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I am sure that you must not have heard about this before and looking for this information for some other purpose. Well, that was the case with me too and till date, I had no clue that software reporter tool exists in the Chrome App data folder.

So, just like its name this file type helps Google Chrome to know about the unwanted software detection in Chrome. Software reporter tool finds a direct connectivity with Chrome cleanup tool and hence when it detects some malware software, it reports to the later one and it acts accordingly. If you want to know more about this then you should check out the below given section.

What is Software Reporter Tool?

Now, this is the most important question right now for many of my readers that what is software reporter tool and how it is related to your system and the remaining theory regarding it. Well, you do not have to get panicked because I have got all your problems figured out in this very section and I am sure you will be able to see a clearer picture after it.

So, basically what happens is that when you install Google Chrome on your system, a file named software_reporter _tool.exe gets automatically downloaded with it too. Many of the users do not even get to know about it until this tool starts to report in some critical situations.

Interestingly, this is one of the very few files which comes with Google Chrome which can be executed. If you are wondering that from where you can find this file then follow the path –


Software Reporter Tool

This is the path for this file if you are using Windows 7 or a newer version of windows. You should know that software reporter tool does not serve as some threat to your system and scans the files related to Google Chrome only. But do you know what it actually does? For that you need to check out the section given below.

What does Software Reporter Tool do?

Now, you know the basic information regarding the software reporter tool which can be found as the file name software_reporter_tool. However, I am really sure that you are still not aware about the working and the tasks handled by this tool and its reach within your system.

This is why before you head to block it or study more about it, you should know that why this file gets automatically downloaded with the Google Chrome program and what are its uses?

  • Generally starts reporting when a system gets prone to high CPU usage and a message is displayed that “Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool has Stopped Working”.
  • Work as the part of the Google Chrome Cleanup Tool.
  • Initiates a scan once in a week and it lasts for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Area of scan restricts to the files related to Google Chrome only.
  • Does not have a network communication hence maintains privacy for the user.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

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As the software reporter tool is basically a part of the process carried out by Chrome Cleanup Tool, I though you should know about the bigger picture too. This is why this particular section is devoted to the complete analysis of the tasks performed by Chrome cleanup tool and how it is related to software reporter tool too.

So, what actually happens is that software reporter tool carries out timely scan and it leads the results to chrome cleanup tool. This includes conditions like crashes, unexpected ads, malware and unusual startup pages and toolbars etc.

This report is sent to the Chrome cleanup tool and it removes the unwanted programs from your Chrome directly which results in smoother functioning of the browser. However, software reporter tool comes pre-downloaded whereas, you need to download chrome cleanup tool additionally.

Issues Related to Software Reporter Tool

If you think software reporter tool always works for the betterment of your entire system then you are partially wrong. Actually, people tend to forget the mini-repercussions which comes with the failure of such auto-downloaded programs with browsers.

So, here is a look at how the software reporter tool causes a havoc sometimes and what the issues which arise because of this are –

  • Software reporter tool causes a high system load while scanning the system. A scan takes 20 minutes of time which causes interference with other activities running on your system.
  • Although it is digitally signed by Google, still the tool informs to Google about the results obtained from scan which causes privacy concerns.
  • Continuous notification of SRT not being functioned properly which leads to a havoc and irritation for the user.

How to Block or Disable Google Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool?

So, now finally after the complete description related to various aspects of SRT, now you would have understood that it is not going to cause any damage or threat to your system or browser if you disable this program. This is why you should have a look at this complete step by step guide on how to disable software reporter tool.

  • Well, of course firstly locate the SRT which is out there in form of file named exe inside the Google Chrome directory.
  • Now, to disable the SRT, you do not have to opt for the long process as it is pretty simple.
  • Open the program via notepad and delete everything which is displayed and save your changes.

Disable Google Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool

  • It automatically disables the function of software reporter tool and it will never show on process list.


I hope this section must have cleared a lot of your doubts regarding Software reporter tool. To be true, there is nothing to worry about if you do not block this tool because it lacks the online connectivity with the other database and hence your privacy is being maintained perfectly.

However, there are some situations at which you find high error condition related to this tool which ultimately affects the performance of your system. Although the effect is not so massive but the continuous notification of its failure of working might annoy you. But I am sure this section given above is going to solve all your problems effectively.

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