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Movies Like A Walk To Remember: The director Nicholas Sparks is known as one of the best sellers for romantic stuff. Some of his movies like a walk to remember are really a great example of the seller’s romantic stuff.

After watching the intense love story of and sacrifice of Landon (Shane West) falls and Jamie (Mandy Moore) for each other, people are getting addicted to finding movies like a walk to remember.

London and Jamie fall in love and achieve great adventures together in their love life. Later, London finds out that Jamie is suffering from terminal leukemia, not only this she also has stopped taking treatment.

In the last days, when they find there is no way of saving her and decides to complete her every wish from her girl’s very own wish list. He tries in every way so Jamie can live the life to fullest.

So, here I am with some amazing movies like a walk to remember.

Top 10 Movies Like A Walk To Remember

1). The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is the first and very romantic movie in the list of movies like a walk to remember. The girl named Hazel Grace who is 17-year-old, she in the movie suffers from lung cancer.

This condition forces her to carry the oxygen tank everywhere with her and she just can’t survive without this.

Her mother named Frannie always suggests her to join the group of the people suffering from the same cancer thing.

First, she doesn’t get agreed on joining them, but later she meets with a really charming dashing boy named Gus who is a cancer survivor in the story and she finds him attractive and this makes her attend the group of cancer patients.

Later they start meetings and Hazel tells him about her stuff like her favorite novel and also that she is a great fan of Van Houten that is the author.

To surprise her, Gus arranges something that Hazel gets invited by her favorite author by Van Houten in the Amsterdam.

This movie goes through several ups and downs and this is perfect choice for who are looking for movies like a walk to remember.

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2). Safe Haven

Safe Haven movie’s story begins in a small town in North Carolina, it’s about a young woman Katie. In the movie, she tries to skip most of the conversations and so keeps herself from socializing. These all activities trigger a suspicion in the town’s people.

Katie has a friend named Jo who she tries to convince her to forget the past and make her steps into the future.

The actor named Alex is a single father in town and having two young children, howsoever they both meet. The movie has many loving scenes and the chemistry between Katie and Alex is just perfect.

Katie has some of the dark secrets of past that still haunts her, but her boyfriend or new lover Alex always let her know that love can fight against any bad situations. The perfection and intensity between these two persons make it movies like a walk to remember.

3). Letters to Juliet

You can consider this to movies like a walk to remember; in this movie, Sophie Hall is the leading actress as a writer for The New Yorker.

She works as a fact checker. And to get some inspiration in her work she takes permission to her boss for a vacation to Italy.

But as most of the bosses, her boss also doesn’t find any good in this Italy vacation. Later, she convinced her fiancé whose name is Victor to visit Verona in Italy.

During her visit, Sophie got an unanswered letter from a wall, all heartbroken and waiting for the answer since 1957. The old woman Claire gets to meet Sophie and starts to find her lost love with her grandson Charlie.

Later, along with her own journey of love, Claire also plays cupid to get Sophie and Charlie close.

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4). The Vow

To be included in the list of movies like a walk to remember, The Vow movie has some really good stuff.

Paige, a girl and Leo her boyfriend gets married but this just married couple faces the worst nightmare. They met with a dangerous car accident and this thing leaves Paige in a coma.

Upon waking up, she doesn’t remember any even of her life’s last 5 years and also doesn’t remember any marriage thing including her husband Leo.

After the incident, her parents come and tell to take her home with them, but Leo refuses this. He really wants to keep her in his home where they both came as husband and wife. Paige doesn’t recognize anything and goes to her parent’s home.

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Here she meets her ex-fiancé Jimmy and Jimmy tries to gain the advantage of her, so with all these situations how will Leo get his love and life back. Well, you just watch the movie and get the answer and you will really admire this category of movies like a walk to remember.

5). Dear John

Really the best and capable of falling under movies like a walk to remember. The story of John and Savannah, John is a soldier and Savannah is a college student.

They just happen to meet at the beach where Savannah accidentally drops her bag into the water and without thinking even for a moment John jumps into the water and grabs her bag.

This is the beginning of their love and in just 2 weeks Savannah begins to feel for John. John gets re-enlisted for as a soldier for 9/11 attack by the love does not fade away and they stay in touch by writing to each other.

They get tested by the fate many times but they stay strong after several consequences in their love story. Dear John movie is really my number one with the charming and passionate love ever.

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6). P.S. I Love You

It’s no doubt if I relate P.S. I Love You with movies like a walk to remember. It’s a different story with several twists and turns, P.S. I Love You movie has all, the love, the sadness, sexy, romantic etc.

At some points it makes you cry, at some it makes you laugh a lot. This movie has a lot of romantic and heartwarming feelings.

Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler are just amazing with each other and all their letters and flashback thing is very nicely arranged to make it an unforgettable love movie.

It’s so nice to watch them falling in love, also the end goes very well. So I would call it the Best movie in the bucket of movies like a walk to remember.

I never get bored watching it even hundreds of times. Gerry is a guy in the story and every girl just loves to have a husband like him.

7). The Lucky One

The Lucky One is a 2012 romantic drama movie directed by the greatest, God of romance Nicholas Sparks.

The film stars Zac Efron as Logan Thibault and the charming Taylor Schilling.Logan in U.S. Marine during the war finds a photograph of a young woman.

Logan promise that if it keeps him safe from this war he would really go and find that woman.

The photographs proved as his luck charm and after the war, he finds the woman and fall in love with her by getting her name as Beth and knowing her whole family.

The movie is full of hot scenes and bath romance, so I keep it in the movies like a walk to remember.

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8). 500 Days of summer

(500) Days of Summer movie stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon. The actor works as a greeting-card writer, he is shown as a very romantic person but never had a love life.

Later she meets a girl (Zooey Deschanel) named summer and fall in love with her in just a conversation in elevators.

He tries really hard to ask her out, but never get a chance. Later they get it during an office outing in the karaoke.

Summer clear out that love isn’t her thing and they both spend more time than ever but the girl just decides to stay friends and keep the love life behind.

After experiencing all these things, their love, the sadness I decided to put this in the list of movies like a walk to remember.

9). Blue Valentine

This is a romantic 2010 drama written and directed by Derek Cianfrance with the star cast Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling as lead roles.

The couples Dean and Cynthia are married together and have a daughter. Because of certain circumstances, their marriage reaches the point of falling apart. The family just becomes dysfunctional and they both struggle to make the relationship alive again.

The story is a raw and real piece of emotions with the fantastic acting of both actors. Ryan Gosling did it well w the brilliant actress sand so the movie deserves a place in the list of movies like a walk to remember.

10). Keith

A 2008 released American movie full of love drama directed by Todd Kessler and written by Todd Kessler and David Zabel.

For the star cast, there are Jesse McCartney, Elisabeth Harnois, and Margo Harshman. This is about the 17-year-old girl Natalie who has a figured out life.

Later annoyed by her class partner Keith in high school, but ultimately both fall in love and she catches up that Keith has a secret.


All love to see movies in which to people who are unknown to each other meet at any point of life and get in love. Some of them stay forever till death and some have to lose their partners as the destiny also matters. I hope you all would love my above-mentioned list of romantic movies like a walk to remember.

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