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  • Affordable prices offered according to per search scheme
  • Lots of information provided
  • Accuracy of the information is maintained throughout
  • Various reverse lookup services


  • Further filters are not available
  • Pricing system is a bit confusing

This section is all about the most popular and amazingly best background check site Intelius. I am going to give brief Intelius review here.

Intelius is a privately held company which has probably excelled the field of public search, background search and various other sectors. It was launched in January 2003 and headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. The site is dedicated to the people living in the USA only.

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There have been various misconceptions about the use of the site which are going to be teared apart in this section of Intelius review here. For more information about the site please visit the official Link Here.

What is Intelius?

Intelius was intended for searching information about random or known people and for identity theft protection too. The site later on developed itself into a giant background search source and now works as one of the most utilized and best background search tool.

So, after being so popular, Intelius has also come up with mobile applications for platforms like android as well as iOS. Still, when it comes to browsing the windows interface, this is amazingly user-friendly too.

Let me tell you more about this site to improvise the Intelius review more. The site is updated on a daily basis, not only the database but also their terms and policies too. This is the reason that they have got about 20 million searches till date. I think that is pretty massive for a site like this.

Intelius is slowly becoming a great option to ditch the government offices and collect the required information about a person just by sitting on your couch. To understand the approach and rest of the things about Intelius, you can go through the rest of the section below.

Features of Intelius

You can never completely get to know and understand about the entire Intelius review without having a look at its features. These are the most important part of the entire website and you can also call them the foundation of this site too.

Here is a complete analysis about the features and services provided by Intelius to its users along with their actual review and reality too.

a). People Search Report

This is the most basic type of report which you can receive with the help of Intelius. I can bet that you can never get a people search report for so less that Intelius provides you. This adds another feather for the Intelius review and makes it very strong and positive.

The content of this report are..

  • Full Name
  • Age and DOB
  • Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Relatives
  • Employment and Education.

b). People Search Plus Reports

This is the second type of report made available by Intelius website. This is just like the normal People search report but apart from giving the basic information it also goes a bit higher than that. It issues more information about a person than the normal report and charges more than that too.

The content of this report are..

  • All the contents of the People search report.
  • Social networks
  • email addresses

c). Background Check Report

This section covers the Intelius background check review. This is a special type of report which included very sensitive information about a person. Although the charges for this report is higher than the rest of the reports but I can assure you that every penny is worth spending.

The content of this report are..

  • All the content of People Search Plus Report
  • Criminal checks and any type of liens.
  • Judgements
  • Lawsuits
  • Marriage and divorces

d). Reverse Phone Lookup

This is amongst the most common services that is provided by almost all the background check service or people search engines. After doing a brief Intelius review about its services, I found out that you can access it from home page itself. Now, you will know that who is the one calling you from unknown numbers.

e). Intelius Premier

Intelius Premier review has been quite positive from a really long time and people have also loved this service offered by Intelius. This is like filling the empty space and making the site perfect.

This is a monthly subscription which reduces the price for other services up to 50%. Also, through Intelius Premier, you get unlimited number of searches and instant report too. I think a person must go for this monthly subscription as it is quite affordable.

f). Identity Theft Protection

I personally find this service to be a milestone in the entire Intelius review. This unique service is also rare in other types of background check services. You can access it for 7 days on a trial basis and then the monthly subscription costs $19.95.

In this way, you get secured about your sensitive information and because you get complete protection against any identity theft issues.

Pricing Plans for Intelius

Frankly, I found the pricing plans of Intelius very different from the rest of the services in the sector of background check sites. Rather than offering plans per month, the site offers pricing on the basis of per report. Intelius offers various types of reports which means various types of pricing plans too.

Intelius also runs a totally different service called Intelius Premier which has separate advantages and separate charges too. The various pricing plans for Intelius plays a significant role to empower Intelius review. All the pricing plans for Intelius are given below.

  • The first one is a simple People search which provides very basic information about a person. They charge $3.95($0.95 for Premier Plus) on each of simple people search report.
  • The next one is a People Search Plus report which provides additional information other than basic. They charge $9.95($6.95 for Premier Plus) on per such report.
  • The next one is Background Search Report which provides some really crucial information about someone. They charge $49.95($39.95 for Premier Plus) on per such report.
  • Intelius Premier is a service which provided unlimited searches and instant results. You can opt for its subscription for $19.95 per month.

You also get 7 days trial period for Identity protection system. After 7 days you automatically gets subscribed to the monthly plan of $19.95.

Customer Support

Intelius is a very popular and amongst the best background check service and it has a great customer support too. Want to claim a refund? Not able to understand the services? Feeling any queries? Well, just call their toll free number and they have got your back.

The customer support is very friendly and supporting and help the customers throughout. No matter whether you want to cancel your subscription too, they are going to talk very nicely with you.

Intelius review regarding their customer support is phenomenal and I would totally give it full marks for this. They have email and call facility to contact them and they really promptly answers on both the modes.

I would recommend you to go through the FAQs and terms and services before directly calling them or emailing them. This is because Intelius is one of the best background check sites and it has already explained each and everything out there.

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Intelius

Intelius is no unique website amongst all the other background check services and hence all the laws proposed by FCRA are applied to the working of Intelius as well. It does not matter whether the site is old or new, the laws which are already defined must be followed by the users to have a safe browsing.

According to the below given review, there are some uses defined of this site already. As a user and member of this site, you would have to abide by the laws so that you do not end up yourself falling into any legal troubles.

Do’s Regarding Intelius

Intelius review regarding the things which are permitted to be done with the help of this site are described below. Please do have a look before you start using the services provided by the site.

  • You can use Intelius to carry out the simple people search about someone to know their basic personal information.
  • Find out the current phone number of your old friend with the help of Intelius.
  • Carry out a background search about someone you find suspicious in your locality.
  • Check out the people with criminal records in your surroundings to keep your family safe.
  • Find out the whereabouts of the long lost friend or family members.
  • Irritated with the unknown numbers calling you? Check out their information through the reverse phone lookup service of Intelius.
  • Find out the property records and address of someone you want.
  • Use Intelius to find out the real marital status of your love interest or check the background of your online date before meeting them.

Don’ts Regarding Intelius

Clear out all your doubts regarding the working and use of Intelius by going through the below mentioned Intelius review regarding the uses which are completely prohibited.

  • Do not create a false identity or steal someone’s identity through Intelius, it is completely illegal.
  • Do not call someone or contact someone against their wish through the information provided by Intelius.
  • Do not screen someone for the employment purposes, Intelius does not provide that feature. However, there is a totally different division of Intelius for that.
  • Intelius is not a Consumer Reporting Agency so you cannot make this website a basis to hire anyone for you.
  • No domestic helps, nannies, caretakers, gardeners, watchman, etc. should be hired by screening them through Intelius.
  • Intelius does not decide any credibility for any business transactions or professional relations.
  • Sensitive matters like employment, credit, insurance, housings must not be finalized by accessing information through Intelius.

How to Use Intelius

You must be wondering by now that you have had enough of Intelius review but what about its working? Well, then don’t worry, the site is extremely east to use and you are not going to find any complications in its usage too.

In fact, when you are accessing the mobile applications of Intelius then you will find the apps so handy and simple. But, in this section of Intelius review I am going to talk about the usage and steps for its Windows site only.

You can follow the below given steps to learn the use of the site to search about different people for different purposes.

  • Go to the Official Website of Intelius from Here.
  • You are going to see the necessary space to be filled to start the search on the home page itself.
  • Let’s start from the simple people search here, you can also change the setting to reverse phone lookup too.
  • Fill the necessary information like First name, last name, city/state etc. and then carry out a search.
  • After the search, you will get the option of Get the Report on.
  • Now, you can select from three different options of People Search, People Search Plus and Background Check report which are available on different charges.
  • Fill the necessary payment information and opt for the desired option to get the report.

Final words about Intelius Review

On the basis of the entire Intelius Review mentioned in different sections above, I have come to give my final verdict about this background check service.

First, starting from the negative aspects about the site, then I found out that they have a very complex pricing system. Although it is quite affordable as compared to other options but charging users for different types of reports and other separate subscription is kind of complicated.

But, I would praise Intelius on the basis of the features it provides. I can surely say that Intelius review by far is quite positive. It not only maintains a huge database on its site but has also excelled in terms of accuracy too.

Bottom Line – On the basis of the complete Intelius Review, I would surely recommend this site to the people who want to conduct a complete and elaborate search on someone.

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