WRZHost Review – Is it Worth to Buy?


WRZHost is a company which at first glance seems like a Warez-allowing company (but is it so?). It also confirms to some other factors we look for in offshore anonymous hosting companies. All of this led us to scribble this WRZHost review down.

Do you live in a conservative nation/country and/or wish to upload content that may not exactly be welcomed in your own region? That’s what these anonymous offshore hosting companies primarily offer shelter for.

Even though these companies are often considered a safe haven for illegal content, that is purely a misconception. Rather these companies simply offer a bit more content liberty than native hosts due to their foreign base and laws.

Note that we also did a WarezHost review couple of days back, this WRZHost review is entirely different. The two companies aren’t affiliated with, or linked to one another in any way and hence offer two completely different USPs for their users.

What can you learn throughout this WRZHost review? All of the following:

Let’s see how many answers come out on a positive note for the above questions?

WRZHost Web Hosting Quick Overview

Shinjiru HostingHere’s an outline of what the company brings to the table right here before getting into a deeper breakdown of this WRZHost review:

  • Primary URL: https://www.wrzhost.com
  • Servers in: Switzerland + Netherlands
  • Payment methods: BTC+ Fiats
  • Cheapest Plan: $2.00/month.
  • Servers: Shared, VPS, and Dedicated.
  • Content not allowed: Listed in the AUP section.
  • DMCA Ignored: No.

Let’s dissect these factors in detail then.

Is WRZHost Anonymous?

Any company is considered anonymous if it lets a user register and makes payments without revealing or demanding any personal identifiable information.

As far as WRZHost goes, we went through its T&C and it doesn’t seem to mention any of the registration data having to be true. No such requirement is mentioned in its Privacy Policy either. So “not-true” data for Real name, address and other such fields can probably be used on the platform during registrations.

As for payments, those can be made anonymously Cryptocurrencies (for more details scroll down to the payments section).

Is WRZHost Offshore?

Arguably the most important aspect when searching for an anonymous offshore hosting company, is the “offshore location” isn’t it?

WRZHost offers servers from two of the most favorable offshore locations on the planet:

  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland.

As mentioned multiple times in our other best anonymous offshore hosting reviews, there aren’t many locations better at offering content liberty and freedom than the options mentioned above.

What Content is and Isn’t Allowed on WRZHost? (AUP)

Even though the names contains “WRZ” in its name, it can be easily misunderstood for WAREZ, especially considering the context of the company. It does impart the idea that Warez may be allowed on the platform.

Well that isn’t true. Warez of any kind isn’t allowed on the company servers, infact it strictly bans any content related to the following:

  • Any and all Illegal content.
  • Pirated/Warez.
  • Bots
  • DDoS (flooders/botnets).
  • Chat servers.
  • Hacking
  • Spam
  • Child Porn.

The company does allow legal adult content. However it does seem to pay attention to DMCA requests and doesn’t allow copyrighted content.

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How can you Pay on WRZHost?

WRZHost Review

Payment modes add to a company’s overall anonymity. Fortunately, WRZHost does accept payment via Cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin.

In addition to BTC, payments can also be made via:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Payza
  • PerfectMoney.

 What are WRZHost Services, Pricing Plans and Refund Policies?

What can you purchase on WRZHost? Well, everything that we as hosting customers generally seek.

It sells everything from Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Not all companies offer as many varieties which you’d agree to if you’ve gone through our Novogara review among some others.

A total of 4 shared server plans are offered:

  • Small: $2.00/month – 1GB Storage/ 50GB bandwidth/ 1 Domain.
  • Medium: $8.00/month – 15GB Storage/ 250GB bandwidth/ 5 Domains.
  • Medium: $15.00/month – 50GB Storage/ 500GB bandwidth/ Unlimited Domains.
  • Premium: $20.00/month – 150GB Storage/1TB bandwidth/ Unlimited Domains.

As for VPS Plans, they’re as follows:

  • Small: $12.00/month- 10GB Storage/ 300GB bandwidth/ 256MB RAM.
  • Medium: $20.00/month- 25GB Storage/ 1TB bandwidth/ 512MB RAM.
  • Medium: $30.00/month- 100GB Storage/ Unlimited Bandwidth/ 2GB RAM.
  • Premium: $45.00/month- 250GB Storage/ Unlimited Bandwidth/6GB RAM.

And Finally, Dedicated servers are priced not only based on their specs but also on locations. Netherland servers are cheaper and start at $80.00 and go up to $200.00/month. Switzerland Servers start at $125.00/month and go upto $300.00/month.

WRZHost Review

As for refunds, the company only offers those on Shared servers, no refunds available for VPS and Dedicated servers.  The refund can be claimed within 7 days of purchase.

How to Contact WRZHost Support?

Lastly for this WRZHost review, let’s talk about its support. Even though it has a live chat feature available on the site, we tested it for over 10 hours (by keeping multiple tabs open). Not once did the live chat come online and the status remained offline.

It does however have multiple ticketing options categorized under Billing, Network status, Server Status etc. Some of these are only available for registered users. All in all, the support isn’t as impressive as we saw in our Pro Managed review for one.

Final Verdict:

Buletproof-Hosting-BannerIf you’ve been through our other reviews, you’re probably asking where are the tests. Well, we always verify a website’s servers before performing tests.

https://www.wrzhost.com redirects its traffic via Cloudflare as a security precaution, as a result of which any of the tests we conduct wouldn’t have been accurate or trustworthy and hence have been omitted.

But we did answer all other questions which we generally do. So yes, the company seems largely acceptable, and the content-liberty too is there as long as you aren’t into anything illegal.

The payment options are acceptable, but the lack of instant support sure is a disappointment. All in all, you can totally give it a try if you wish to start small, and just need offshore servers.

This was all us, let’s make it about you. Do you think this WRZHost review solved all of your queries? If not, use the comment box to spam us with questions and doubts.

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