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Ever since we thought about furnishing our home with modern amenities, Pottery Barn was always there to help us out. But over the time, the competition of market grew and now I think we should get to know about more such stores like Pottery Barn offering upscale home furnishing options.

In this modern world nobody has the time to put a craftsman on work and then order him to make whatever we want. In fact, the furnishing options available on these stores are quite relatable to our choices and hence this makes it much easier for us to shop from there. And this is why this section of pottery barn alternatives is going to prove really helpful to you people.

Top 10 Stores like Pottery Barn

If you are looking for stores like Pottery Barn which can completely change the look of your home’s interior then this section given below can help you a lot in it. There are many options available for such home décor and furniture stores but I picked out the best 10 out of them. They are relatable and provides a very unique collection too. For more check out the details below.

1. West Elm

Website: http://www.westelm.com/

West Elm and Pottery Barn are basically sister website because they both are the subsidiaries of Willams Sonoma. You might find the prices high on Pottery Barn but West Elm mainly focus on such modern designs which can be purchased on affordable prices.

And one interesting fact about West Elm is that they are not restricted to the USA only. In fact, they ship to more than 90 countries and you can also find their stores out there too.

This makes them the best pick in the category of stores like Pottery Barn which are good enough to fulfill all your requirements of home décor, furniture, and home accessories. They also have so many categories to offer like furniture, outdoor, lighting, pillow and home décor, wall art and mirrors and many more.

West Elm is quite like the complete solution for your home requirements and that too on affordable prices. Whether it is about redoing your home or your office or any hotel, you should surely consider West Elm for it.

2. Ballard Design

Website: http://www.ballarddesigns.com/

Ballard DesignIf you are tired of buying the usual US themed furniture every time you renovate the house then it is the time to look at some other stores similar to Pottery Barn. Ballard Design can be your next home décor destination as they provide furnishing and home accessories options of mainly European influence.

In fact, Ballard Design is not only about modern day furniture but they also provide inspiration and other ideas to re-do your home in the least price possible.

There are a variety of categories available here to help you in making your home amazing. Some of these are furniture, outdoor essentials, bed and bath, lighting, rugs and drapes, kitchen, home décor and many more.

They have this special section from where you can shop custom-made furniture according to your wish and ideas. And this is the feature which makes them different from other stores like Pottery Barn. Apart from the US, they also ship to various other countries on very nominal shipping price.

3. Lex Mod

Website: https://www.lexmod.com/

Lex ModLex Mod is a comparatively lesser-known platform than other stores like Pottery Barn. But the main reason of mentioning it here is because it provides very modern appealing furniture and other home décor solution on really affordable prices.

They have been operating from past 10 years and they offer very selected but surely attractive pieces and designs of furnishing and home accessories on their website.

One thing which you will absolutely love about Lex Mode is that they offer free shipping on every order no matter how big or small it is. However, Lex Mod does not have a global approach and hence it ships within the USA but covers all the 48 states.

Categories of products you can find on Lex Mod are living furniture, dining, bedroom, outdoor furnishing, lighting, workspace furnishing and various other types of accessories. They only offer trending items and hence it won’t take you more than few minutes to select the type of furniture for your space.

4. Crate & Barrel

Website: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/

Crate & BarrelI am sure you would have been aware with the fact that Crate & Barrel is one of the largest supplier of furniture like Pottery Barn. In fact, it operates more than 170 retail store chain in USA and working since 1962. Apart from this large store chain, they also operate their online shopping portal which provides the facility to ship to various countries.

They also have this separate section called Crate & Kids which has this exclusive range of products and furnishing options, especially for kids.

This makes it one of the most similar stores like Pottery Barn because even the later one does so. Now, talking about the categories of products you can find here then there are literally plenty of them. To name a few, these are furniture, lighting, baby and kids, décor, rugs, tabletop and bar and many more.

If you are from USA then you can claim free shipping on all the orders of $49 and more. Apart from it, Crate & Barrel also run their inspiration section for amazing ideas. They also have this Design Service through which you can design your office, studio or anything else with the aid of their professional designers.

5. Restoration Hardware

Website: https://www.restorationhardware.com/

Restoration HardwareRestoration Hardware or RH is a popular home furnishing company based in USA and has been operating since 1979. Their idea is to sell the merchandise through their retail stores which are spread around various locations in USA and Canada. They also operate various galleries for designer stuff and baby and kids section too.

RH is basically a curator of design and their taste and style matches with the current trends easily. However, they mainly deals in luxury lifestyle items more than the casual ones.

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Hence you are going to find RH a level up than your normal budget. It is wise to use this platform for renovating your office and studios and other formal places. The types of categories you can find here are dining, living, lighting, windows, décor, hardware, baby and child, bath and bed and many others.

However, unlike most of the other stores like Pottery Barn, they do not ship outside USA and Canada which is a major drawback when you are from some other countries.

6. One Kings Lane

Website: https://www.onekingslane.com/

One Kings LaneNext one which I can count amongst the Pottery Barn alternatives is One Kings Lane. They run a huge home décor business where they focus on home furnishing and home accessories a lot. As their name says, they are an amalgam between modern day and vintage styled furniture and décor options.

There are various categories and options available on One Kings Lane like lighting, furniture, rugs, bedding and bath, décor, outdoor, art and mirrors and many more.

However, like most of the USA based stores like Pottery Barn, One Kings Lane is limited to the USA only. Hence, they provide their services of shipping and delivery within USA and Canada and not even other USA territories too. When you will take a look at the furnishing options on OKL you are going to find them really vibrant and fresh.

They also offer design services where you can take help of their designing professionals and to customize the look of your space with more professional approach.

7. World Market

Website: https://www.worldmarket.com/

WorldMarketThe next pick for the category of stores like Pottery Barn is World Market. It has been active since 1950 and currently operating as one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. They are working as a subsidiary of Bed Bath and Beyond.

They serve in a variety of categories like furniture, home décor, home accessories, rugs and curtains, lighting, kitchen, dining etc.

All the products are available on really affordable prices so you do not have to pay more for the exact same furnishing options. They also have free shipping options when you make a purchase of $49 and more and there are timely sales organized to support you even more.

However, World Market does not provide the option of international shipping and they only ship to USA, and its territories only.

8. HD Buttercup

Website: https://hdbuttercup.com/

HD ButtercupHD Buttercup is another addition in the stores similar to Pottery Barn and they have been operating since 2005. They are not only the source of amazing and gorgeous looking furniture options but also gives you great and trending ideas and inspiration on it too.

Their ideas are unique and generally bold and imaginative which makes them different from other furniture and home décor retailers.

HD Buttercup deals in a variety of categories like lighting, rugs, office, dining, living, bed and many other types of accessories for furniture and home décor. Their area of serving restricts within the USA only and you can locate their retail store through the help of their store locator service given on their website.

They provide the option of free shipping on the orders of $49 and more but when you buy rugs from them the shipping is completely free on all of the rugs orders. So, do not wait any longer, just register on their website and start shopping now onwards.

9. Z Gallerie

Website: https://www.zgallerie.com/

Z GallerieZ Galleries is the next addition for the list of stores like Pottery Barn. They are this chain of retail stores which works for the category of home furnishing, decorative accessories, and art. Based in LA, they have more than 50 stores all across the USA.

Z Gallerie also comes under those few furniture retailers which provide the option of international shipping too but through third-party companies.

They mainly focus on traditional and contemporary designs and actually quite popular for their unique designs and furnishing options. You are also going to find the prices affordable here which comes kind of like a surprise adding to the popularity of this site.

The categories you can find here are art, décor, furniture, tableware, mirrors, outdoor furniture, bedding and pillows and many more. If you are confused about exactly what you want then you can take a look at their design inspiration section.

10. Art Van

Website: www.artvan.com/

Art VanArt Van also makes a perfect pick in providing furniture like Pottery Barn. In fact, they also operate in form of retail stores chain just like the former one and has so many stores in various parts of the USA. They have been active since 1959 and regarded as one of the topmost furniture retailers.

However, Art Van only offers shipping and delivery options within USA and Canada only. The local delivery within 100 meters is free and there are other charges for long distance delivery options.

Now, coming on to the products they sell then the list goes really huge. These are furniture for dining room, living room, bedroom, outdoor furnishing, kids, and teens etc. Also, let me tell you that Art Van is a huge dealer of variety of mattresses for all types of purposes.

You can locate their store through the option given on their website. The customer support is also quite good. However, the only issue you are going to witness here is that their shipping charges are higher than other stores like Pottery Barn.


What I liked the most about these stores like Pottery Barn is that they are very approachable and accessible. You can find them easily in your nearest area and talking about their furniture designs and other stuff then most of the time people end up getting exactly the same design they had in mind.

And of course, the online shopping portals makes it much easier for people to order whatever they want. And if not order then they at least get the idea of their stock easily. So, even if you just want to window shop, you should definitely check out these stores.

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