Top 10 Sites like Fingerhut


Online shopping has been revolutionized with sites like Fingerhut. The concept of Buy Now and Pay Later has become a rage amongst youngsters who are crazy about online shopping.

Websites like Fingerhut are very promising and offers thousands of wonderful products with this concept.

The end of the month low payment idea has been taking over like a wildfire now. You can find other sites like Fingerhut very easily.

Top 10 Sites like Fingerhut

If you are finding it difficult then I have compiled a list of Fingerhut alternative for you. It will help you to make the shopping even more fun and affordable.

1. HSN


HSN is generally known as Home Shopping Network is one of the best choice in the category of sites like Fingerhut. The site is a leading company and follows the concept of Buy Now Pay Later just like the site Fingerhut. This is what gives the liberty to people to buy anything they want.

HSN is originally a very old fellow in this industry and operates worldwide. To access the HSN you will have to create the HSN credit card which will avail you the facility of buy now pay later easily.

HSN deals in multiple areas like clothing, electronics, home décor, outdoor items, cookware and other kitchen essentials etc. The tagline of HSN says, “it’s fun here” and indeed it is fun to shop with them. HSN is very similar to Fingerhut and hence I listed it on top of this category of sites like Fingerhut.

You can even find furniture on HSN and every other items that are needed in a home. There are deals going on this site on every single day which means you must check out the site on daily basis otherwise you will miss some great offers.

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2. FlexShopper


The next one in this list of sites like Fingerhut is FlexShopper. This site is not only one of the largest site like Fingerhut but also one of the most trusted one too. The reason of listing this site is of course its policy which is also about Buy Now and Pay Later.

This is the reason people are able to shop without event thinking how much money they have right now. When you have money at the end of the month then you can easily repay all your debts.

FlexShopper deals in multiple categories like video games, electronics, furniture, mattresses, fitness equipment etc. You would have to get a bit of disappointed here as the site does not feature any clothing line for the customers of any age.

However, you can compensate the loss with the fact that a shopping worth of $2500 can be done here on the basis of buy now pay later. In fact, the credit amount never get decreases and can be upgraded on the basis of how much you shop from here. I think that is a huge advantage you are getting here.

3. SkyMall


Another exceptional alternative to sites like Fingerhut in this list is SkyMall. What you are gonna like about SkyMall is its very well maintained site and easy navigations. You can easily find the products that you wish to buy from this site.

Another important thing that you must know about this site is that it follows the same policy the way other sites like Fingerhut are following. This means you can access the policy of Buy Now Pay Later here.

Each and every product is showcased in the form of a catalog and this leaves a great impression on the buyer. The site is successfully running since 1990 and fulfilling the needs of people efficiently. You can check out multiple categories here like clothing, electronics, travel, health and wellness etc.

Apart from all the things, SkyMall has multiple stores on its platform like TigerDirect, Plow and Hearth, Hammacher Schiemmer etc. You can sign up with them so that you can get notified about the latest deals and discounts on their site. It will help you in future to stay updated with their launches.

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4. MDG


MDG is not a huge hit in the era of sites like Fingerhut and the reason is lack of popularity. Of course, the site is efficient enough to provide you some of the best deals in the town but it is still quite underrated as compared to the other sites in the same section.

One of the prime reason of its being not so much acknowledged is its average website looks. They should really work upon it.

Now moving on with their policy and stock then you would glad to know that they are one of the finest website that offers the facility of Buy Now Pay Later. Yes, they avail this facility and that too up to a purchase of $3000.

MDG is quite different from the conventional sites in this sector. It gives plenty of time to the customers to repay the credit. This is the reason it is always great to shop from this site. The site basically deals in furniture, electronics, mattresses and other appliances.

You will not find the clothing stuff on this site. But the rest of the items offered are surely great.

5. Ginny’s


Can you believe it that Ginny’s was there for us since 1990 and we did not even know about it? Well, you can correct your mistakes now and you must not wait anymore to shop from this amazing credit site. They deal in various categories and such sites like Fingerhut is no less than a hidden treasure for us.

Ginny’s gives you the liberty to shop from different sections like clothing, kitchen items, electronics, furniture, gifts and toys, health and wellness etc. This means Ginny’s covers every possible category.

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This can become your ultimate destination for shopping as it offers the feature of Buy Now Pay Later too. In fact, with Ginny’s different credit plans you will feel great to shop here. For example, if you are buying stuff worth of &600 then you monthly payment starts from as low as $30 only.

Ginny’s comes under one of those sites like Fingerhut, on which you need to create an account and you are good to shop then. This site is really reliable and with credit policy so lenient, it becomes totally affordable to shop from here.

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6. Rubikloan


RubikLoan is quite different from the other sites like Fingerhut listed here. The reason is that this is not in particular a Buy Now Pay Later website but rather a site which is solely based upon giving loans to people. In fact, you can take a loan of $500-$5000 from this site easily.

The site itself does not provide the credit or loan and rather works as the mediator between people. This is like a connecting link between lender and borrower.

You just need to create an account on this site and fill in your payment details on it. You will receive the payment in 24 hours and sometimes it can be received in just an hour only. This site directly does not sell any product on its site.

But, you can use this money to buy the products you have been longing from a great time. The repayment starts after a month and there are some policies which are followed for it. This is the kind of unique platform featured in this list and you can use it in case you are in real need of some money.

7. Montgomery Ward


Montgomery Wards can be the ultimate solution that you are looking for in this list of sites like Fingerhut. This is a site which not only works upon the principle of Buy Now Pay Later policy but also features multiple products on their site.

You would love to check out their various sections. Some of them are jewelry, electronics, kitchen, home décor, clothing etc.

In fact, like most of the sites like Fingerhut, they also run a Sale section which offers great discount deals on multiple products of their site. Of course, the site follows the policy of Buy Now Pay Later and this is the reason it has been listed out here.

You can think about the monthly payment through the example that if you are buying stuff worth $100 then you need to pay $10 as monthly payment. Isn’t it the best deal ever for you? You must keep in mind the fact that your payments must be done on time as you can earn higher credit limits through that.

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8. LendYou


LendYou is the kind of site which is more relatable to RubikLoan. With such sites like Fingerhut you can get loan on poor credit payments. This is a great way to get some helping hand in fulfilling your needs. This is like a loan marketplace which works as the mediator between lender and borrower.

The loan amount varies on different factors. But most of the people are get approved for a loan of $1000.

LendYou is the kind of site that can turn out to be a great supporter in your tough times. In fact, the interest rates on this site are quite lower as compared to the other ones including Fingerhut too. The best part of this site is that the process is really quick and you can get your money very fast through this platform.

However, the site works in US only and it is a must for you to be a citizen of US to get qualified for the loan.

9. Gettington


Gettington is one of those sites like Fingerhut whose market place is beyond your imagination. You get to access so many items under a single platform that you will not even believe your eyes. This site is also an example of Buy Now Pay Later site so that your shopping experience can become a memorable one.

There are various categories to browse like furniture, electronics, baby, clothing, tools, sports, fitness etc. There is not even a single sector that Gettington has not covered yet.

This is the reason it is becoming one of the most trusted and fastest growing sites like Fingerhut. Gettington was started in 2009 and the site offers items on a rate 40% lower than other sites. This means shopping from here is like a both way win-win situation.

However, the site charges a hooping 25% on the late payments. You must make sure to pay all your dues in time otherwise this is going to cost you a lot.

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10. StoneBerry


We have reached to the end of the list and I have my last card to unfold in this list of sites like Fingerhut which is StoneBerry. The main feature of this site is about every single thing that a person need. Yes, you heard me right. StoneBerry deals in everything possible.

You can check out stuff like furniture, jewelry, clothing, electronics, beauty products, sports, fitness etc. There is no end to the items on this site.

There is also a Sale section which you must check out on daily basis as you can get wonderful items from there. The site is of course a buy now pay later type of site and hence you can draw similarities between StoneBerry and Fingerhut easily.

You must keep in mind the fact that there should not be late payments on this site. Otherwise you are charged 12%-23.99% depending upon the credit along with late fee of $15. So, try to make all the dues on time on this site.

Top 10 Sites Like Popular Posts:


Sites like Fingerhut are making the process of shopping totally different for the people. This is like living in a totally different world. You can now move on the conventional shopping methods and try out these credit sites which are made for the comfort of customers only.

Website like Fingerhut are growing tremendously and people are even shopping from them heavily. You can now bid goodbye to the old sites and start shopping on these wonderful sites and maintain your monthly budget like a pro.

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