Windscribe VPN Review: Best VPN for Protect Your Identity on the Internet


Windscribe VPN Review: I’ve promenaded through quite a number of VPNs throughout my last decade in the industry, but honestly Windscribe VPN is one of the rare few who still manage to surprise me when it comes to features or capabilities.

Windscribe VPN Review

I wouldn’t be writing this Windscribe VPN review if there wasn’t an “extra mile” this VPN was offering. Some features which no other rival dares to, not at least at this price.

I do not expect you to take my word for it, just invest your next couple minute going through this piece, who knows this might just as well turn out to be your best ever digital marketing investment?

Why do you need a VPN?

I take it that if you’re on this piece, you already know what a VPN is, so I won’t waste either of our time beating around the bush.

Rather let’s get down to the point of why exactly do you need a VPN. (You’ll be surprised at how much more it does apart from just the things you think it does!)

1). Protect your Identity and be Anonymous on the Web

Just like any other VPN, the primary feature Windscribe offers is that of hiding your IP address.

Now the IP address is the connecting link between your computer, and the Internet. So basically it’s like your phone number.

And can be traced back to your real-life identity as well as geographical location (among other things).

So by hiding (masking) your IP address, the first and foremost aspect Windscribe covers is your anonymity.

But that’s not what got me scribbling this Windscribe VPN review, in fact it’s the most common feature with every single VPN on the planet. (So what did? I’ll come to it!)

2). Prevent Hacking Attempts

The simplest way to get into anyone’s systems is through their IP address. There’s a lots of technicality to it, but for now just know getting a VPN is one of the easiest methods to secure your IP address and so the system.

3). Unblock Websites

Any website that has been blocked by your govt. is done so by restricting that specific country/region’s IP addresses from accessing the website.

Hence when you mask your IP address with Windscribe, you get unlimited access to practically any and every website on the web, because your IP address changes and the IP addresses that Windscribe offers have unrestricted access as you get to choose the country you want to virtually be from.

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4). Protect Personal Information

Search Engines gather data of your browsing history, interests and other personal information to be used later for purposes of ad-serving, better search results or for other reasons.

Point being if you’re a private person, you wouldn’t want the world to know what you’re doing on the web or what your interests are, no matter what.

That’s again a time when Windscribe can come in handy because it prevents search engines from identifying you as you and hence no data is logged. (Or let’s say data is logged but the engines do not know whose it is).

Windscribe VPN Features:

The features discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Importance of a VPN go, but I’m pretty sure you’re getting the picture of what they’re capable of.

Hence I’ll leave the rest of the research to you and get back to the point of this Windscribe VPN review, that of acquainting you with your soon-to-be best friend- Windscribe.

1). MultiClient Support

I’ve been talking about the “extra mile” since the first paragraph of this Windscribe VPN review, so well here it is.

If offers you not just a Desktop client, but a chrome extension to go with it as well, absolutely free with no additional charges.

Windscribe makes sure that there isn’t the tiniest loophole left from where any of your sensitive data can leak out on the web.

Obviously there are other platforms supported as well including Linux, Android, iOS and what not.

2). Easy and User-Friendly Interface

The interface is built keeping first time users in mind. There’s a simple Connect-disconnect button, your IP address is displayed on-screen and everything else is neatly placed as well.

3). 45 Countries and Multiple Servers List

Another one of the features that you just can’t ignore with Windscribe is its extensive list of countries and servers.

To be quite frank, Windscribe probably has the one of the most extensive list of countries and servers compared to most other VPNs I’ve crossed paths with till date.

And it offers multiple servers from the same country to ensure that you always get the best speed and the servers are never overcrowded.

Some of the countries include:-

  • USA
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • Latvia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • *Netherlands
  • And over 30 others!

*Netherlands is one of the most digitally democratic countries, hence offering you unlimited possibilities on the web.

Its “Best location” button makes things easier for you by automatically choosing the best server from the fastest possible country available for you.

4). Firewall

It’s a failsafe and one of the primary reasons of me writing this Windscribe VPN review as well as my trust in Windscribe.

It’s a simple feature which makes sure that in case the connection to the VPN is lost, you aren’t browsing the internet unprotected, instead the connections gets terminated automatically.

Windscribe boasts three different Firewall modes:

  • Automatic:– Firewall is up when you’re browsing the internet, if connection drops it kicks in and disconnects all internet activity.
  • Manual:– You get to choose if to turn it on or off.
  • Always on:– I personally prefer this, and it’s the most extreme

5). Three Different Connection Protocols

Windscribe offers us as many as three different connection protocols, namely:-

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  • TCP
  • UDP
  • Stealth

TCP:– TCP the abbreviation for transmission control protocol. It’s the default protocol, and is the fastest among the available others.

It also is one of the most reliable protocols, for the fact that it checks every stream of data after sending it for proper delivery before sending in other data bits.

UDP:– User Datagram Protocol, that’s what UDP stands for. It’s the protocol that can be used at times when TCP isn’t being cooperative due to slow network or any other reason.

UDP can function at much slower internet speeds. But there’s the case of minimal data loss. In other words, UDP doesn’t care if each bit of the data has been received by the other party, and keeps sending data packets regardless.

It’s useful when you’re playing multiplayer games or multi-tasking with others in real-time when “time” is a crucial factor and not reliability of data packets.

Stealth:- It’s the final weapon Windscribe has in its arsenal to help you connect to the internet the way you want to, without compromising connectivity, access or your privacy.

It’s basically the TCP protocol but over Stunnel. I’m not 100% sure what it is or how it functions to be honest but going by Windscribe’s own words, it’s handy in extreme conditions, China for example.

Advanced Security Measures:

Every VPN offers a number of countries, masking of IP address and even satisfactory number of connection protocols, but not every VPN makes it up to our review section.

As I’ve been saying repeatedly throughout this Windscribe VPN review, there are some things which grant us the ultimate peace of mind we’re digging for with a VPN, and Windscribe lays them on a platter for us.

7). DNS Leak Prevention

Daniel Roeslar first pointed out the fact that not all VPNs are capable of preventing your real IP address from leaking out to websites and on the internet.

Well luckily Winscribe is. It’s armed with advanced DNS leak prevention algorithms so no matter what your privacy remains intact.

Double Hop:– The most exclusive feature I’ve ever seen with any VPN, and the primary guiding force which led me to scribble this Windscribe review down.

Double hop is a feature which lets you connect to more than one locations. Meaning you can connect to two VPN locations at the same time using the desktop application simultaneously with the browser extension, hence increasing your anonymity and privacy by 200%.

8). Secure.Link Generator

“Out of the box” features just don’t seem to stop with Windscribe, one such feature is its secure link generator.

Basically it’s a simple tool with advanced functionalities.

You just have to right click on any web-page, and click on copy Then Windscribe scans the page for ad codes, trackers or anything else that isn’t desirable in terms of privacy, security or browsing experience in general.

It generates a screenshot as well as a detailed report of the page, comprising of all the threats on the said page, and if that’s not enough it even lets you password-protect the page for the future.

In short, this is the one feature no other VPN has offered me till date, so it’s rational for me to sing praise-songs for this particular super VPN, isn’t it?

Bonus Feature:

Windscribe doesn’t keep itself to providing you just security or anonymity on the web. Instead it even makes you money! Yeah you heard that right.

You get paid for sharing the and making people aware of the threats on the websites they’re trying to visit!

9). No Logs are Kept

Finally the most obvious question with any VPN is, does it keep logs? Windscribe doesn’t.

Meaning it can’t track what you’re doing on the internet even if it wanted to, hence offering you the ultimate privacy you’ve been seeking.

Windscribe Browser Extension Features

The browser extension when coupled with the desktop client makes Windscribe probably one of the most secure VPNs on the planet.

We’ve already discussed “ copy” and “Double Hop” browser extension features under advanced security features in the above section of this Windscribe VPN review.

Other features include

Anti-Social:– As the screenshot shows above, with just a click of the mouse you can block all Facebook, Twitter and other social media trackers enabled on the websites you’re visiting.

Cruise Control:– It’s basically like the “autopilot” mode for Windscribe. Making sure you’re always getting the fastest servers, as well as automatically switching to suitable servers while accessing content that’s blocked.

Untraceable:-  I was talking about how websites gather data about user preferences over multiple sites earlier wasn’t I? Well Windscribe’s untraceable feature makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Split Personality:- Website’s aren’t the only guilty party charged of keeping and storing user preferences and interests’ data, browsers are too. Windscribe’s split personality features makes sure your browser agent is refreshed on every browser session preventing that from happening.

Not to mention that it’ll delete whole of your browsing history in order to make sure nothing is left to dig up.

Pricing Plans

First of all, just because this is a Windscribe VPN review doesn’t mean I’m trying to skim off money from your pockets. That’s because Windscribe offers a FREE PLAN as well, both for the desktop as well as browser extension, meaning there’s no “compulsory” pocket-hole you’d have to encounter.

The free plan offers 10GB of data/month and 8 locations, with most of the advanced features intact.

Although for more bandwidth, couple “exclusively pro” features and more locations you should consider upgrading to the pro packages, which are dirt-cheap anyway:-

  • $7.50 USD/month:– Unlimited Devices, 45 Locations, Adblocker, P2P and everything else is enabled. It’s billed yearly.
  • $9.00 USD/month:– Unlimited Devices, 45 locations and a similar package to the above package, with the difference that you can pay for it monthly as well.

Final Verdict of Windscribe VPN Review:

So that’s all I had in my arsenal as far as this Windscribe VPN review is concerned, is it worth your time and money?

I’d say it offers a plethora of features and most of which are exclusive, unique as well as innovative and considering the price they’re asking for it, I’d say it totally is the super-cloak you’ve been waiting for.

Well if you’re still skeptical, just head over to the website and check it out for yourselves, it speaks for itself.

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