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  • Simple user interface.
  • Good customer support
  • Premium information even in trial period
  • No complaints filed in last three years


  • New in the business, not so reliable
  • Nothing new when compared to other background check sites
  • Not so affordable
  • Additional charges on premium report

Thinking about spying on someone and conducting a check on their background through Spyfly? Well, read the Spyfly reviews before you get started on it. This is always important to get through every single detail of a service before we finally decide to go for it.

Your money is precious, do not invest it in haste in something you have no clue about. Thinking about the same and to value our readers, I decided to conduct a Spyfly review so that users can get to know about this site and its services in a better way.

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Given below are the complete details about this site like features, pricing and my verdict on whether you should go for it or not. I think you must take a look at the Spyfly reviews before actually opting for it.

What is Spyfly?

Let’s start talking about Spyfly reviews from the very start, and for this, you must know that what is Spyfly and why do we need it?

Spyfly kick started its program in 2012 and it is headquartered in San Diego, California. Now, you must be wondering that despite being so new in the business why should we trust it? So, all your queries regarding Spyfly reviews are sorted out with below-mentioned description.

So, Spyfly is basically amongst the best background check service which makes it easier for people to find out the truth about someone. If you are having second thoughts about some people or you are getting strong intuition regarding their individuality then make it sure through Spyfly.

Spyfly tries to aggregate all the possible data regarding a person through various public records and then display them all at one place. All this process takes no time and that’s why the quick results regarding someone are very reliable and fast.

Features of Spyfly

Now, you must be wondering that despite having so many background check sites, why you should prefer Spyfly over them. Well, then you must check out this section which dictates all the features claimed by the company which are possessed by Spyfly.

Here are the features claimed by the company which will help you to understand Spyfly reviews even more.

a. Premium Information in Free Trial

Although, there are various confusions regarding this features which puts Spyfly reviews in dim lights. But you should make your mind clear regarding this service.

As the company states, when you register yourself for the trial period of 7 days then you can access premium reports in it. So, in the initial period of just seven days, you are getting all possible services which can be offered by this site after the proper subscription.

b. Accuracy

Another claim done by Spyfly as one of their services is their accuracy of the search results. This means, whenever you carry out a search on this site then the results appeared are quite accurate. In fact, Spyfly does not stop to this point only.

It regularly updates the information about people on its site. This means when you carry out search every day then there is a probability that you may come across something new each day.

c. Unlimited Reports

Yes, you heard it right. According to the full proof information gathered from their site, I found out that Spyfly reviews regarding their searches are very positive. So, when you are opting for a subscription plan then don’t worry because you are going to get an unlimited number of searches under it.

This means, you can search for whoever you want, whenever you want in your subscription period.

d. Simple User Interface

You would be glad to know that Spyfly offers the simplest type of user interface to its users. No matter whether you are on trial period or under subscription period, you are surely going to get the easiest access to the site.

You will find the navigation throughout the different sections of the site very much easy. So, full marks to Spyfly reviews for this.

e. Email Alerts

This is by far the most amazing service offered by Spyfly. According to this feature, no matter whether you are active on this site or not, you are going to get email notification regarding any information being changed on it.

So, when there are any changes regarding the people living nearby you, you will be automatically notified through emails.

f. Emergency Profiles

This feature is also known as Virtual Vault. I don’t think you are ever going to find this feature in any of the background check site other than Spyfly.

This turns Spyfly reviews very positive. Through this feature, you can instantly access the information regarding your family members and can store it for future uses.

g. Nationwide Sex Offender Report

By running unlimited searches, Spyfly comprises a report of registered sex offenders on this site. This means if you are a member of Spyfly then you can check for the registered sex offenders on this site and their additional information too like address, phone no, name, photo, DOB, etc.

In this way you can keep your kids and other family members safe from such people.

Pricing Plans of Spyfly

Unfortunately, Spyfly is a service which is not available to be used for free. In fact, the trial period lasts for a week which also charges $1 or $2 for it. This means their security is top notch and hence they do not want someone to exploit their services for something not good.

Spyfly reviews include its pricing plan too so that you can decide it on your own that whether you should go for their services or not.

Spyfly comes under the category of best background check tool but this service can cost you some bucks. There are additional charges for the upgrades like premium reports. So, carefully read all the information before option for a subscription plan.

  • The first pricing policy is about free trial for 7 days. You would have to pay $1 or $2 for it on the basis of the type of reports.
  • Next is 7 days subscription. You must make sure that it is not a trial period but a subscription which costs $2.99 for one-time payment.
  • The next one is a monthly subscription plan. This will cost you $29.97 per month per user.
  • For Spyfly ID protect membership, you would have to pay $1.96 per month.

While you are going for the trial period, you would have to make sure that as the trial period ends, you will be automatically charged for the monthly subscription. If you do not want to opt for it then go for the cancellation before the trial period ends. This is something which is quite complex for Spyfly reviews.

Customer Support

On the basis of various individual Spyfly reviews and other sources, I found out that they have a great customer support. In fact, the company claims that they are available for their customers 363 days per year. This means the constant support through their employees has got your back for almost the entire year.

Whether you have any queries or you want to cancel your subscription, or there are other issues, you can report it to their customer support department easily.

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Spyfly does not provide the facility of live chat to the customers. So, if you are feeling doubtful on any services or topics, then you can leave a mail to them or can call their toll free number as well. They sort out various issues of customers everyday like.

  • Forgotten password.
  • Canceling the subscription to emails.
  • Canceling the paid subscription for future.
  • Registration related doubts.
  • Updating information about yourself etc.

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Spyfly (Actual Use)

Spyfly was intended for safe and secure browsing and other purposes but people often misunderstand its use for the things which are not valid. You must prevent yourself from using Spyfly for any illegal uses or the things which are strictly prohibited on its site.

Spyfly background check reviews can only be clear with the fact that what are its actual uses and what people are truly using it for. Here are all your doubts cleared regarding the use of Spyfly.

Use Spyfly for these Purposes

To understand Spyfly reviews and analyze from every single perspective, please go through the section mentioned right below.

  • Check out the information provided regarding you on this site. Correct them if needed.
  • You can use Spyfly to reconnect with an old love which you have lost connection long ago.
  • If you have neighbors recently shifted in your locality then carry out a search for their background check.
  • Spyfly can help you to find out about separated or estranged family members.
  • Check out whether the new coach for your kids is good enough or not.
  • Find out about the criminal records of potential people around you.
  • Review the public records from US courts about you and your family members.
  • Confirm about the person before heading out for to meet your online date.
  • Find out someone’s current address and reconnect with them.

Do not Use Spyfly for these Purposes

Kindly, do not misunderstand the use of Spyfly and clear all your doubts regarding Spyfly reviews through the points listed below.

  • You cannot steal someone’s identity with the help of information provided by Spyfly, it is illegal.
  • Spyfly is not a basis to evaluate someone for job.
  • It is completely illegal and prohibited to use Spyfly to stalk someone and be a threat to them.
  • You cannot decide to examine your nanny or other domestic help through Spyfly.
  • The credit, finance and other insurance companies cannot evaluate someone through Spyfly.
  • Looking up for celebrity contact information is prohibited through Spyfly.
  • You cannot examine the financial background of your new tenant through Spyfly.
  • You cannot spy on your significant other through this site.
  • This is completely against the law to contact someone against their wish.

How to Use Spyfly?

If you are looking forward to use Spyfly through trial period or subscription then you must know that how it should be used. I think with the information provided earlier in this section, this must have been cleared to you that Spy fly review lies where in the recent world competition.

So, if you want to use this site then here are the steps which are going to help you a lot with the processing.

Go to the site through this Link. It will redirect you to the site’s Homepage. Simply enter the First Name, Last Name, and the State where your search-candidate hails from. Click “Search Now” once you’ve entered those details.

Spyfly Review

A Pop up would then show how many people have been found for the name and location you specified. Click on “Continue“.

Spyfly Review

This would make the popup disappear.  You’re granted access to all the 84 reports (or as many as were found for your query). This page helps us identify the exact person we’re looking for. It generally shows:

  • The Name and Aliases of the person.
  • The Age.
  • Location (multiple, in case the person has lived at more than one places).
  • And the names of possible Relatives.

There also is a search-feature on the left-sidebar which helps you enter additional filters, such as the City and Age-range to help you further narrow these results down.

Spyfly Review

Click on the “Get Report” button for the person who you think is the person you’re searching for.

The next page would prompt you to create an account in order to proceed. Creating the account is free so enter your First & Last name, along with the E-mail ID to register.

Spyfly Review

Instantly the platform informs the users that the report is ready. It then asks us to comply to its T&C and warns us regarding what “can’t be” done using the reports. Click on “I agree” (if you do agree to the statements).

Spyfly Review

The last and final step is simply making the payment to activate the accounts. If it’s your first time you can get the trial-report for just USD $2.00.

Spyfly Review

Done! If you did make the payment, the report can now be downloaded.

Final Words:

On the basis of the various aspects, individual comments of users and checks.com reviews, I have finally concluded my personal views on Spyfly reviews.

You may not count Spyfly amongst the best background check site, not because it is something new in the business or else. Actually, the site offers nothing new when it comes to providing information about someone. There are still some area where I found the site a bit complex than others.

Despite having a clean user interface, I found the pricing quite expensive than other sites. In fact, they charge additional amount on different types of services like ID protection, Premium report etc. In this way, you are paying about $50 per month for this service.

Bottom Line, My final Spyfly reviews is that I will not want to recommend this site to someone who wants to run a background check on someone. You can consider better options than this and that too on better prices.

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