Best Antidetect Browsers for 2022


These are the best antidetect browsers out there. They let you change your browser profile, avoid getting fingerprinted and detected online,  and allow you to use multiple accounts for the same website.

With most of these, you do not really need to spend any money. They’re either free forever, or offer a free trial. Even when they don’t, if they’re on this list, they’re worth their price.

For each of these, I’ve mentioned what makes them stand out and what could be improved. 

If you just need a quick answer as to which antidetect browser is the best, I’d say go with Octo Browser. If you’ve got time, let’s go through the whole list.

How do antidetect browsers work? 

I’m sure you know what antidetect browsers are, or why you need them. Why else would you be reading  an article about the best antidetect browsers, right? 

However, “how”exactly do they work? That’s something you may not be familiar with: you may know why you need a car and how to drive one, but it doesn’t mean you also know how the engine works.

In a nutshell, these browsers have one primary feature. They let you create multiple browser profiles with different fingerprints bits of information about you containing details that identify your system.. This includes your OS, screen size, RAM, renderer (graphic card), and so on.

When you use any other regular browser, it shares these details with the website you’re visiting. The website then knows everything about you. 

However, these anti-detect browsers let you create profiles with customizable fingerprints. You can choose a random OS, RAM, graphic card, and so on.  Because these details aren’t your real details, you stay anonymous. 

This means that you can run multiple profiles on the same website, and each profile can be used for a different account. Because the profiles differ, the websites do not know that it’s the same person behind the accounts. 

Let’s see the best antidetect browsers are.

1. Octo Browser 


Primary features: octobrowser

  • 50 fingerprints parameters to customize
  • Invite & assign specific access rights to team members
  • Cookie import
  • Cookie robot to automatically fetch cookies
  • Transfer and export profiles 
  • API 
  • Live-chat 
  • Starting price: $29.00/month
  • Accepts Cryptocurrencies 

I’ve used more than ten antidetect browsers so far, and Octo Browser has emerged as the undoubted winner so far.

For starters, you can customize your profile. Not in the mood? Create a “quick profile” in just a single click! It’s Chromium-based so there’s nothing new to learn either.  

All its fingerprints are from “real devices,” and hence are more effective than artificially generated fingerprints others offer.  You can run as many profiles simultaneously as your plan and system can handle. 

It’s a team player as well. You can invite team members and assign specific levels of access to them. They can only use profiles you want them to. You can also directly transfer profiles from one Octo Browser account to another; simply exporting profiles is possible as well.

You can create “Tags” which help you better categorize your profiles. These tags can also be used to assign mass actions to a group of profiles (e.g. assigning a team member access to profiles with a specific tag).

There’s a feature that lets you paste anything and fool the browser/website/system into thinking you’ve actually just manually typed the pasted content on the keyboard.

You can also import your existing cookies, or use its cookie robot to fetch new cookies and get friendly with a site! For additional privacy  you can always use proxies.

When it comes to support, they’ve got a live-chat. Octo Browser accepts payments not just via traditional methods, but also Cryptocurrencies. 

It’s one of the cheapest antidetect browsers on this list, starting at just $29.00/month.

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2. Multilogin


Primary features: multilogin

  • Chrome & Firefox based browsers
  • Team features
  • Proxies are supported 
  • Real fingerprints
  • Starting price: €99/month.

The name makes it clear that the browser will let you use multiple logins/accounts on any website, doesn’t it? It’s special as it offers two versions, one based on Chromium (Google Chrome), and the other on Firefox.

It does have team features. Team members can be invited and offered any level of control you see fit for your Multilogin account. It obviously can be strengthened by using a proxy as well.

The fingerprints it generates are based on real statistics. Obviously, these can be customized exactly as needed. 

Multilogin is compatible with proxies as well.  As for support, you get live-chat not just on the website but also in-app.

As for pricing, plans start at €99/month. Cryptocurrency is accepted in addition to PayPal and cards. 

3. GoLogin

Website: gologin

Primary features:

  • 100% free forever plan
  • Windows/Mac/Linux supported
  • “Cloud” version available, requires no downloads
  • Free proxies
  • Team features (invite/control access level)
  • 7-day free trial
  • Starting price: $24.00/month. 

GoLogin is an all-OS antidetect browser. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, even Android. The best part? There’s even a “cloud” feature! You can run GoLogin without even downloading it on your device! 

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There’s a completely free plan as well, offering 3 profiles. And yes, you do not miss out on any features.

GoLogin lets you customize over 50 fingerprint parameters. The screen size, hardware, graphics card and so much more can be manually set.

To enhance your privacy, it even offers free proxies! This will change your IP address, and that makes you almost as anonymous as you can be. 

Team features are great. You can invite team members and assign specific levels of access to each member.

There’s a generous 7-day free trial on all of their plans!  As for the pricing, a total of 4 plans exist. The cheapest plan starts at $24.00/month, which is still comparatively cheaper than its competitors. The most expensive plan sells for $149.00/month.

Finally, there’s a live-chat available for support. Unfortunately, it’s not very fast and every reply from them takes about 10 minutes or so. 

4. Undetectable 


Primary features:

  • 100% free forever plan
  • 100+ browser fingerprints
  • Fingerprint store
  • Team features
  • Support via live-chat/Telegram/Facebook/VK
  • 3 storage modes for profiles 
  • Starting price: $39.20/month. 

Undetectable is another browser that uses real fingerprints just like Octo Browser. The fingerprints you can customize include fonts, resolution, user agent, canvas, language, OS, and many others. It’s one of the best options in terms of number of fingerprint parameters, a total of 100+ of them can be customized. 

It does support proxies, although they aren’t included for free. There’s even a cookie-bot which collects cookies from the list of sites you enter, which increases website trust and makes your profiles familiar. 

You can also install your own extensions for the browser if you wish to. It allows you to store profiles either on your own device, in the cloud, or even on your own server.

It’s unique in the sense that it also has a “fingerprint store.” It sells fingerprints for $1/PC.  It surely is team-friendly and allows over 33 different rights to be set for each member.

A live-chat does exist on the site but it’s not 24/7. The company also provides support via Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and VK.

Undetectable is compatible with both Windows and Mac. On the bright side, there’s a free plan. Paid plans start at $39.20/month. 

Payment options include both traditional methods, as well as Cryptocurrencies.  

5. Aezakmi


Primary features:

  • Free 2-day trial
  • Profile sharing 
  • No live-chat 
  • Starting price: $69.00/month. 

To be honest, Aezakmi isn’t as impressive an antidetect browser as Octo Browser or GoLogin. I say that primarily because it only gives you access to 12 fingerprints. While the number is low, all the major features such as WebGL, user agent, time zone, language, canvas hash, GPS, OS, etc. are included.

It does offer a free trial for 2 days. Although the free trial is only for 1 day by default, it’s extended by one more day if you share your Telegram ID. 

It’s not big on team-features either, but does allow sharing profiles to other Aezakmi users, and has an API you can use. Paid plans start at $69.00/month. 

Fun tip: The entire company is based on GTA! The graphics are GTA-inspired too. In fact, even the pricing plans are named CJ, Ballas, and Grove Street! 

Unfortunately, there’s no live-chat on the platform.

6. AdsPower


Primary features:

  • 100% free. 
  • Also supports Android and iOS 
  • “Paste as human” and other extensions supported
  • RPA robot
  • Team features
  • Actions history 
  • Starting price: $6.00/month. 

Despite its name, AdsPower can be used for so much more than just running multiple ad accounts. It can also be used for all the purposes any other antidetect browser can be used for.

It’s one of the most affordable antidetect browsers on this list. Plans start as low as $6.00/month. There’s also a free plan that allows 2 profiles for 1 user.

Like Multilogin, AdsPower offers both a Chromium and a Firefox version.  Another extremely rare feature is its mobile simulation: you can simulate both Android as well as  iOS even if you’re using a PC. 

The tool can be used with all third-party proxies. 

The “paste as human” feature that Octo Browser offers too is available as well. It also has multiple custom extensions and obviously supports the Google web store.

It also has a RPA robot that lets you automate most repetitive tasks.  It does allow inviting team members and assigning special permission levels  to each member.

Final words:  Which is the best antidetect browser in 2022? 

In my opinion, Octo Browser is the best antidetect browser right now. My conclusion is based on the combination of its features, capabilities, and pricing. Also, I’ve been able to bypass most firewalls using Octo Browser. 

All the other options on this list also qualify as some of the best multi-accounting browsers on the market.

I’d recommend using a VPN or at least a proxy whenever you use any  of these, but that’s up to you. Personally,  I’d suggest starting with Octo Browser and then trying the others to see which is the best antidetect browser for you.

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