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  • Unlimited Search policy.
  • Different Reverse lookup services like phone no., email and property.
  • Easy interface and user friendly approach.


  • Does not offer free trial but you can get 5 days access only in $1.
  • Not so affordable.
  • Single report.
  • Additional charges on some of the information.

In the list of best background check site, this is the time to carry out Peoplelooker review. There can be various readers of ours who have not even heard the name of this site.

If you are thinking about giving a try to this site then you must brace yourself and check out the exclusive Peoplelooker review given below.

Instead of spending your money in a haste, first confirm whether the site is worth spending your money or not. To verify the same, I personally review Peoplelooker to let all our readers know more about it. You can find all the relevant information regarding this site right below.

Table of Contents:

What is Peoplelooker?

Peoplelooker is a type of public record search engine which gives enormous opportunities to the people residing in the USA to find out about whoever they want. In fact, the site does not restrict the users to search someone by their name only.

There are various customization options available on the site for the search. You can search someone from their phone no., address and even email too.

Sky is the limit when it comes to describing the features, services, and other information about Peoplelooker. Still, for the sake of Peoplelooker review, I have tried to gather up all the important information about the site here so that users can get to know it in a better and impartial way.

Features of Peoplelooker

There are numerous confusions around the actual reality behind the site. Some people do not find it useful and some people can’t get enough of it. In the middle of all the debate, I am listing out the features of Peoplelooker which are claimed by the company.

Along with them, I will also write whether they are true or not. I hope you would surely feel quite clear about the reality behind the site after this piece of information.

1. Reverse Lookup Services

There are various types of reverse lookup services offered by Peoplelooker. Interestingly, mostly all the sites offer direct search which means searching about someone directly through their name but Peoplelooker offers something different.

Peoplelooker provides you three types of reverse lookup services which are reverse phone no lookup, reverse email lookup and reverse property lookup. And interestingly, you get all these services under your original subscription only.

2. Full Report Contents

The entire report received by Peoplelooker is divided into various parts. This means you are getting a more organizes view of the report and you can browse whichever section you want later on.

These sections provided in the report are overview, contact info, associated people, social media profiles, criminal and civil records, professional records, other data. This makes a powerful point in the entire Peoplelooker review.

3. Remove Your Information

You can now remove your information from this site by filling out the necessary information and confirmation about it. This is called opting out and it requires no additional charges too. This is applied in the cases where your information is falsely put in some of the sections.

4. Easy Accessing

One thing that you would have to surely agree about Peoplelooker is the fact that the accessing of this site is extremely simple and easy. You can easily glide through the various sections and navigations on this site quite easily.

In fact, Peoplelooker can also be accessed on other platforms like Android, iOS etc. apart from Windows itself. This means now you can access Peoplelooker on the go too.

5. Social Media Links

Like most of the other sites serving in the sector of background check, Peoplelooker also utilizes the concept of the deep web. This confirms even more when you get to know about the social media profiles( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and So on) related to a person when you carry out a search about them.

I think this adds quite positive points regarding Peoplelooker review.

6. Confidential Searches

You would be glad to know that all of the searches conducted with the help of Peoplelooker are absolutely confidential. This means the person whose search you are conducting will not get notified about it at all.

This makes the entire process extremely safe and secure to be carried out. It also ensures that all the data that your personal info and payment information also remains completely confidential and secure.

Pricing Plans for Peoplelooker

Like the rest of the background check services available right now, Peoplelooker also offers its services in exchange of a subscription plan. Now, it is up to you that whether you find these plans affordable or not. This is really important to discuss the pricing plan for complete Peoplelooker review.

People Looker Pricing Plan

There are two plans for the pricing policy of Peoplelooker, you can choose whichever you want according to your convenience.

  • The first plan is for 1 Month. They charge $18.28 per month for this plan. You get various advantages in this plan like unlimited reports, unlimited sex offender searches, property lookups, phone and email lookups, criminal records etc.
  • Next plan is for 3-months. It’s charged at USD $14.62/month and its lasts for 3 months. Note that you’re charged for 3 months at once and that’s the reason the monthly price is cheaper than the one-month plan.

If you want to test peoplelooker service then you have a good solution for you, they also offer $1/5 days access. that can help you understand all about peoplelooker, they are generic or not?

I think this is a huge backdrop in the policies of Peoplelooker and suddenly shedding out $18.28 without even trying out the site is something I would not recommend to anyone.

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Customer Support

Well, as we are talking about the Peoplelooker review then including the customer support in it is must. I mean how you are ever gonna know that how it behaves with the people who are crucial to them. So, the mode of customer support made available Peoplelooker are emails and calls.

Unfortunately, there is no facility of live chat on this site which is also not available on most background check sites too.

So, on regular week days, you can call on their toll-free number from 8 AM to 10 PM and on Sunday it is 10 AM to 8 PM. I really liked the fact that they are even available on Sunday for their customers. I also really appreciate the fact that they have displayed their customer support contact information on almost every page of their site

To add some positivity in Peoplelooker review, I would like to add that their customer support is also quite supportive too. You can also check their FAQs section and Terms of Uses section to know more.

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Peoplelooker

If you are still feeling confused about the actual purposes for which Peoplelooker was intended for then you must have to go through the section given below. I would rather consider it to be the most important part of the entire Peoplelooker review.

In fact, this is not just about Peoplelooker alone but almost all the other best background check sites out there. All the information mentioned comes under FCRA rules.

You cannot use Peoplelooker for these Purposes

The points given below are one of the most crucial part of this entire Peoplelooker review. There are people who might use this background check service for something which is not acceptable. So, before falling into any legal troubles, go through the prohibited uses of Peoplelooker.

  • This is completely wrong to utilize any background service including Peoplelooker for the purpose of employment screening.
  • If any customer initiates any business transactions then using Peoplelooker to verify the financial background about it is not right.
  • Peoplelooker is not responsible for being a reliable basis to check the creditworthiness of a person or client.
  • If you are looking to keep new tenants then checking their financial history through Peoplelooker is completely wrong.
  • To check someone’s educational qualification for the purposes of scholarship or admissions is not acceptable.
  • You cannot hire your household helps like nannies, domestic help, gardener etc. through Peoplelooker.

You can Use Peoplelooker for these Purposes

Peoplelooker review includes the most important information about its use. I think every people must read it out well before using this platform for anything illegal. Here are the various permitted uses of Peoplelooker for which the site is actually intended.

  • Missing the long separated or lost relatives? Well, then try out searching for them through Peoplelooker. This is completely legal to do so.
  • Online dating is quite in trend but before you actually go out with someone in reality, run a search on them to be ensured.
  • You can monitor your own personality by carrying out a search on your own. Get ready to be amazed to see the amount of information you get.
  • Find out someone’s current phone no. with the help of old phone no. Make sure that you do not contact them without their wish.
  • Verify the buyers and sellers listed on craigslist before actually falling in any kind of business transactions with them.
  • Find out the complete background of the adults around your children to keep your kids safe from any sort of harassment.
  • Find out the old school friends, long lost love, old acquaintances etc. with the help of Peoplelooker.
  • Completely research about someone’s background before finalizing them as your future roommate.

How to Use Peoplelooker

Although the interface of the site is quite simple and even a teen can operate it but still I got some issues with the processing on Peoplelooker. The most important feature of Trial period on its site. This makes the entire use quite typical for a beginner on this site.

However, to ease the process for all and to clarify more about Peoplelooker review, follow these steps to find out the complete information about someone’s background.

  • Go to the Official site of Peoplelooker through this Link.
  • Now, get yourself registered and buy the subscription for one month from Here.
  • As, Same as other background check services, here you also can join $1/5 days account.
  • Enter the necessary details for people search.
  • You can also pick the reverse lookup services like phone no., property and email too.
  • Get the complete report of someone and you can even download it in form of PDF too.

Final Words about Peoplelooker Review

On the basis of the above mentioned information, I tried to finally summarize it all in the Peoplelooker review of my own.

If someone is new to the concept of background check services then I would recommend them to not start it with Peoplelooker. There are other best background check tools and services which are way better than this.

The first and most important thing that I always like about Peoplelooker is “they offer $1/5 days account access” which means you can fully test Peoplelooker service, if you will satisfy his service then you can directly opt in $18.28 for one month.

Although there are some positive aspects too like reverse look up service of property which is hard to find in other best background check service.

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Bottom Line: If someone is just getting started with background check services then opting directly for Peoplelooker would not be a good option. The site is also not that renowned and as my own Peoplelooker review, I will not suggest it to anyone.

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