Top 10 Shopify Alternatives Sites


Shopify is a large Canadian e-commerce site that everyone knows about. Shopify and Shopify alternatives are the kind of sites which are making our lives way easier than it could ever be.

These are the kind of sites which makes software for online stores all across the globe.

There may be some people who do not know, what is Shopify? So, this section is for all those people who want to know about Shopify and similar sites of it.

Top 10 Shopify Alternatives Sites

There are 10 sites which are just like Shopify mentioned right below so that you can also find different software for your own online store.

1. Volusion


Volusion is one of the most reliable Shopify alternatives and also a great competitor too. This site is really sorted and if you have any queries then their customer support staff will always be there for you. Volusion can be the perfect guide that you need to establish your e-commerce business.

You can easily try Volusion free for 14 days in a trial period. This will make you understand how it works, its features and other policies and then if you want, you can continue with its plans.

There are various pricing plans of Volusion which are Mini, Plus, Pro and Premium and they charge $15, $35, $75 and $135 per month for each of them respectively. Each service is different and comes with different features but the plan Pro is the most popular amongst all.

With Volusion you get various features for creating an online platform of yours. These features are creating your site with various themes, custom domain, navigation editor etc. The other features are secure check out from site, recurring pricing, barcode generator, powerful SEO, Robots.Txt etc.

Volusion is amongst the top Shopify alternatives in the country and a great help for creating your own e-commerce site.

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2. BigCartel


BigCartel is a site dream are made of. You know this is the kind of site, you look and instantly say, it will surely work now. This amazing site promotes great artists and specifically works in the same area too. BigCartel is a brand which makes e-commerce websites for artists only.

Be it the love of handmade stuff, paintings, art, crafts etc. You are going to get the perfect site to sell your stuff through BigCartel easily.

On the list of Shopify alternatives, BigCartel is indeed a very big name. Like most of the sites BigCartel also offers different pricing plans. These plans are Platinum for $9.99 per month, Diamond for $19.99 per month, Titanium for $29.99 per month and finally Gold for free of cost.

Each plan has different features and services. BigCartel has been a trustworthy name from more than a decade for various artists, musicians, painters and many others. This site is especially for the makers and after using it, you will be asking What is Shopify?

3. LemonStand


Another big name in the list of Shopify alternatives is LemonStand. This is a big cloud e-commerce building software and tool which is used by various people and companies to build a site of their own. In this digital world, it is great that we are having options like LemonStand.

LemonStand is not free to use like the rest of the sites but you can use it in the trial period for about 14 days, just like Volusion.

The rest of the pricing plans for LemonStand are as follows – There are three plans namely Starter, Growth, and Professional. They charge you $19, $69 and $199 per month respectively with different services and features being offered.

There are various features offered by LemonStand which are quite like the rest of the Shopify alternatives. Some of them are Optimize conversion, open source themes, partner program and revenue sharing, recurring subscription, content management system etc.

You just need to simply get registered with LemonStand to start building the dream site for your business and watch it growing in front of your eyes.

4. Megneto


Up next one in the list of Shopify Alternatives is Magneto. This site is amongst the top e-commerce software tool across the globe. In fact, it is a trusted site by various companies and global icons like Coca-Cola, Tom Dixon, and Murad etc.

The reason that people prefer Magneto is because of its simplicity and easy to follow steps. You can try out the 14 days free trial of this site to check out the facilities provided by it.

With the help of Magneto, you can also hire a partner for your business or can become partner with someone else too. The endless list of features on Magneto will help you to create the site that you always wanted to have.

It has various themes and extensions on its site. Instead of having any pricing plan, they charge you for various services differently. There are also various training and certification programs which will help you to grow yourself and your business perfectly.

Magneto works quite differently as compared to other alternatives to Shopify and this little thing is making a huge difference world-wide.

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5. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is indeed one big name in the world of making software for e-commerce websites and businesses. Be it starting from scratch or growing an existing platform, BigCommerce has got your back on every little issue regarding your online portal.

BigCommerce started in 2009 but very soon became a reliable option as Shopify alternatives. This site not only helps you in building up a site but also stays with you forever.

From shipping to payments, BigCommerce will make it all easier and more secure for your site. There are various features offered by this site like building and designing of site, payments, analysis of business, sell B2B, drive traffic, different templates, customization etc.

Like all the other Shopify alternatives, BigCommerce too has a pricing plan. They have four plans which are Standard for $29.95 per month, Plus for $79.95 per month, Pro for $249.95 per month and for Enterprise plan you would have to consult them.

The unique features in each of the plans and the common services makes it one reliable option for leading your site towards success.

6. SquareSpace


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Just by looking at their site, you can come to know that why you should rely on SquareSpace for letting them build and shape your business. The perfect visual treat and a portrayal of their unique services and clients will compel you to instantly trust them with their tools and software.

But, to be surer, I would like to let you know more about them. SquareSpace is a trusted name by various renowned brands like Pixar, Hawk, Yield, J, Hannah etc.

Their unique features are template switching, customizable content layout, free typekit fonts, video backgrounds, lightbox presentation, social links, security etc.

SquareSpace is one amazing addition to the list of Shopify alternatives and trusted by people around the world. You can try out their trial pack to completely know about them.

Their pricing plans for websites are Personal for $12 per month and Business for $18 per month if billed annually. For online stores, pricing plans are Basic for $26 per month and Advanced for $40 per month if billed annually.

Now, it will totally eliminate the need of asking, what is Shopify anymore.

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7. 3D Cart


Yet again the list of some amazing Shopify alternatives refuses to end and the next one here is 3D Cart. This site offers you everything for building up the perfect website that you always wanted to have. Whether it is for e-commerce business or for something else, you are going to find much-needed help from here only.

You can register on this site to start the free trial of 15 days on it. Through this trial you will get more acquainted with their working regime and services.

There are various features offered by 3D Cart to make your site even more amazing. These features are fast response time, optimizable themes, Powerful API, multiple payment options, easy integration, wonderful customer support, timely updates etc.

They also offer various pricing plans for different services. These plans are Basic for $29 per month, Plus for $79 per month, Pro for $229 per month and Enterprise for which you need to consult them. With their easy to follow guide and easy steps, you are surely going to touch the zenith of success with 3D Cart.

8. Woo Commerce


You must not get confused WooCommerce with BigCommerce as they both are completely different software tools. You can also login to Woo Commerce with your WordPress account too. It works differently as compared to other Shopify alternatives and you can resemble it to Magneto in various aspects.

Woo Commerce offer multiple features and services to its customers. Some of these features are secure code, Scalability, documentation, extensions, developer friendly, clean interface, integration with WordPress content, various payment gateways etc.

Like most of the sites, WooCommerce also allows you to enjoy free trial for some days so that you can completely know about them.

The rest is followed by some additional extensions amongst which some are paid and some are free. Some of the extensions that you can find on WooCommerce are products add-ons, PayFast, Table rate shipping, bundles etc.

All these extensions and different themes makes WooCommerce one of the great alternatives to Shopify. They have been running amazingly since 2008 and this site is a platform which can finally make your dream come true of your own business portal online.

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9. Core Commerce


CoreCommerce is nowhere related to BigCommerce or WooCommerce at all. This site is different from the rest of the Shopify alternatives and follows different features and offer various services too.

Features of Core Commerce are as amazing as the rest of the Shopify alternatives listed out here. These features are secure hosting, global sell, analysis of business, secure and multiple payment gateways, various eye-catching designs for sites, customization etc.

You can enroll for the Free Trial of 14 days whenever you want. This will help you in getting the insights of the site in a better way.

The rest of the pricing plans have different charges and features. These plans are Pioneer for $36 per month, Advanced for $81 per month, Professional for $123 per month, Premier for $176 per month and Enterprise for $528 per month.

You just need to get registered on CoreCommerce to start your free trial now.

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10. Pinnacle Cart


The last one in this list of various Shopify alternatives is Pinnacle Cart. This site works as efficiently as the rest of the sites and helps you in designing the perfect e-commerce portal for your business and helps you completely to grow.

You can opt for free trail right now which starts the moment you get registered on this site.

Like the rest of the sites, Pinnacle Cart tries to provide some unique and distinct features it its customer for their sites. Some of these features are fully PCI compliant, full customization, professional service team, easy to use, powerful integration, various themes and extensions etc.

After your trial gets over, you would have to opt for a pricing plan of this site. These plans are StartUp for $44.95 per month, Standard for $94.95 per month, Advanced for $199.95 per month and for Enterprise you need to get in touch with the company.

This simple site can actually change the way your business can grow.

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There is no doubt in the fact that Shopify is one big established name in software making companies. But there are still various alternatives to Shopify present which requires people’s attention more than ever. As the market is going digital these days, mentioning such sites would be a great thing.

The Shopify alternatives are making a big change in directly providing the software needed for the online stores along with payment services too. So, get ready to join a big change along with these Shopify kind of sites.

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