Crypto Dice: Comprehensive Guide on Playing Bitcoin Dice


While there are numerous Bitcoin casino games online, bitcoin dice involves one of the “purest” types of crypto games available. The game provides gamblers with straightforward rules that are pretty easy to learn but are a little challenging to master. If you want to play the Bitcoin dice game, you should create a winning strategy for maximum wins.

Primarily, bitcoin dice strategies resemble the traditional ones. They focus on how much a player stakes per bet and the selections a player bets on.     

How Does Bitcoin Dice Operate?

Most Bitcoin casino platforms are similar in how Bitcoin dice games operate. Often, the rules of Bitcoin dice an easy model. Following its provably fair nature, bitcoin dice is quite popular among the most played casino games.

The good news is that understanding how to play a Bitcoin dice game is pretty simple. Players will need to select a number between 1-100 and place a bet on whether the dice will roll under or over the number. Bitcoin dice are not complex. For instance, betting on a roll below 75 will deliver similar odds to betting on an over 25. Most casinos offering Bitcoin dice games will include a 1% house edge.

How Do I Play Bitcoin Dice?

  • Choose a number you predict the roll will land below or above. Remember, the higher the possible payout, the lower the possibility of predicting a correct roll.
  • Place the amount you wish to bet with
  • Click the roll button

Amazing Bitcoin Dice-Winning Strategies

The most popular Bitcoin dice strategies include focusing on identifying patterns and watching previous rolls. This usually leverages the prediction probability. It is worth noting that random past events do not determine the future of random games like Bitcoin dice. Also, patterns do not continue indefinitely, and this makes the game even more fun to play.

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  • The Paroli Strategy

This involves a progressive Bitcoin dice strategy purposed to take advantage of winning streaks. The Paroli strategy involves the following:

  • Players determining their base stake
  • Players double their bets after every win
  • Punters stop raising stakes after three consecutive wins
  • Players bet on only their base stake after a loss

This strategy primarily enables gamblers to increase their winning streaks while minimizing losses.

  • The Martingale Strategy

This staking plan originated in France in the 18th century and is the most popular dice strategy. Utilizing the Martingale dice strategy allows one to increase the betting amount progressively each time one experiences a losing streak.

  • The Inverse Martingale Strategy

This strategy includes the exact opposite of the standard Martingale as players elevate their stake amount while on a winning streak. The inverse Martingale allows punters to keep 50% of the previous rolls’ winnings. This happens even when they lose the staked 50%.

  • The Break-Even Martingale Strategy

This strategy resembles the standard Martingale; however, it staggers the staking process. Thus, this slows down the rate at which the rates are elevated.

The break-even Martingale strategy helps punters hold out against a losing streak for an extended period.  

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