10 Best WinZip Alternative for Create Zip file, Open, View, Extract


There is no doubt that RAR format provides better compression than Zip but adding to the popularity factor, Zip is a better format of archiving files. However, as the subscription plans are the biggest obstacle for low scale users, it is better to find some WinZip alternative.

10 Best WinZip Alternative

There are various options available too but you just need to pick the best one on the basis of features and fee. So, considering various aspects, I mentioned some open source programs like WinZip here too. For more details, check out their official websites listed along with them and do not forget to see the systems requirement before installing them.

1. Bandizip

Website: https://www.bandisoft.com/bandizip/

BandizipThe first option which I picked as the best WinZip alternative is Bandizip which is a completely free and open source program. It is up for various file managing and archiving purposes like format creation, extraction and many more. The interface is smooth, and lightning fast when it comes to the functioning.

Bandizip can be used for number of file formats like WIM, XPI, TAR, Zip, RAR, ZIpX and some disk formats too like IMG, ISO and others.

I really liked that they have incorporated the drag and drop feature for extraction and compression as it makes the process much faster and efficient than the traditional method. Bandizip is also quite lightweight and hence does not affect the pace and speed of system at all.

Other handy features of Bandizip involves portable package for on the go use, free commercial use, multi-volume split archives, simultaneous working for various files, self-extraction and many more. However, it does not support compression for RAR file format which is kind of big setback for it.

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2. 7-Zip

Website: http://www.7-zip.org/

7-ZipI am sure you must have been aware with the file format of 7Z and if not then you should know that it is the official file format of 7-Zip. It is a free and open source program offering one of the best zipping and unzipping services as well as file management for various formats from quite a long time.

It serves as one of the best and most renowned free alternatives to WinZip and surely the most efficient one too having lots and lots of interesting features.

Some of the examples of its functionality are better compression ration up to 10%, various plugins and extensions supported, self extraction capability, supports file formats like XPI, IMG, ISO, SQX, ZIP etc. for opening, extracting and compressing and with one issue of unRAR restrictions accompanied.

However, great thing about this WinZip alternative is that it is quite a popular program used for file compressing and hence 7Z format it supported almost everywhere. So, with superb compatibility and amazing features, you finally have an option simple in interface yet advanced in technology.

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3. SecureZIP Express

Website: https://www.pkware.com/securezip

SecureZIP ExpressIt is finally time to move to some really advanced programs curated for commercial file archiving and SecureZip Express makes one such example perfectly. It is a product by Pkware which also cosponsor to PkZip too. However, here I am gonna talk about SecureZip only.

Offering enterprise-grade data encryption and compression/extraction facility does not come for free. Hence after 30 days of trial, you will be charged $39.95 to buy this file archiver.

As you are paying for it, then this WinZip alternative comes with some really amazing high-end features. To name a few, these are high-grade encryption with OpenPGP concept, cross platform functionality supported, support to almost all types of file formats, reduces data storage and transfer cost because of improved compression technology.

SecureZip Express is a perfect program for Enterprise use and hence it would be great if you prefer it for commercial use rather than home. With additional facility of mobile apps and cloud services, SecureZip leads this bandwagon of file archivers undoubtedly.

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4. WinRAR

Website: https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0

WinRARYou people must have been thinking that why did I mention WinRAR as one of the WinZip alternative? Well, as we know that both are a subscription based product, but talking about the functionality, WinRAR performs way better than WinZip in terms of file format support and various other aspects too.

There is no doubt that WinZip is way popular than WinRAR but when it comes to compression capability and ratio then hands down WinRAR wins this race.

WinRAR is made to serve people with large volume file sizes and hence it supports file size up to any number. It has this ultra-simple format where you can put together all the files with just few clicks and the same applies to the extraction policy too.

RAR is also support for various other operating systems like BSD, Mac etc. Other features of WinRAR includes complete support to Zip and RAR, damaged files recovery, multi-volume split archives, self extraction archives, improved compression ratio up to even 50%, Unicode support in file names, optimization for texts, graphics, audio etc. and many more such features to make archiving simpler for the users.

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5. BetterZip

Website: https://macitbetter.com/

BetterZipBetterZip is a type of trialware file archiver which is specially made for the Mac platform. Although Apple offers its own built-in archiving utility, but BetterZip is way advanced than that and offers plenty of features which is not there in the built-in archiving system.

There are a lot of alternatives to WinZip mentioned here and BetterZip is one amazing option solely serving to Mac users only. It offers support to file formats like SIT, TAR, RAR, 7Z, DD, ISO and many more for both extraction and compression.

As it is a trialware, after certain period of trial you would have to purchase this item for $24.95 which is a one-time fee for the current BetterZip 4 version.

Other promising features of BetterZip includes, data protection with AES encryption, password manager, integration to service menu of Mac, finder extension, create presets for creation/extraction, filtering of unwanted files, AppleScript supported, archive commends add/delete and many more.

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6. Ashampoo Zip Free

Website: https://www.ashampoo.com/

Ashampoo Zip FreeCompress and extract all your important files with ultimate speed and efficiency with the help of Zip Free by Ashampoo. It is a freeware program with no annoying ads and fee for using it and also offers some of the greatest file archiving and managing features of all time.

Ashampoo Zip Free is a program which offers support to more than 30 file formats. To name a few, these are 7Z, all formats of RAR, Zip, TAR, CAB, WIM, ISO and many more.

Coming on to the list of features that Ashampoo Zip Free has to offer users then they are actually quite impressive. With services like graphical interface, simple and direct navigations, creation and extraction of all the popular file formats, support to even Windows 10, powerful AES encryption etc.

It is a wonderful WinZip alternative which is like a lifesaver when you are struggling with the paid subscription plans of WinZip.

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7. PeaZip

Website: http://www.peazip.org/

PeaZipApart from being an excellent WinRAR alternative, PeaZip is also a wonderful option which can be used instead of WinZip too. It is a solution which eliminates the need of keeping up with both RAR and Zip supporting programs but PeaZip works perfectly and efficiently for both the formats and many more others too.

Interestingly, despite being so advanced in terms of approach and features, PeaZip is an absolutely free to use program. It also has this portable program which allows the users to access PeaZip without the need of installing it.

If you want a way to encrypt your files and data with an additional layer of security then PeaZip is the option you should opt for. With its password protection capability, it provides one of the best level of encryption. PeaZip also supports various other files formats like RAR, Zip, 7Z, TAR, CAB and 180 more.

Other interesting features of this WinZip alternative are compression, creation, and extraction, multi-volume split, simple and clean interface, improved compression ratio, supports even large files for compression/extraction, cross-platform support and many more.

Compatible with:  BSD

8. HaoZip

Website: https://haozip-64-bits.en.softonic.com/

HaoZipThis time is to be happy again because you get another free and open source program for file archiving in form of HaoZip. It supports multiformat file compression with efficient and fast interface to aid the users to save their time as well as money too.

You can ditch the paid versions of file archivers for it as it provides all the necessary functionality for compression and extraction of various files.

Some of the files formats that it supports are TAR, ISO, 001, XAR, ZIP, RAR, 7Z and many more. It clearly means that whether popular or normal, it supports many formats. HaoZip also provides a multi-language platform too and also provides integration with contextual menu too.

However, unlike many other WinZip alternative, it lacks that additional level of file encryption in it and also lacks support towards password protection too. Hence, somewhere in terms of features, it is not as good as other programs of file archiving and managing.

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9. ExtractNow

Website: http://www.extractnow.com/#/home

ExtractNowAlthough not a complete archiving solution, still ExtractNow can serve as one of the best program for extracting multiple file types from their compressed versions. It also integrates with Internet Explorer too and when it comes to support for Linux and Mac, ExtractNow can be used through Wine.

While talking about the compatibility to multiple file formats then its main priority is to serve all the formats related to Zip and RAR and it is also functional towards some other formats too.

It is very quick when it comes to functionality and extract files of any size in just seconds. Some of the features of ExtractNow are simple interface, scripting supported for advanced customization, multi-language platform, simple direct approach of interface and many more.

This WinZip alternative is the simplest of all I have ever seen. Apart from supporting major archiving formats, it serves as a file manager too. I really liked the integration part with explorer which also supports context menus too. ExtractNow is all you want when it comes to extracting any types of files irrespective of their details.

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10. Zipware

Website: https://www.zipware.org/

ZipwareLast but not the least, a very important mention in this list of WinZip alternative is Zipware. Like most of the options here, it is a free and simple to use program with open source concept accompanied. Zipware is also a freeware which means no involvement of malware, ads or any sort of Trojans in between.

Zipware provides support to all the Zip formats for open, extraction and compression functionality. Apart from it, other formats like RAR, ISO, DEB, XPI etc. are also supported.

Great thing about Zipware is that it supports all types of files irrespective of their format and size and then too performs with quite efficiency. With the recent launch in mid 2017, Zipware became a renowned name of file archiver and many big brands started to prefer it.

Despite serving as a free WinZip alternative, Zipware server wonderful functionality with features like integration to windows explorer, multiple file support simultaneously, tempering prevention with digital signature and various other interesting advantages accompanied. I am sure you will surely acknowledge it to get rid of the paid plans of WinZip.

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I am sure you would ditch the traditional use of WinZip and would not be sought after these amazing open source programs rather than the paid ones. Maybe popularity is the factor that people have not discovered about them yet but I think they are somewhere more useful than WinZip and WinRAR options.

There are more WinZip alternative available and that too in both paid and free plans. You just need to discover the right program according to your need considering the fee and features offered. They are easy to use and am sure you will understand their operation pretty soon.

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