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  • The site is extremely simple to use with great user interface
  • Complete report divided in specific categories.
  • Results customization to save time.


  • Signing up is the key, without it you will be facing various troubles
  • Subscription cancellation takes time
  • Not so supportive customer care
  • Accuracy issues on some points

The section given below is entirely dedicated to Checkpeople Review which is a type of background check service. The site is in existence from past 20 years and runs from Palo Alto, California. But, the site does have a huge competition which means you would have to be clear before using it.

The idea is to provide information about people before actually involving with them in any type of relation be it professional or personal. But the main question is that how reliable the site actually is?

So, to clear all the doubts of the people looking forward to try this site, I have done an elaborated Checkpeople review here.

Table of Content:

I hope this will clear all your doubts regarding this use, information, accuracy and performance of this site.

What is Checkpeople?

Checkpeople is a type of background check site which has especially excelled its services into getting the criminal records and arrest information about someone. The site accesses the public records and then comprise them altogether in form of a single record.

Checkpeople review also includes the information that it accesses deep web as it reveals the information about the social media profiles related to a person.

The elaborated review is done right below. This includes all the important aspects about it like features, pricing plans, do’s and don’ts etc. So, this is the time to actually conclude that whether Checkpeople is good enough to be included in the category of best background check site or not?

Features of Checkpeople

The complete Checkpeople review cannot be done without looking at its features and the services provided by it. Below given is the complete analysis of the much created hype about Checkpeople. There are complete details about each of the feature so that you are not left with any doubts in your mind.

1. Simple User Interface

This is something that I would say with complete confidence. I personally checked out the site and found the site really easy and simple in the use. In fact, despite not being a member, I tried to check out the search randomly and it eventually led me to sign up on this site.

So, from my side full marks to Checkpeople review when it comes to the browsing of this site. In fact, the final access towards the report is also quite easy and simple.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

This service is quite common to find in most of the background check services and Checkpeople is not new in this as well. According to Reverse Phone Lookup service, if you are tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers then you can search about this number on Checkpeople easily.

When you will finally get to know about the name of the person, then carry out a background search on him/her to know more about them. In this way, you can get the complete information about your unknown callers easily.

3. Unlimited Searches

Checkpeople ensures that all the users and members of this site gets the best of the services. And keeping that in mind, they offer unlimited searches to their users. This means when you are opting for any subscription plans they you will be assigned the unlimited number of searches under it.

This is surely a milestone in the brief Checkpeople review which makes the existence of this site even more crucial and influencing.

4. Sex Offenders Database

This is a great feature of the which I personally found quite useful and utterly important for all the users out there. According to the Megan’s Law a database of the convicts of sexual crimes against children must be maintained in order to protect children from further problems.

So, you can now check out such database of Checkpeople too. Now, you will be able to know about the sex offenders residing around in your locality so that you kids can be kept safe from them.

5. Criminal Background Check

Checkpeople review about its background check about someone’s criminal records is quite positive and appreciating. However, there are still issues of being it accurate but as far as the amount of information is concerned then you are going to get even the minute details of it on this site.

With the help of public records and court documents, Checkpeople derive all the possible criminal history and arrest records about someone. So, now you know that who are the criminals living around you.

Other Possible Searches with CheckPeople

CheckPeople is capable of searching a lot more than just Criminal records and phone directories. You can obviously search for address details, conduct Background Checks, search for Death record for (obviously) the records of the dead. Additionally, Federal court records, search for property owner details, or search for a Veteran maybe?

Need to know who was born where? Birth records are another possibility with CheckPeople. Search for Divorce records or need information about specific license plates? CheckPeople can help with that too.

Need to know how you can contact a certain individual? CheckPeople offers various contact details (when available) for the searched individual. Need to buy a new car, or just need information about one? CheckPeople also is capable of online VIN number searches! Can’t trust that new guy/girl you met a couple days back? Marriage records can be searched for as well.

Need details about someone in Jail? CheckPeople offers detailed, state-wise records for inmates in various parts of U.S. Have a mugshot you wish to verify? CheckPeople also is capable of helping with those! So basically, the tinest bit of information about someone’s life is available with CheckPeople.

However, note that how you can use this information is pre-defined. Make sure you scroll all the way down to the “Don’ts” of this CheckPeople review.

Pricing Plans for Checkpeople

To keep their users content and happy with the services of Checkpeople, they have provided variety of pricing plans to them. This is interesting to see that you have lots of options to compare and save money between different plans altogether.

I have done a brief Checkpeople review about the different pricing plans of this site. And I have compiled them all here, so that you can decide which one you want to opt.

  • First plan is a Trial Period but this is not free to use like most of the other best background check You would have to pay $1 for 5 days of Trial Period.
  • The second plan is for getting a single report. This is a full report about someone which charges $29.95 on per report.
  • This is a Moderate Users Plan according to which you will be paying $24.95 per month per user. This gives you unlimited reports for one month.
  • This is the most Recommended plan which charges $14.95 per month and valid for 3 months with unlimited reports.
  • The last one is a Power Users Plan which charges $10.95 per month and lasts for 6 months.

Customer Support

To help the customers for various issues, they primarily have a FAQs section which somehow sorts out a lot of confusion of the users. Secondly, for more elaborated information, you can browse their Terms of Service section which further clear more doubts.

Checkpeople review can be more analyzed through their do’s and don’ts section too which is also explained below to let all the users know the actual use of Customer support.

After all this information, if you are still having doubts about sign up, subscription, uses, how to section, accessing etc. then you have the option to call them on their Toll Free number. The toll free process ensures that no customers have to pay anything to reach to them. You can also mail your queries to them.

However, by reading Checkpeople reviews of many people, I found that their customer support is not so adequate when it comes to subscription cancellation. You are going to go through a long queue on call and when you mail it to them the reply comes after a long wait.

So, on the basis of elaborated Checkpeople review, I would rate their customer support to be below average.

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Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Checkpeople

I find this section of each background check sites to be the most important one. The reason is that it clarifies everything about the site from its legal uses to its prohibited uses too. As a user, if you do not want to get involved in anything illegal then you must know that what you are allowed to do with this site and what not.

Keeping the same thing in mind, I have compiled a section containing do’s and don’ts regarding the usage of Checkpeople. This will also clear all your doubts regarding Checkpeople review very deeply.

Permitted Uses of Checkpeople

Please make sure that you are doing absolutely justice to the use of Checkpeople and not involved in anything which is not permitted to be done. Checkpeople review regarding its legal uses is given below.

  • You are allowed to use Checkpeople to look up for the long lost love of yours.
  • Feeling suspicious about new neighbors? Well, carry out a search about them through Checkpeople and get sure.
  • Missing estranged family members? Find them out with the help of Checkpeople.
  • If you are having second thoughts about moving in with new roommate then do not ignore your intuitions and rather check their background on Checkpeople.
  • Carry out a search about yourself too. It is always good to be ensured that you are not falsely involved in anything illegal.
  • This is the most important use of Checkpeople through which you can check out the details about an online date before meeting them.
  • Do not go to the court but rather move court to your home. You can access all the court documents about someone through Checkpeople.
  • You can use Checkpeople to locate someone’s address for the invitation. I think this is a great and very helpful use of Checkpeople.
  • While doing an online purchase, you can verify the buyer or seller with the help of Checkpeople.

Prohibited Uses of Checkpeople

Prevent yourself and your other friends to use Checkpeople for something which is completely prohibited. The uses for which Checkpeople is prohibited is explained in the section of Checkpeople review below.

  • According to the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, it is completely wrong to screen someone for an employment purpose through Checkpeople.
  • Apart from employment, Checkpeople further cannot become a basis for promotion, demotion, hiring or firing someone.
  • No domestic helps like nannies, caretakers, gardeners, helpers can be screened through Checkpeople, FCRA law applies here too.
  • There are all kind of information available on Checkpeople about various people. You cannot use such information for identity theft.
  • To contact someone against their wish or to spy on someone through Checkpeople is completely illegal.
  • For different scholarship and admission purposes, you cannot verify someone’s education through Checkpeople.
  • No insurance and credit companies can use Checkpeople to verify their customers.
  • Business transactions, mortgages, credit eligibility cannot be issues through Checkpeople.
  • To check the financial background of potential people through Checkpeople is completely wrong.

How to Use Checkpeople

There is no rocket science when it comes to using Checkpeople. In fact, to add more in the Checkpeople review, I would have to say that the user interface is really simple. This is what counts the most when you are using any site. The navigation and leading to different sections is quite simple and user-friendly.

Follow these simple steps to carry out a background search on someone. (Only proceed if you’re ready to pay, there’s no information available for free). 

Simply head to the website, and enter the basic details about the person you’re searching for. This includes the Name, City and States (or you can choose “all states).Check People Review

Then a popup would ask you to choose a last known city of residence for the user. It’s optional but helps conduct the search faster and makes it more accurate.

Check People Review

A number of reports are than shown. The basic personal data about each of these results is included on this page to help you identify the person better. The data includes known relatives, age, and known cities. If you do find matching results with the person you’re searching for, click on “open report”.

Check People Review

On the next page, you can optionally input some extra information. For e.g. if the person may have any DUIs, or you may be required to add any known relatives to the report.

Check People Review

The next page shows a couple warnings and types of results found (criminal / personal assets etc). Simply keep clicking “Continue” till the next step is loaded. And then finally click on “Continue to Report“.

Check People Review

The platform would then ask you to register on the platform. Do so and click on “Access and Continue“.

Check People Review

Finally a “graphic content warning” generally pops up, click “Yes I Understand” to proceed.

Check People Review

Now, you’d be redirected to the payment page. You can either choose a long-term plan, or the trial-plan.

If you ask me, this was a comparatively much longer process than some other best background checking services take. But then again it’s still faster than months of manual searching.

Final thought about Checkpeople Review

I would like to start from the good things that I concluded from Checkpeople review. I found the site really simple and easy going. You do not need any site map or instructions to use it, the process is quite intuitive. The registration and opting for any plan is simple. All the relevant information is given clearly.

The best part is the report that you get from Checkpeople about someone. It is rich in content and divided into various sections like personal information, marital report, criminal report etc. This adds great positive points in Checkpeople review.

So, now talking about the loose points of the site then I found it really expensive to use. They charge $29.95 for a single report without subscription for premium information. I think that is too much to pay keeping in mind that Checkpeople is not the best background check service.

Bottom Line: I did not find Checkpeople worth spending so much money on it including the fact that people have reported accuracy issues on some information too. So, I do not want to recommend it to someone. However, you can still give it a shot to the trial period.

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