instant Checkmate. On the basis of complete study and analysis, I have prepared a complete Instant Checkmate review.

This analysis consists of the services offered by the site, how does it work, its features and the reality behind its claims.

This section tears apart every myth and hoax regarding the site and presents you clear data only. This piece of information is going to be proved very important for you if you are thinking of carrying out a background check for someone.

So, let’s start this column by first checking out what Instant Checkmate actually is?

Table of Content:

What is Instant Checkmate?

Instant CheckmateInstant Checkmate review cannot be kick started without gathering some information regarding the site. So, Instant Checkmate is basically a background checking tool. It inquires about a person on the basis of the different aspects and criteria.

However, you cannot consider Instant Checkmate to be the only basis of judging someone as the information can be false sometimes.

It basically gathers up all the information regarding someone through different sources and puts them together in front of you. Different types of data like census data, demographic data, arrest records, phone numbers, addresses etc. can be gathered with the help of Instant Checkmate easily.

It has been six successful years of running for this site and a lot more counting yet. You can call Instant Checkmate a safe and reliable public record search service which helps people to collect general information about a person. In fact, you may count it amongst the best background check services too.

Check Public Records With Instant Checkmate


Features and Charges of Instant Checkmate

Like most of the other sites in the business of best background Check, Instant Checkmate provides various features and facilities on its site for its customer. These are the features which will put a bright light on Instant Checkmate review.

  • Different Data Points in Report Feature

Instant Checkmate is exceptionally organized and excellent when it comes to providing the results for the searches. It won’t show you the results in the form of discrete data but rather an entire report. This is the most amazing feature of Instant Checkmate that I like.

About 30 points are listed in this report like address, licenses, criminal record etc. The content of the report becomes more vivid and deep when you ask for a Premium report.

  • Email Report Feature

Now, this one is a service which may be called revolutionary. While I was conducting a review of Instant Checkmate, I came across this feature of Email Report. Through this extraordinary feature, you can find out the information regarding an email address.

It gives you information like the name, address, social media profiles and professional network of that person who email id it is. I think this is really beneficial for the people working in an organization and doing the background check of their employees.

  • No bar on the Number of Searches

This is the best thing that I like about Instant Checkmate. Once you have chosen your plan and paid the price than the site is all yours. This is also an important aspect under Instant checkmate review too.

You can conduct as many searches you want on this site. This can be millions or billions and you need not to pay anything extra for it. You get full reports on each of the search under the monthly plan you have chosen. In fact, you can ask for the premium report on each of them with the charge of $35.12 each report.

  • Affordable

While I did review Instant Checkmate on my own, I found it really affordable. I mean for how long you would be using it once you have gained the report about the people you wanted. So rather than going for 3 months plan, you can go for 1 months plan both are very much affordable.

You are also getting a 5 day trial period on just $1 which is also a very good aspect of this background check site.

  • Accuracy

There can be several contradictions on this feature claimed by the company. While going through several Instant Checkmate reviews, I found them mixed with positive and negative comments.

Some people reported an inaccuracy of their age on the site but some found it really accurate. The company claims that the results are very updated and accurate by the site but the reality may vary from it.

  • User Friendly

The site is very user-friendly and to add more positivity in the Instant Checkmate review, they even launched their android application too.

The navigations are really smooth and you can easily search for whichever person you want. There are filters and other options to customize the search to increase the chances of finding the favorite person. I think that is a really good point of this website.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

This is a unique feature of Instant Checkmate which I personally like a lot and which is a huge positive point in Instant Checkmate review. This is a very useful tool for people who are in administrative services or police or even common people too.

Through this feature, you can now find out the identity of the people who are calling you from unknown numbers. This is like next to impossible to find out the identity of such callers but through Instant Checkmate, you can surely figure it out.

Just enter the number and it will show information available like caller’s name, address, location, birthday and much more.

Find All Details about Any Phone Number

  • People Directory

This is a free to use service which comes under one of the features of Instant checkmate. You just need to fill the basic information like first name, last name and location for this.

Instant Checkmate will conduct a search then and will provide information like location, age, relatives, aliases, address, etc. of that person. You can even browse people in alphabetical order too. For more information about that person, you would have to enroll for a plan.


It was all about the features of Instant Checkmate and now before you conduct your first search on this site, it is important that you take a look at its pricing policies. It will clear more dust from complete Instant Checkmate review.

  • Trial Period of 5 days which charges $1 per user. (Note: you can enjoy unlimited reports in these 5 days but after 5 days they will charge you full monthly fee $28.09, If you don’t like his service then contact his support and cancel your subscription with in 5 days.)

It is up to you that what kind of plan you want to go for. So, you must decide it patiently before rushing into it.

Find People Records

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Customer Support

If you wish to contact the company for some issues then here is a good news for you. By far, I have found their customer support very friendly and helpful. They have various options through which you can contact Instant Checkmate easily. This will refine Instant Checkmate review even more.

They have 24 hours available for their customers except for holiday times. You can call them or email them anytime you want to report your queries regarding some issues. Their response time is quite quick and they will surely try to resolve all your issues as soon as possible.

Instant Checkmate does not support the feature of Live chat. However, they are available 24 hours for their customer which is a great service by them and also very positive Instant Checkmate review.

Different Reports on Instant Checkmate and their Content

When you conduct a search for some person on Instant Checkmate then Instant Checkmate review about the same appears in form of a report. But there is one Premium Report too which charges some extra bucks.

Here are the various reports which can be achieved by Instant Checkmate and their content too.

Standard Reports

You can achieve this report by opting for the regular plans on the site. The content of this report is as follow..

  • First and Last name of the person
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Address history
  • People living on the same address
  • List of properties and their satellite imagery.
  • Possible Relatives
  • Criminal records
  • DUI arrests
  • FAA and DEA license
  • Traffic records
  • Nearby sec offenders

Premium Reports

You can demand a premium report for the same person but it charges $19.99 additional for each premium report. The content of the report contains all the points of a Standard Report and some additional information too which is as follows..

  • Aircraft owned
  • Civil judgements
  • UCC filings
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Old phone numbers
  • Tax liens
  • Neighbors
  • Business associates
  • Email address
  • Voter Registration
  • Weapon, Hunting/Fishing permits
  • Foreclosures


This feature improves the Instant Checkmate review even more. Through this you can download the report of any person in your device for future uses. This charges $1.99 one-time fee for it. You can later on print it in the form of hard copy which can be a really reference for someone.

Real Deal with Instant Checkmate (Do’s and Don’t)

This section is a completely true guide regarding Instant Checkmate review. This is going to tell you that how you are supposed to use Instant Checkmates. One must know about the terms and conditions of a site before using it and this section is regarding the same here.

What you CAN do?

Each site follow some rules and regulations which are mandatory to follow. There are the purposes and reasons for which is it is okay to use Instant Checkmate.

  • Find out the complete information regarding what kind of neighbors are living around you.
  • Keep your family safe by finding out nearby sex offenders in your locality.
  • A perfect medium to find out about the long gone or estranged family members.
  • Find out the background of the parents of your Children’s friends.
  • Run a background check before getting friends with someone.
  • Find out the whereabouts of your old friends or love.
  • Run a background checks on the online dates your like.
  • Check the criminal records for yourself too and do the necessary for them.
  • Verify the online buyers and sellers through Instant Checkmate.

What you CANNOT do?

These are the things for which Instant Checkmate must not be a basis or foundation for confirmation. You must not do something unethical with the information being received from it otherwise it can draw some serious consequences.

  • Instant Checkmate is not at all a basis of doing pre-employment checks on the potential employees of your company. It also must not be a basis of someone’s promotion or demotion.
  • You cannot use Instant Checkmate for the background check of domestic help, nannies, baby sitters, home aids, gardeners
  • ICM is not a basis of deciding the potential tenants for your property.
  • Professional services like teachers, doctors, coaches cannot use ICM for their candidates.
  • No educational qualification checks through ICM are the basis for scholarship
  • You cannot screen someone through ICM before providing them insurance or credit card facility.

Where does Instant Checkmate Lie?

To see where Instant Checkmate lies in the competition of background checks sites, I found out that Instant Checkmate review is quite positive in this aspect. To support my review, I even did some searches for it too.

I Googled the term “Background check sites in USA” and I found the option of Instant Checkmate on some 12th position on the first page itself, including some not so relevant results too. So I think the site is pretty decent when it comes to carry out a background check on someone.

So, now you know the site has a great competition in terms of features, services offered, pricing plans, information achieved etc. But still this the overall Instant Checkmate review is a reliable option to trust the site to find out about the basic information and past of someone.

How does it Work?

Instant Checkmate works like the rest of the background check sites and its easy navigations are good enough to give you favorable results.

Instant Checkmate requires you to sign up on their site first which costs you $1 for the trial period of 5 days. Yes, you heard me right, there is no free trial on the site to avoid illegal usage of its database for some unethical works.

Like the rest of the sites, ICM instantly start searching for every possible source through which they can retrieve the information regarding someone. The process is really quick and so are the results received.

Here are the steps you need to follow to conduct a search on someone:

  • Go to the official site or browse the app(Android, iPhone app)
  • Fill the necessary details like First name, Last Name, City, State in the available search box.

  • Now press “Search” button, After some time of evaluation, you will get the results.

Select your required result,

For example, I am using John Smith, New York, after the searching process I found my required result in second place then I need to click on “Open Report” button for further report generation.

  • Report generation process may take some time that’s why you need to follow all necessary instruction.

Isn’t it like a child’s play to use this site? So, for the navigation and accessing, Instant Checkmate review is surely positive.

Final Words:

My final verdict on Instant Checkmate review is quite positive. I would surely recommend it to someone who wants to find out their long-lost friends, estranged relatives, information about weird neighbors etc. I personally like the features and services of Instant Checkmate very reliable.

The thing l liked the most is its report feature. I mean this is like putting a private detective to work and acquiring all the possible information regarding a person in just seconds.

Although the competition is pretty real in background check services, but Instant Checkmate stands firm in it. This is really easy to use and once you have created an account on it, you seriously have gained a lot of advantages then.

Instant Checkmate review is quite good in various aspects and I think this service can be trusted to find out the complete information regarding a person.

Launch Your Background Check campaign with Instant Checkmate

Bottom Line – Yes, I would surely recommend Instant Checkmate to my friends and other people who want to know about the people living around them.

If you want to share your thoughts and Instant Checkmate review then you can comment right below here.

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