To Spy or Not to Spy? The Latest in Remote Phone Monitoring

Spying on people’s phones is getting easier

Spying on a cheating spouse, teenage kids and small-scale industrial or work-related espionage (the large-scale variety requires a bit more) is becoming an increasingly more popular pastime, as it’s getting easier and easier to accomplish technically.

Mobile phone spy apps that need to be installed on the target phone are a thing of the (recent) past. Now there’s no need to even touch the phone of the person you’re planning to spy on – there are other methods of remotely installing spying software that will make the app invisible. The target phone will not do anything to disclose that it’s channeling private information elsewhere.

What can you actually do?

 Most of the apps that allow to spy on someone’s phone are installed via making an anonymous call to them and pairing the phones. It then becomes possible to see virtually anything sent or received by the target phone – emails, chat messages, photos, GPS locations, calls, social media activity, and many people do find it tempting to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone – for many reasons. Listening in on calls and on the activity around the phone and taking pictures through the phone camera are also available with certain apps. Even deleted messages are often available for browsing.

Are you sure that’s what you want to be doing?

Alright then, let’s see what the market has to offer.

Spy software options

  1. DDI Utilities – a popular app by DDI Software Solutions, Inc. Not only can it monitor a person’s phone in real-time, it can also backup phone data for you.
  1. Highster Mobile – a fast and furious app with a great reputation. It is especially lauded for its ability to spy on both Android and iOS devices with its No-Jailbreak solution.
  1. SurePoint Spy offers a wide range of options besides monitoring texts, e-mails and social media. you can take remote photographs through the phone’s viewfinder and check your counterparty’s browsing history.
  1. Auto Forward – another high-quality option for spying on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone. This one is best for Android devices, although it operates on iOS as well, and is one of the most user-friendly and robust apps.

Legal issues in phone monitoring

Your ethical qualms are your own, but what about the legal side of the issue? How can spying on someone actually be legal? Unless you are a law enforcement official, or at least a private detective? In fact, there are two cases when it may be aligned with the law, although please keep in mind that legislation varies widely by country.

  1. Monitoring your underage child’s phone
  2. Monitoring employee phones if, and only if these are corporate phones provided by the company.

Otherwise, any adult user must usually be notified of the fact that you’re spying on them – which sounds comical, since it defeats the whole purpose.

Even if you uncover something illegal in the course of your monitoring activities, you will be unable to present it in a courtroom or in any other official setting. Not only will this information have no legal standing, you also will incriminate yourself, and there may very well be legal repercussions. Once again – the laws of your country may be more or less stringent, but they are highly unlikely to license spying on a cellphone without installing software on the target phone.

The software companies are, on the other hand, perfectly within legal limits as they develop this type of software which allows you to spy on a target phone without having physical access to it. As long as there is a disclaimer on their website, they are free of any legal responsibility for the use of their product.

So, is it worth it to you?

Do you really want to know the answers to your questions?

Whatever you decide, please make responsible choices and good luck!