Does My Small Business Really Need a Marketing Agency?

When you run a small business, there is always the urge to do as much as you can yourself.  For starters, it is your baby and you want to have complete control over it.  And you also think about the costs involved – the fear of overspending is always there for small businesses.  The marketing agency is one of those things that might not seem necessary for the small business but here are some ideas why it might be worth considering.

The Strategy

Marketing can be a complicated area and the rise of the internet and social media has added a further degree of complexity to the subject.  For non-marketing professionals, it can sometimes seem like a swamp of information, ideas and strategies that cannot be drained to find the sense of what you need to do.  If you feel like that, then working with a B2B marketing agency in London or wherever you live is a great idea.

For example, the modern marketing strategy needs to incorporate elements such as:

  • Email programs and e-newsletters
  • Market research
  • Analysis of metrics and data
  • PPC
  • SEO and keyword research
  • Social media
  • Website development

These are a few of the major areas that a marketing agency can look at for a small business, each of which is likely handled by a specialist within the business.  For a small business owner to handle all of these is taking on a huge amount of work!

Saving Money

Lots of elements of marketing involve money in one way or another – whether paying for advertising, investing in software or even hiring someone to do work on the website.  Done without a firm strategy and a solid plan, you can easily waste a lot of money on these things and not see the returns you need.

On the other hand, by hiring marketing professionals, you can increase the chances of success in all marketing efforts by utilising their experience and knowledge.  These are people who are marketing every day of the week as opposed to a small business owner who wears a multitude of hats.  That kind of expertise is definitely worth the investment if you are planning these or any other marketing efforts that involve a financial element.

Concentrate Your Efforts

That multiple hat wearing urge is strong in small business owners but doesn’t always guarantee success.  Instead, by hiring the right people to help with specific areas of your business such as marketing, you can concentrate your efforts on what you do best – the day to day running of your business.  You can focus on dealing with customers, creating your products or delivering your service and not have to worry about marketing them.


Obviously, you don’t want to hire a marketing agency if your business cannot afford one but if you have a budget to use for this kind of thing, it is worth considering working with a professional to make the most from it.  And in the long run, you can save yourself money and energy with a better long-term result.