DeltaHost Review – Is it Offshore, Anonymous or Not?


We go through the trouble of researching, testing, and gathering information about Anonymous Offshore Bitcoin Hosting companies, so you don’t have to. DeltaHost too is a company which confides to some of the feature we look for in one such company and hence this DeltaHost review is being scribbled down today.

As always, we’ll start with the “anonymity” of the platform and then move on to more hardcore features such as the speed, response time and other factors. Buletproof-Hosting-Banner

You can use the links provided below to directly reach the respective sections in this review:

Note that apart from these primary questions, quite a few minor aspects such as governing law, refund policies, choice of servers and many other similar questions will be addresses as well.

Also, this review will be the most unbiased, transparent and data-backed DeltaHost review on the entirety of the web and that’s a promise.

DeltaHost Quick Overview

This list here would help you understand all the primary features offered by the company at a glance:

  • Primary URL:
  • Servers in: Netherlands, Ukraine, USA.
  • Payment methods: Fiat + Bitcoin.
  • Cheapest Plan: USD $6.30/month.
  • Servers: VPS Server, Dedicated Server.
  • DMCA Ignored: Yes
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.

Is DeltaHost Registration Anonymous?

Considering how we pay maximum attention on a company’s “anonymity policies”, it’s fitting this question gets answered first, isn’t it?

Like almost all offshore hosting companies out there, DeltaHost too obviously requires registration. Managing a server without having an account isn’t just technically easy, or feasible.

Well, the data required during registration (name/address)etc. needn’t be true. This is confirmed by a representative from their end:

DeltaHost Review

Although again, as is clearly visible in the screenshot; personally identifiable data may be requested at a later time lest such situations present themselves.

One such situation is while requesting a refund. Their T&C mentions that no refund is provided in case identification is asked for, and the user refuses to provide it. (Source).

DeltaHost Review

So in a nutshell, yes the registration on DeltaHost “can be” anonymous and isn’t prevented, neither is a breach of their Terms and Conditions. However, the company by itself doesn’t promote/encourage or support anonymity.

 Where are DeltaHost Servers Located?

Any hosting company is Offshore if it offers servers from a different country than a user’s residing country.

DeltaHost offers servers not from one, but three countries. Namely:

  • USA, Netherlands, Ukraine

While USA isn’t exactly a country of choice when it comes to servers, the other two options are pretty lucrative.

Netherlands and Ukraine are some of the best and most favorable offshore locations for a server, equally liberal if not more than Switzerland.

What Content Isn’t Allowed on DeltaHost?

Even though the company is “offshore”, you may not exactly find as much liberty as we listed in our CyberBunker review.

It states that it’s solely and exclusively for “legal content” only. While it’s a desirable feature, it clearly means it’s “less liberal” than some companies (such as the one reviewed in this Webcare360 Review).

The company does provide a list of content that isn’t allowed on the servers, it includes:

  • Property-right infringing content.
  • SPAM, Fraud, Lottery/Gambling sites.
  • Drugs, Counterfeit goods, Adult/Porn sites.
  • Hacking/DDoS (other attacks).
  • Any action potentially capable of getting the site enlisted on RBL, SBL and other blacklists.
  • Anything else which is illegal or unlawful.

That about covers it, although what’s appealing is anything that isn’t listed in its AUP Section (can be found on the site’s T&C page) is completely allowed).

Also, note that only the laws of the server country are applicable on the content. This means uploading anything and everything is allowed as long as it’s not prohibited by the company and is legal in the server country.

As for DMCA-compliance, the company ignores DMCA complaints unless they’re from a court or through other legal channels.

How Can you Pay on DeltaHost?

Even though DeltaHost isn’t “officially” an Anonymous offshore hosting company, it sure has all the tools to keep our identities hidden to quite an extent.

The company offers a number of payment methods, infact the list is pretty extensive and almost competes with the list we mentioned in our Lolek Review.

The available payment modes on DeltaHost are:

DeltaHost Review

  • Bitcoin (keeps identities anonymous).
  • Cards, Wire-Transfer.
  • Privat 24, Perfect Money, PayPal, Fandy, WebMoney

Although note some of these methods have an additional charge. For e.g. paying via PayPal, VISA, American Express, and MasterCard is charged at an extra 5%. Fondy payments incur an additional 2.5% charge.

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How is DeltaHost Server Performance?

While in most of our other Anonymous Bitcoin Hosting Reviews, we test the company’s homepage to establish the server performance, that wasn’t possible in this case.

Simply because we were made aware that the website traffic is passed through SDN cloudflare. Meaning, all the tests we conduct would not reveal the actual results, and rather the results for SDN cloudflare would be displayed.

Hence, we obtained another IP address which the company wanted us to perform all our tests on:

DeltaHost Review

Disclaimer: The IP address provided is of a very basic, literally no-content page. Hence expect results for your website to vary vastly from the ones obtained in this DeltaHost review.

  • Load-Time Test

This Load-Time test is performed on their VPS servers, located in the U.S. Use it only to get a rough idea of the server’s “difference in performance” for various locations.

We conducted the test from multiple locations. North America performed the best and required a fickle 124ms of load-time. (Verify results).

DeltaHost Review

Asia (Japan) needed 232ms to load the address, while Germany asked for 281ms. The slowest result was from South America at 359ms.

Although the page was only a 1.5KB page, that isn’t practical. So let’s see how the server actual responds, regardless of an individual site’s content.

  • Server Response Time Test

Even though the page is just 1.5KB, the Server Response Time would get us a more acceptable result as it pays less attention to a website’s content, and more to the server quality.

Here’s what the Bitcatcha SRT test brought back (Verify Results) :

DeltaHost Review

The test above says the results are A+, and that the server is “Exceptionally Fast”. Well it is fast no doubt, impressive even; just not “exceptionally” as far as our own experience goes.

If you’ve gone through our Lalek Hosted Review or even the Mivocloud Review we did, you’d probably agree that those speeds are much faster than this.

  • SRT with Spiked Traffic

As in all our other reviews, this test will establish the server’s performance when there’s a crowd on the server.

So we sent the usual 25 Virtual Users to the IP-address being tested, and here are the results (verify results):

DeltaHost Review

This is the first time I’ve seen such a stable graph! The server asked for 64ms of response time almost from the very beginning to the end of the test. Obviously there were fluctuations, the lowest requirement was 60ms, while the highest being 70ms

So in other words, “traffic-surge” doesn’t nosedive the server’s performance.

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Which Servers are Available, and How much Do they Cost?

DeltaHost doesn’t provide Shared servers. It only sells VPS Server and Dedicated servers. The pricing on Dedicated servers depends on the server specs, as well as the server location.

The cheapest Dedicated server is from Ukraine, and costs USD $69.00/month, while the highest price is the same for all locations at USD $148.5/month.

Pricing of VPS plans isn’t country-dependent. It starts at USD $6.3 (SSD) and USD $9.00 (HDD), and goes upto USD $43.2 (SSD) and USD $40.5 (HDD).

*The company provides a 48-hour trial period on its Dedicated servers. Any problems/faults if and when reported within this time-frame are either solved, or the money for the server refunded.

How is DeltaHost’s Support?

Let’s answer one final question before signing off this DeltaHost review, How is DeltaHost’s Support?

Well, the company provides a Live-Chat, which indeed works. Although, the first representative I was assigned was for some reason quite slow, and was unclear with the answers.

The second and third representatives I was assigned (they keep rotating automatically) were much better, fast, and informative responses.

Apart from the live-chat, the company can also be reached via E-mails, tickets and even Phone.

Bitlaunch VPS Server

DeltaHost Pros and Cons

Let’s list all the primary Pros and Cons encountered with the company so far:

  • Can be treated as an anonymous
  • Bitcoin Payments, Good support.
  • Above average performance.
  • Flexible DMCA policy.

Final Verdict:

It’s time we wrap this DeltaHost review up. In my personal opinion, it’s semi-anonymous, the AUP is acceptable and the support team is mostly impressive. The servers too are (except U.S.A) in digitally-liberal countries.

Although it won’t cater to the needs of those looking for Shared servers. There aren’t a lot of negative factors with the company.

Hence as far as my opinion goes, it’s a company worth a try if you’re willing to risk a bit of anonymity (in case they ask for it).

Do let us know if this DeltaHost review answered your questions. Do glance at some of our other reviews as well for a more suitable option if you need it.

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