BlazingFast Review – Anonymous Hosting With Offshore Location


This BlazingFast review is worth your time if you need offshore servers. But, just being offshore isn’t enough, is it? We totally get that.

So, will BlazingFast cater to your other needs? That can only be decided by you, once you’ve gone through the fine print.

Do note that we don’t care (truly don’t) if you go, or don’t go with BlazingFast. Our only goal is to get you a 100% honest, and transparent review of the company.

To ensure the same, we’ve conducted real-time tests on the server. And, you can verify the results independently. Don’t just trust screenshots!

As far as details go, we’ll be answering the following questions throughout this piece:

Now, let’s get to answering these?

BlazingFast Hosting Quick Overview

BlazingFast BannerWouldn’t you understand this BlazingFast review much better if you get an Eagle’s-eye view of the company before you start? It could help, right? Here goes:

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No more diversions! Let’s get straight to the BlazingFast review.

  • Is BlazingFast anonymous?

There aren’t many points to suggest the fact that BlazingFast is an anonymous hosting company.

It doesn’t claim being anonymous anywhere. Secondly, the registration form is pretty demanding in terms of personal information.

So, it’s best to assume that it’s not a web host which will offer you anonymity. If you need a truly anonymous hosting, our review of the Anonymous Hosting company (that’s literally the name) should help you out.

  • Is BlazingFast offshore? Which server locations are available?

Yes, BlazingFast is an offshore hosting server. At least, for the people living outside Netherlands.

The BlazingFast servers are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We’ve always advocated Netherlands when it comes to privacy or free-speech laws. It arguably is the best location you could ask for an offshore hosting server.

Now, the company offers location-choices which include:

Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, and China.

That’s quite a few locations. Agreed, not many of them are as liberal as Netherlands, but, they’re choices nonetheless.

Only a few other best offshore anonymous hosting companies, such as Evoluso or hosting company WebCare 360 offer lists similarly extensive as BlazingFast.

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  • What content is or isn’t allowed on BlazingFast?

Obviously, what’s the use of an offshore hosting server if you don’t get content liberty, right?

Unfortunately, BlazingFast isn’t as liberal as most of us would like. It clearly states that any content which violates “any applicable law” isn’t allowed.

That necessarily nullifies most of the “offshore” benefits that we’d otherwise enjoy. Sure, you still can serve better speeds to visitors closer to your server location, however, that’s not why you’re searching for an offshore hosting company, right?

The official AUP however only limits content of the following types:

  • Hacking
  • Defamatory
  • Obscene
  • Spam
  • And copyrighted content/products.

So, yes, it’s not a DMCA Ignored hosting either. But, as long as you aren’t trying to upload anything illegal, it still is an acceptable option.

You can spend a few minutes on our review of BulletProof Hosting if you need a liberal AUP.

  • What Payment Modes are Accepted on BlazingFast?

Payment Method BlazingFastOne of the reasons this BlazingFast review is getting scribbled is because of its payment modes. While the company doesn’t “officially” offer anonymity, its payment modes do.

So, for starters, you can pay  via the good old fashioned modes such as:

PayPal, WeChat, Cards, Ukash, Interkassa, Skrill, And Paysafecard

Pretty acceptable and impressive options. No doubt. But, complete anonymity-killers, right?

So, why not make your payments using Cryptocurrencies? A lot more anonymity and privacy for you, right?

It accepts the following Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, Litecoin, And Ethereum.

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  • How good are BlazingFast servers?

So far on this BlazingFast review, we’ve talked of the “back-end” and mostly the legal aspects of the company.

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But, on the surface, how good (or, bad) are the servers? Well, there’s only one way to find out, to test the actual servers, right?

So, we decided to conduct a few tests on the BlazingFast official domain. The domain indeed is hosted on its own servers and is the perfect candidate.

We’ll be conducting the following tests:

  • Page load-time test
  • Server Response Time test (SRT)
  • And Traffic-handling test.
  • Page load-time test

This is the most basic definition of a website’s speed. This is what visitors consider to be the website speed. It’s the time taken to load the web page in its entirety.

So, we tested the server from a number of locations as we always do. It performed the best from Europe, UK. It only required a minimal 883ms to load.

(Hey, why believe anything we say, right? And, screenshots can be faked. So, you can verify the result for yourself by clicking here).

We get it, most of us are thinking it’s because maybe the server is closer to the UK? Well, the same server gave me 1.37 from USA, and 1.13 seconds from Germany.

The page size is 1.8MB, a very realistic and practical size. So, the server indeed performs good and it isn’t just because of its location or a lightweight web-page.

The results from Sydney were disappointing, requiring over 4 seconds of load-time. But, that’s expected and natural. Not all locations offer the best speeds, ever, with any server.

  • Server Response Time (SRT)

So, we just tested the “page” load-time. As the name indicates, it monitored the load-time for the page elements (HTML/Images/scripts etc.).

But, let’s look at a stripped-down version of the server itself? The SRT-test calculates the time the server requires to respond to a browser’s request to load the website.

Now, the general idea is that it should be below 1.3s. Well, here’s the results we obtained for BlazingFast:

(You can verify the screenshot here).

As is evident, it’s way below 1 second for all the locations. London and Germany even offer single-digit response-times which is pretty impressive.  How big of a deal it actually is?

Well, if you go through our Shinjiru and Webcare360, or even Mivocloud, you’d see how three digits is what we generally get.

  •  SRT with traffic-hike

It offers impressive SRT. So what? The website may be pretty calm right now without much traffic.

Will the servers be able to handle real-time traffic? Well, we’ll test just that! How about us sending 20 real-time visitors (actually, bots, but totally human-like) to the server?

We can see how the server performs then, right? We’ll keep these bots (virtual visitors) active on the website for 3 minutes (a practical “time on site”, right?)

So, here are the results. (If you still have trust issues, go verify).

So, these results aren’t consistent with the SRT test above. This proves that when there’s traffic, the site may indeed slow down.

However, do note that many other factors influence the response time. I tested this from the U.S. The results may be completely different when tried from UK or Germany or other locations closer to the server.

All in all, for this BlazingFast review, it’s fair to say that the server isn’t impressive, but totally acceptable.

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How good/bad is BlazingFast support?

We do believe support is a major part of any hosting deal, right? You may not be comfortable managing a server on your own.

Unfortunately, BlazingFast doesn’t offer managed servers. So, you must either manage the servers yourself, or, hire someone to do it for you.

As far as basic support goes, that too isn’t impressive. The website does have a live-chat feature. But, that’s more of a marketing gimmick than any actual help. It’s almost never online and no representative is available.

Two other modes of communication are via E-mail, and phone. both methods working well, got reply with in 1 hr when I created my first ticket with blazingfast.

All in all, without the live-chat, let’s rate the support a 4/5 at best for this BlazingFast review.

Which servers are available at BlazingFast?

BlazingFast will cater to your needs regardless of who you are. It offers shared, VPS and Dedicated servers.

Shared servers start at €5.00/month. The best part? Even the cheapest plan lets you host unlimited domains. All the plans also include free daily backups. Impressive, isn’t it?

Even the VPS servers are affordable, starting at just €5.00/month.  They go up to €160.00/month depending on the configurations.

Dedicated servers, as expected have a much higher entry-point, set at €85.00/month.




BlazingFast BannerSo, is BlazingFast worth your time and money? That, as always, depends on your very personal needs and goals.

If you need 100% anonymity, it isn’t for you. If you need ultra-fast servers, it isn’t for you. But, if you’re an average startup/company/group and don’t need anything of the “elite” class, it may cater to your needs.

The AUP definitely isn’t very liberal either. So, yes, quite a few “nays” here. But, as long as you just need a server which is offshore ,and can be buy via Cryptocurrencies, BlazingFast wouldn’t disappoint.

In a nutshell, we sum this BlazingFast review on an average (4.2/5) note.

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