Text Tools Review: The Best Content Optimization Tool One Should Have

‘Content is King’, one of the most popular proverbs that you should follow while optimizing your website’s content on search engines. The related keywords are going to rock the SEO of your web content this year as per the experts. If you are using a specific keyword in the content and trying to rank it, the search engines will give more preferences to the phrases that are related to the keyword. If you have such phrases used in your content that are meaningful or are the synonyms for the keyword, you will surely rank on the top. In short, the optimized content will rule the search engines. But the question is how can you do so?

Text Tools Review – A Knowhow

One of the most incredible tools for optimizing your website’s content is Text Tools. This revolutionary tool is designed for searching the semantically related terms to the specific keyword. It is a sophisticated tool that works using the formula TF* IDF for establishing the relevancy of the text for the keywords you will be targeting.

Though it reveals the website’s weakness, but also gives suggestion about the words you should include in the content to optimize it properly. It is one of the best software to be used by online copywriters and the internet marketers who are looking to rank their website on search engines with relevant content. Let us go through Text Tools review.

Top Features of Text Tools

Text Tools is one of the best tools to improve your website’s on-page SEO. An efficient on-page analysis can be done using this awesome software. Here are some of the features of Text Tools those should be unleashed.

Generate Reports for Semantically Related Terms on Competitors Website

It works really well to optimize your website’s content. Text Tools generate a detailed analysis report for all the semantically related terms on the highest ranking web pages of competitor website for a particular keyword.

Related Terms Suggestion

It also suggests you the best terms that you must include inside the test. You can analyze a number of keywords for the related terms for them using this awesome tool. It will let you rank high for the content and send valuable traffic to your website.

Improve the On-Page SEO

It is one of the greatest tools for creating a pleasing content for users and the search engines. Text Tools provides a detailed analysis reports for your website content as well. The keywords and the terms related to your content could be found. Moreover, you can get the ideas of phrases and topics that might be missing on your website. Moreover, you can unleash more keyword ideas for the targeted market.

Get Stable Rankings

Just implement whatever this tool suggests you. At the last, you will be the one who will have the last clap. The rankings of your website will boost up.

How to Use Text Tools?

It is not at all a difficult task to use this awesome tool. All you have to do is create a free or paid account and start using it. Here is the step-by step guide to use this tool.

  • Login to your account. The dashboard will look like-

  • Click on ‘Semantic Analysis’ and then go to ‘TFIDF’.

  • Now enter the keyword for which you want to get the related keywords used by your competitors. You can also select the country as well.


  • Once you click top ‘Submit’, you will get a message saying that an email will be sent to you after the analysis report is generated.

  • Now if you want to get the related terms to your keyword, click on ‘Suggest Terms’. Enter the term and click on ‘Submit’.

  • Once the reports are generated, email will be sent to you.
  • The ‘Jobs’ option lets you fetch the analysis reports generated. Here, you will find two options – ‘Completed’ and ‘Queued’. The ‘Completed’ option shows you the analysis reports that are generated while the ‘Queued’ option shows the reports that are still to be generated.

  • Click on ‘Completed’ option. Here you will find the reports for keyword – ‘Virat Kohli Hairstyle’.

  • Click on ‘Analysis’ to get the detailed analysis reports for this keyword. Here are some snapshots of detailed analysis.

  • Click on ‘Compare’ on the top right of the chart.

  • Now here, you will find an option to compare your own text or any other URL from the web for creating a great content strategy. It will help you out in producing the best content that will further help you out in ranking it higher on the search engines.

  • Once you have entered the text or URL in the box, press ‘Analyze my Text’ top get a detailed analysis report.

  • This will suggest you different things that might come handy to improve your rankings on search engines.

  • Similarly, you can track the reports for different keywords as per convenience.


It has three different plans to offer to the users. You get the features of semantic analysis and top results analysis with each plan. The minimal plan starts at $27/month. As you go for a higher plan, the price increases along with few features. You can even try it for free for 15-days and then choose whether to go for it or not.

If you like this free trial version and want to update it to a newer package, all you have to do is update to the premium account. While updating, you can apply the coupon – ‘TECHLAZY’ and avail 25% of discount on your purchase.

Why should you Use Text Tools?

There are plenty of reasons to use this tool as it can help you out in boosting your search rankings. Some of them are as follows:

  • It works to enhance your On-page SEO by suggesting the weakness in your content.
  • It searches for the related keywords on the competitor websites that are ranking high.
  • It even suggests you the keywords related to your content.
  • You can get the detailed analysis reports for related search terms.
The Last Words

Text Tools is one of the best content optimization tools that you can look for to enhance the On-page SEO of your website. It certainly gives your content higher rankings over the other competitor websites. Not only this, the complete analysis reports are available with each plan. Moreover, the packages are cheaper as compared to most of the other tools. One must try it now and enhance the SEO of the site.