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If you need an anonymous VPS hosting server, this BitLaunch review wouldn’t be a waste of your time, or money (it offers a free trial).

In fact, BitLaunch checks more than one boxes when it comes to anonymity and privacy with servers.

Also, it is one of the most options-rich anonymous VPS providers out there. Options as in locations, OS choices, and payment modes.

Unfortunately, BitLaunch isn’t for you if you’re looking for shared servers. But hey, we’ve still got a long list of anonymous hosts you can glance at for shared servers.

Anyway, let’s get started with this BitLaunch review then.

BitLaunch Hosting Overview

BitLaunch was initially a “reseller”. However, recently their own “BitLaunch” servers were added as well.

Basically, it lets you purchase servers from some of the biggest VPS providers in the industry, while acting as a proxy for you. So, your account is registered with BitLaunch and not those providers.

This is why BitLaunch can offer anonymous registrations and payments.

BitLaunch offers the following servers:

Bitlaunch VPS Server

The interface at BitLaunch is what’ll impress you. Even if this is your first-ever VPS deployment, you can launch your own server in seconds.

Just choose a host (of the 4 options mentioned above), an OS and apps, the location, and your server specs. Then, deposit funds anonymously and you’re all set!

Bitlaunch VPS ServerHere’s an overview of the company before we start:

  • Website:
  • Server locations: 22+, Instantly launch servers with BitLaunch, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode
  • KYC/Identification: Not required (it’s anonymous)
  • OS Choices: 11+
  • Payment modes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin 
  • Live chat: Available
  • Cheapest plan: $10.00/month.
  • Access: SSH Key+ Password
  • Billing mode: Hourly billing/ no-commitment manual deposits.

So, is BitLaunch the best offshore anonymous VPS provider then? I’d neither make any claims nor try  to influence you. Just go through this BitLaunch review and make your decision.

Bitlaunch VPS Server

  • Anonymity

As is probably clear by now, BitLaunch is an “anonymous VPS hosting provider”. Meaning, you can signup, order a VPS and launch your website without providing any identification or KYC details.

It even launched its own VPS servers primarily for this very purpose- anonymity. Do note that anonymity is still offered even on the other third-party servers.

However, the BitLaunch servers, being its own, are probably a better choice if you seek true invisibility.

Even the payment modes further boost anonymity because it accepts payments via Cryptocurrencies (over 50 of them).

Bitlaunch VPS Server

  • OS-choices and Apps

I personally have an inclination towards CentOS when setting up a VPS. I’m sure you’ve your own choices as well?

BitLaunch offers an extensive list to choose from when it comes to the OS. These options include:

Bitlaunch VPS Server

  • CentOS, Slackware, openSUSE, Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, Coreos, Openbsd, And Freebsd

Needless to say, you do get a version-choice with each of these OS.

If I’m being honest? That’s “the” most extensive OS-list I’ve seen with any VPS provider out there.

As for apps, you can get your server configured for an even longer list! Do you need cPanel? Setting up a WordPress site maybe? Drupal, Minecraft, Joomla, Plesk are just some of the other available options.

However, do note that the choices depend on your server provider. Meaning, which OS and apps are supported will depend on which server provider you’re going with.

  • Available Server Locations

Didn’t I say earlier in this BitLaunch review that it’s a location-rich VPS? I suppose I did. Well, let me walk my talk, eh?

So, for now, the available locations with BitLaunch are: Bitlaunch VPS Server

*The Los Angeles server from “BitLaunch” is optimized for Asian routes.

This also makes BitLaunch an offshore hosting company. Primarily because, regardless of where you live, I’m sure the options above do present at least one offshore opportunity to you, don’t they?

Again, I’ve never seen a VPS host offer as many as 22 locations to choose from!  Sure, it’s provider-dependent. So, you may not find all the options, with all the providers.

But, the point is, if you need one of these locations, BitLaunch provides them to you via one of its providers, period.

The best part is, unlike other similar hosts, the pricing plans do not change depending on the locations!

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  • Dual Access Modes

How’d you like to access your server? I prefer the simpler, traditional “passwords”. Some of you may prefer SSH keys?

You get to set choose from both the options when configuring your server. Or, you can choose to use both the access modes.

  • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

BitLaunch is anonymous and it does offer offshore locations. But, it all comes down to its AUP, doesn’t it?

The AUP decides what content is, and isn’t allowed on a server. If this policy is conservative or limiting, most other features are essentially rendered useless.

Fortunately, BitLaunch offers quite the liberty. The official AUP page only suggests 4 limitations:

  • Fraud/phishing/hacking websites.
  • Anything with harmful content
  • DDoS servers And SPAM.

These are more than acceptable, aren’t they? Moreover, the AUP clearly mentions that it allows TOR exit nodes. This is pretty rare an uncommon.

The only condition is, a user must contact support and let them know of their intentions (of running a Tor exit node.)

Note that the AUP above is only applicable to the “BitLaunch” servers. If you’re using Digital Ocean, Vultr, or Linode; their respective AUPs are applicable.

Either way, as long as you’re not looking to host internationally illegal content (e.g. illegal porn/Pro-terrorism content) you can host your content with BitLaunch.

  • Payment Modes

This is one of the primary reasons which let BitLaunch offer the anonymity it does. You can pay on BitLaunch using different Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Ethereum and litecoin.

The list includes (but, isn’t limited to):

Bitlaunch VPS Server

Note that some of these altcoin options are only available if you decide to deposit above $50.00 to your account.

Furthermore, some coins such as Bitcoin and Litecoin offer payments via “Lightening Network”. This can be enabled manually, it facilitates faster and  cheaper payments.


BitLaunch Pricing Plans and Free Trial

How many hosting companies have you seen offer a “free trial”? Not many, exactly. BitLaunch does.

You can get in touch with their support and request the free trial.

As for the paid plans, BitLaunch uses “hourly billing” instead of a “subscription plan”. So, you decide how much you wish to deposit to your account. The minimum amount may be as low as $20.00.

In order to purchase servers, you’ll first need to deposit funds, and then choose your server configurations. Your server will be up as long as you don’t run out of credits.

Because of the different server providers, the pricing plans differ vastly. However, “BitLaunch” servers have the cheapest entry-points. They start at a low $10.00/month:

Bitlaunch VPS Server

All the other providers (Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode) have their entry-points (cheapest plans) set at $14.00/month.

Depending on the RAM, cores, bandwidth and storage space you choose,  the plans will vary for each provider.

Unfortunately, no refunds are offered. But hey, let’s be considerate, you already get a free trial to test it out, don’t you?

Once the account balance reaches 0, accounts are suspended for 48 hours. After which, all data is permanently purged.

Launch Your Server with Digital Ocean, Vultr or Linode

  • BitLaunch Support

To some of you reading this BitLaunch review, support probably matters. To the more “technically-experienced”, it may not. Well, I’ll cover it either way.

The company does have a “live-chat” feature. However, unfortunately,  I’m not impressed with their response-time if I’m being honest. The live-chat messages often need 10+ minutes to be responded to.

However, you can also get in touch with them via E-mails. This too isn’t “instant” (obviously) but it’s still an additional mode of contact.

BitLaunch Conclusion

Bitlaunch VPS ServerLet me sum this BitLaunch review then? So, you get servers from 3 of the most successful and trustworthy VPS providers on the planet, and BitLaunch.

The prime attraction is, you can get these servers without revealing your identity, at all.

22+ server locations, nearly 11 OS-choices, and 50+ cryptocurrencies to choose from. Moreover, it’s billed “hourly” and doesn’t require you to subscribe/commit to a plan.

Even the AUP is pretty liberal and acceptable (at least, as long as you’re using the BitLaunch servers.) So, in my opinion, BitLaunch is definitely worth a glance.

And hey,  there’s the free trial. Now, this BitLaunch review is based on “my” personal opinions and experiences with the company. Why don’t you go and give it a try yourself? Worst-case scenario, you’d have had a first-hand experience, at absolutely $0.00, isn’t that a deal now?

Buy Server With BitLaunch

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