Top 10 Quicken Alternatives


Quicken was a strong personal finance management service until Intuit sold it to H.I.G. Capital. Everyone now is in awe of having Quicken alternatives as a tool of better budgeting and reliable option. So, this section is here to help our readers for the same.

Quicken released its first version back then in 1983 and since then it has been a really long time. Now, people are having more amazing and advanced options than Quicken for different operating systems.

Top 10 Quicken Alternatives

In this section given below, I have listed down top 10 Quicken alternatives for PC which will make your life a bit easier.

1. Mint


The first mention for Quicken alternatives is Mint. This is the same wealth management website that Intuit took over and sold Quicken for. Hence, it is way empowered than Quicken along with all the modern requirements of a person who wants to manage his budget.

First, let me tell you that Mint is a free to access service and you can sign up for free on it which requires just your basic information.

Mint also has mobile applications for both iOS and Android users which makes its accessing easier than ever. Now, talking about its features then it provides every single tool which you can utilize to make things better and more functional for yourself.

If taking an overview about the features provided by Mint then they are tracking and payments of bill, easy budgeting, free credit score, simple categorization, investment tracking, high security, timely notifications, and alerts etc.

You get all these features on one page which helps you to manage your credit score like a pro. Now, you can determine that how you are investing and spending your money throughout the month.

2. Personal Capital


The motive behind Personal Capital is to provide you the chance of knowing your money. By this, they mean that you can now keep a complete record of where and how you are investing your money and that too like a total pro. In fact, over 1 million people are doing that through Personal Capital and this is why I listed it out in the category of Quicken alternatives.

Just like Mint, you can sign up for free on Personal Capital. And in return, it provides you some amazing financial tools.

Some of the tools that you get under Personal Capital are highlighted further. These are measuring your net worth, portfolio analysis, investing strategy making after retirement through advisors, investment services, private client, wealth management etc.

Personal Capital is amongst Quicken alternatives for windows as well as for iOS and Android users too in form of mobile applications. You are not going to find a detailed analysis of your wealth like this anywhere else. Just set up your dashboard and start using this tool right away.

3. YNAB (You Need a Budget)


You Need a Budget can literally change your entire money spending system and make it more organized than it could ever be. This is one of the best Quicken alternatives you can try out if you are someone who really needs help with your investments and money management.

YNAB is a simple approach with great features but it does not come for free. You can sign up for free and this free trial period lasts for 34 days and then you will be charged $4.17 per month for their services.

YNAB also assures you complete guarantee of their service and if you do not like it then you can claim full money back. You can also quit whenever you want. Now, it is the time to talk about the features that you get along with this financial management service.

YNAB offers features like bank syncing, on the go service with mobile applications, goal tracking, debt payment, personal support 24/7, reporting on time etc. You can easily track where you are leading through YNAB and it is so simple to operate it too.

4. Pocketsmith


“A time machine for money” as they call it, Pocketsmith seems to be the perfect crafts tool which can give an entire makeover to the way you have ever invested or even used your money in past. If you do not want to hire an assistant for your financial management then do not worry because Pocketsmith can do the work for you.

Being one of the reliable Quicken alternatives, Pocketsmith is used by millions of people around the world and they seem to be satisfied with it too.

This personal finance and wealth management system is capable to forecast your cash flow and hence advises you to manage your current financial condition. There are three pricing plans offered by Pocketsmith which are Basic for free, Premium for $9.95 per month and Super for $19.95 per month.

There are various alternatives to Quicken and Pocketsmith is an amazing one. It offers features like auto live bank feeds, transactions organizer, multi-currency approach, budget calendar, what-if scenarios, powerful and mostly reliable forecasting, dashboard, cash flow statement, descriptive report and various others useful features.

5. GnuCash


GnuCash is different from the other Quicken alternatives as it is more like an accounting software rather than being a site to be used. But somehow you are going to discover some great features in it which resembles to the features and services offered by the rest of the other options given here.

Let me tell you that I found GnuCash to be quite flexible as it supports consoles like Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris, BSD, Linux etc. It even has a mobile application for the android users too.

You would be glad to know that GnuCash is an entirely free software and you just need to download the latest version of it called GnuCash 2.6.18 to operate it. And with easy installation you will be ready to use its versatile features like double entry, checkbook style register, transactions scheduling, reports, graphs, portfolio valuations, account reconciliation etc.

If you think that is it about GnuCash then there are some advanced options too which will make you rethink. These are multiple currencies, online stock and mutual funds quotes, open financial exchange, multiplatform etc.

6. CountAbout


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If you want to manage your finances even from a distant place then you must take help of CountAbout for it. This is another one in the list of Quicken alternatives which can be used for personal financial matters and issues with total reliability and great support.

The main thing about this software is that it is so simple to use and along with it there are various functions which will help you timely for the complete management.

The best part is that it can also import information through Quicken and Mint too. I guess this makes it super amazing for sure. You get to use it for 15 days free and then there are two pricing plans which are Basic for $9.99 per month and Premium for $39.99 per month.

Other features of CountAbout are cloud-based linking, register balances, standard and custom categorization, no ads in between, transactions downloads, money management from anywhere you want, report exporting, and tags, Android and iOS apps, budgeting etc.

Along with being one of the outstanding Quicken alternatives for PC it supports various other platforms too.

7. EveryDollar


So, the next one in the list of Quicken alternatives is EveryDollar. This site literally sticks by to its name and hence it will make sure that every single dollar you is worth investing. This service helps you to make a budget which can eventually help you in managing all your finances.

You can sign up for free of cost for this kind of personal finance management service with the basic information of yours.

Of course, there are some add-ons which can increase the functionality and quality of this software along with the features too. This is called EveryDollar Plus and you can buy it for $9.99 per month. Before that you have the option to use it for 1 month in free trial period offer.

The features which are associated with EveryDollar are easy budgeting, go to apps, visuals, proven plan, bank accounts syncing, coaching calls etc. An interface which is so easy to understand and a platform which is no less than like your own personal financial assistant, EveryDollar has that every single quality which makes it unique and worth using.

8. LearnVest


LearnVest is all about learning to invest right and make most of your money. This is like setting a plan for your money so that you do not regret over your decision and expenses later on. It will not only set your rest of the budgeting right but will also inspire you to keep things organized from now on because eventually, it will be proved to be beneficial for you.

So, sticking true to the category of Quicken alternatives, now let’s talk about how you can use LearnVest for your financial planning.

Firstly, you should know that LearnVest is not free to use because it is a professional financial planning tool. So, you would have to pay $299 as one-time money along with $19 as per month subscription. But right now they are offering a huge $75 off on their charges.

Now, talking about the features which are quite advanced as compared to other Quicken alternatives to windows. You get services like 24/7 financial planner for you, customized finance plan, online tools and classes, goals, dashboard, step by step instructions etc.

9. Doxo


Another one for claiming its place in the list of Quicken alternatives is Doxo. The main motto of Doxo is to pay the bills of yours and your company before due date. Hence it stands out amongst all the other types of personal finance services.

This is so simple to create an account on Doxo as it requires very less information of yours. And then you can simply pay bills with just one single click.

But, there is more about Doxo just than paying bills. Doxo is a free to use service and even after being absolutely free, it offers various features. Some of its features are schedule payment, monitor status, bill payment history, organize documents, account info, go to mobile applications, secured data etc.

I think for someone who has a lot of investments and various bills to be paid each month, Doxo can help them to prevent from penalties for late fee submission. This is way more than your financial assistant.

10. WalletHub


And the last one in this list of Quicken alternatives is WalletHub. Let me already clear it to you that this site is not like the other ones and works slightly different. It mainly focuses on your credit improvement rather than other stuffs. So, if you are someone looking for such help then WalletHub would be perfect for you.

You would be glad to know that WalletHub is totally free to use service under which you get great features and tools.

WalletHub offers features like unlimited credit reports, unlimited credit scores, credit improvement tips, automatically find savings, credit monitoring protection, advanced credit algorithms, saving maximizations, warning system for frauds etc.

There are various alternatives to Quicken but it is so difficult to find a service like WalletHub which offers so many features for free. You can also download the mobile application of WalletHub for iOS and Android which can simplify the process even more for you. I am sure you would surely want to use this service now.

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The idea of having a tool for personal finance management may sound odd but really effective especially when it comes to big companies and firms. There is a solution for everything in this advanced world then why not for your financial matters?

In the world of cutting-edge technology and quick decisions, this is a must to rely on something which can turn out to be fruitful. I hope these Quicken alternatives mentioned above proved to be the same for you.

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