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I’m pretty sure you’re here looking for an Anonymous offshore Bitcoin Hosting company. This Innova Hosting review may solve some of your problems.

But just so you aren’t misled, it’s one of the least anonymous and liberal servers out there. The only reason this review is being done is that the servers are indeed Offshore, and the company accepts Bitcoin as a mode of Payment.

Worry not, just head to our massive list of Offshore Anonymous Bitcoin Hosting companies and we’ve got a handful of extremely anonymous, liberal and privacy-respecting company for you folks.

Although if anonymity isn’t your prime goal, and it’s just Crypto payments and an offshore server you’re looking for, do continue on this Innova Hosting review.

Here are the factors we’ll be addressing in this Innova Hosting Review:

  • Anonymity
  • Offshore Locations
  • Payment modes
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Server Performance
  • Support
  • Servers and Pricing Plans

Disclaimer: Only proceed to read this Innova Hosting review if you completely and 100% agree to this Disclaimer.

Innova Hosting Quick Overview

Innova Hosting Featured ImageInnova Hosting is a company that was founded in 2012; hence providing it with 11 years of experience today. Here are all the primary features the company brings with itself in a nutshell:

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers location: Moldova
  • Payment methods: Fiat + Bitcoin
  • Cheapest Plan: $1.11/month.
  • Servers: Shared Hosting, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, VOIP, Domain Registration
  • DMCA Ignored: No
  • Live Chat: Yes.
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

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  • Anonymity

Innova Hosting isn’t anonymous at all. It has a mandatory “real-data” policy for its registration.

So you can’t use pseudonyms or other random details. Real data must be provided during registrations. Even if the data isn’t not often verified, falsifying it is a breach of their T&C and may result in loss of account without refund.

Although their payment methods are kind of acceptable. For more details, refer to the “Payment Methods” section.

  • Offshore Locations

This is one of the very few reasons why this company even is included here. As is known, this site is dedicated to Anonymous Offshore Hosting companies.

Even though not Anonymous, Innova Hosting provides servers from Moldova. The country by itself is a well-placed choice when searching for offshore servers.

  • Acceptable Use Policy  (AUP)

We started the company being one of the “least-liberal” offshore servers, let’s back that statement up with some actual data.

So Innova Hosting is a 100% law-abiding company. So much so that anything which is illegal anywhere on the planet, in any country, is prohibited on the servers.

In other words, the “offshore” benefits are almost nullified as regardless of where you’re from, if the content is illegal in your country, it’ll be illegal on Innova Hosting too.

Moreover, we personally verified that content as light as “political controversies” (simple discussions against Politicians) too will be asked to be taken down if and when any complaint regarding the same is received.

Obviously, the DMCA-policy too is extremely rigid. All complaints, even when they’re not from courts and legal channels are paid attention to, and followed up.

Their AUP link isn’t working, but we’ve manually confirmed that none of the following are allowed:

  • Gambling sites, Porn, Spam, Hacking, Mining etc.
  • Anything else which is illegal (anywhere on the country).

Almost all other reviews here, including our LalekHosted Review, Webcare360 Review, and primarily BulletProofWeb Review offer a lot more liberty with their content than Innova Hosting.

  • Server Performance

So far the company isn’t impressive, but maybe their quality speaks. Before conducting any of the tests, we confirmed that the website is indeed hosted on its own servers.

And that it can be used to get an idea of their servers’ performance.


Page Load-Time Test

We begin with the basic load-time test. This will help us get a rough idea of how long a page weight roughly 900 KB takes to load.

The results were impressive for some locations, such as Germany and London both required only 1.37 seconds to load! (Verify)

Other locations weren’t as impressive, for e.g. North America required 3.02 seconds, San Francisco was a 3.64 seconds and Australia needed as long as 5.48 seconds.

These results would’ve been impressive if the page weighed a bit more, but for a 900 KB page the speed wasn’t overwhelming.

But hey, that may just be an issue of “poor optimization”. So let’s move on to our next test.

Server Response Time Test

Regardless of the page size, its codes, its optimization the SRT test reveals a somewhat more universally applicable result of the server’s performance.

Let’s just say that the SRT affects the load-time; if the SRT is slow the load-time for a page will be slow regardless of its individual properties.

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So here are the results obtained during our SRT test (verify)

These results are far from impressive. We ran the test thrice just to be sure, but these didn’t really change.

What “Impressive” results by our standards is can be understood if you go through our BlueAngelHost Review.

SRT During Traffic-Surge

The results so far even though aren’t impressive, are not completely unacceptable. Let’s see if they remain so when there’s a traffic hike on the platform?

We did what we always do, send 25 Virtual Users to the unsuspecting website. Here are the test results from the test we ran for 3 minutes on the server:

Again, the graph was extremely unstable. It even peaked upto 754 ms! Although with 24 active VUs the site needed a 296 ms response time.

After having witnessed SRT results as good as the ones we’ve found during our Shinjiru Review or Mivocloud review these numbers aren’t very appealing, although not complete deal-breakers either.

  • Support

The company’s support however was largely impressive. They do have a live chat. Even though officially the live chat is 24X7 and almost always shows “Online”, during our research there were major time-gaps.

So yes, it’s available, and yes, it works; although I doubt it’s 24X7.  They have specific timings for their “Sales department”. The company can also be reached via Viber, Telegram, Tickets as well as Phone!

  • Payment Modes

One of the other reasons why the company has been reviewed is its payment methods.

As mentioned in the earlier sections, it does accept Bitcoin, which makes it a Bitcoin Hosting company and that’s a desirable thing to be.Innova Hosting Review

Apart from that, the company can also be paid in Fiat currencies via:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cards (Visa/ Master/Maestro)
  • Qiwi
  • Webmoney.

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  • Servers and Pricing Plans

The company is pretty product-rich! It offers everything from Domains, Shared servers, VPS Server, and Dedicated servers.

What’s unique is, the company offers a “Free Web Hosting” plan as well. No payments are required, a form needs to be filled, and a call/E-mail answered. It comes with 10GB space.

Apart from that, the paid plans for Shared Servers start at USD $2.31/month, going up to USD $9.00/month.

Innova Hosting Review

VPS plans start at USD $8.54/month, while the highest plan is priced at USD $44.46/month.

Innova Hosting Review

And finally Dedicated plans start at USD $74.82/month and may go as high as USD $356/month.

Innova Hosting Review

Note that the prices may vary depending on the “type” of server chosen (metered/unmetered, Windows/Linux etc).

The company also provides anti-DDoS protection from attacks as big as 500Gbps for free!

Get Your Server With Innovahosting

Final Verdict

Webcare 360 Offshore DMCA Ignored HostingWe’ve weighed nearly all the major aspects of the company, haven’t we? Let’s wrap this Innova Hosting review then?

As you may have guessed, the company doesn’t offer a lot when tested from an “anonymity angle”. It may be a fine Web hosting company, just not “anonymous”.

Also, even though the servers are offshore, not a lot of benefits from that can be reaped. The AUP too is as conservative as it can be.

Although the support is largely acceptable, the payment modes are totally in sync with the payment modes offered by most other offshore anonymous Bitcoin hosting companies.

As for the performance, not really impressive. For the most part it was just acceptable. But they depend on a ton of factors, such as the website being tested, the time of the test, optimization and a lot more so let’s not base our final decision on the tests.

The pricing however is totally pocket-friendly for all the available services.

Get Your Server With Innovahosting

All in all, it still is a company I’d go with but only if I’m really desperate or need a server without the anonymity or offshore benefits.  Do drop your two cents on this Innova Hosting review?

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