5 Things to Look Out for Before Buying a Subscription to a Spy App

It is kind of hard to explain the broadness and depth of the spy apps. Today, we have majorly two dominant mobile operating systems namely Android and iOS. With the growing technological trend amongst mobile users, the use of spy apps has seen a spike in the recent years.

Spy apps like SnapSpy have a wide range of functionalities, whether it is to monitor what your children are seeing online, corporate espionage, or taking private information of unsuspecting victims. In a brief essence, a spy app is a piece of software which can be installed into a system to monitor its activities. But the issue is people are unaware of these spy apps and software and how they function, and hence they find themselves in hot water. Here are some of the things you should look out for before buying a subscription to a spy app.

Scam by Companies

Given the popularity of these spy apps and software in the market, a lot of fraud companies and firms have popped up in the spying scene. Luring customers by providing them lucrative spy app and software ads, these companies tend to take the personal information like contact number and address of users. These companies also present a professional website.

There are a few things which you can do to check the authenticity of such companies. You should try to contact the vendor via phone and verify their status. Also, using search engines like Google and Bing, one can check out comments and posts of previous users regarding the vendor. Physically verifying the address of the vendor is also a good option, although it is not always viable to do so. Checking the information, posts and comments about the vendor in question on social media platforms is also a great way to filter out the authenticity of the company, and the users can make an informed decision on whether they want to buy the spy app or not.

Technicalities about Spy Apps

Most of these spy apps and software are available on major mobile platforms like android, iOS etc. But there are some minor technicalities regarding these platforms that any user who is willing to use a spy app must follow.

Firstly, it is nearly impossible to install any third party software (in this case, a spy software) onto any iOS devices like iPhone and iPad without jail breaking the device itself. Jail breaking is basically gaining admin rights to the kernel of the system, so the behavior of the device may be altered. A user must look out for this.

Second, installation of a spy app onto any android device is also difficult (provided the device is not ‘rooted’). These minor details may be useful for users.

Purpose and Choice of the App

The market is literally flooded with a wide variety of spy apps to choose from. All these software have a different set of functionalities. So it becomes important to brief down your specific requirements and the resource you can spend on these apps. These include -:

  • Purpose of the app
  • Budget in hand
  • Platform in question (whether it is Android, iOS or any other)

Legal problems

Although it is basic knowledge that in many parts of the world, spying on someone is considered a direct breach of privacy, many countries like the United States allow spying on some pre-defined terms and conditions. Even in some countries like Russia, government mandated spying is legal within ethical terms.

Hence, it is important that the users read the disclaimer and terms of the spy app beforehand to check if they are in breach of laws. Spying can be a federal crime with a heavy punishment.

Easiness of use

This point comes as the last and also an important one too. The user must be able to handle the technicalities of the app, and must be comfortable using the software without any hassle. The user friendliness of the app is an important factor for those who want to use these apps for informal, low scale spying (like parents installing spy apps on their children’s phone to monitor their online activity).

The Last Words

The spy apps can do wonders for the parents who want to keep a track of each and every activity of their kids on mobile. It can be beneficial for the employers to monitor the activities of their employees without their knowledge and consent. Most of the spy applications are capable of tracking each and every activity happening on the device and provides a fully functional dashboard to its users for tracking the real time data. Installing a spy app on a device that needs to be tracked can bring some god results to your objective.