ShadeYou VPN Review: Access Internet Anonymously


Using a VPN isn’t a “choice” on the internet anymore. It’s a necessity, well only if you value your privacy and security that is. If you do, in that case, this ShadeYou VPN review will get you exactly what you’re seeking.

As might already be clear to you, it’s a ShadeYou VPN review, well there are hundreds of VPNs out there, but I’m scribbling the piece only for ShadeYOU for a number of reasons, reasons I intend to discuss in detail throughout this piece.

When/Why do you Need ShadeYOU VPN?

ShadeYouVPN Review

When you wish to Access Restricted Content:

The Internet isn’t a free ocean, a lot of content on it is restricted, content which might not necessarily be dangerous or harmful but still is restricted for various political and other agendas by our governments or even schools!

For eg. Even Google and Youtube are restricted in China, not to talk of Netflix or other streaming services.

With a VPN, you literally have the master-key to the Internet!

Be Anonymous:

The worst thing about the Internet is it’s not as safe as most people take it to be anymore.

Your system uses your IP address to connect to the Internet, and that IP address can be traced back to its source revealing your real-life identity as well as geographic location.

So when using a VPN, your IP address is masked hence your identity is safe and sound and can’t be traced back to you.

Protect Yourselves from Hackers:

There are a number of ways to hack into someone’s systems but gaining access to your IP Address is the simplest one without a doubt.

Hence you don’t want your IP address to be public knowledge, do you?

And there are at least a dozen other reasons why a VPN is a good idea right about now, so now that you know its importance, let me paint you a picture of ShadeYou VPN for you to judge if this is the VPN you’re looking for (or not!).

ShadeYou VPN Review: Features Insight

Simple & Detailed Dashboard

ShadeYou VPN Review

Everything you need to access on ShadeYou VPN is available from the welcoming dashboard itself.

You don’t have to go fishing for options and features. As you can see, you can turn the VPN on/off with a simple click, chose any other protocol, select your location and what not!

What I mean to say is, you don’t have to be a pro VPN user in order to use ShadeYou VPN.

15+ Countries Available:

The primary function of any VPN is to provide you with IP addresses from various countries to mask your real IP address, isn’t it?

Well ShadeYou VPN gets you as many as 15 different countries (Including USA, UK, Finland, etc) and over 25 different servers to choose from.

The huge list of countries makes sure that you always have enough options to choose from, while the server availability makes sure you always get the best speed without any lags despite being heavy traffic on the country.

No Logs:

This is the best part about ShadeYou VPN and probably the primary reason why I’m writing this ShadeYou VPN review.

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There’s no point in using a VPN if it keeps logs, meaning whatever you do, access or use isn’t 100% anonymous.

Instead, it can always be revived and traced back to you from the logs. And 90% of the VPN companies keep a log of some sort.

Well ShadeYou VPN doesn’t! Meaning even the company can’t invade your privacy if they wish to, so you’re in safe hands.

Kill Switch:

They also boast a “Kill Switch”, which adds another feather in the cap of ShadeYou VPN.

It’s a security measure which protects you from surfing the web unprotected. Meaning if the VPN connection disconnects, your Internet connection would be terminated automatically as well.

So if you’re on the web, you can be sure that that you’re protected by ShadeYou VPN.

DNS Leak Protection:

For any VPN it’s important that your DNS requests remain protected and isolated; considering there’s always a fair chance of the DNS leaking out on the web.

Hence there’s an advanced protection feature active on ShadeYou VPN which makes sure that no DNS leak happens when you’re connected to the web.

Supports 3 different Protocols:

You can choose from among:

  • PPTP
  • LT2P
  • Or OpenVPN!

Multi-Device Support:

A single ShadeYou VPN account lets you use the VPN on as many as 5 different devices simultaneously!

So you don’t need to pay 5x the price of any VPN if you have a cell phone, a laptop, a desktop, and couple other devices. Instead, you can just get one single ShadeYou VPN account and done!

Pricing Plans and Payment Options:

As far as payment goes, they have two different and simple payment plans (all of which are extremely pocket-friendly!) 

ShadeYou VPN Pricing Plans


It’s a plan which costs $25.99/year, which makes it $2.16/month. You get 18 servers and 12 countries with it, and it can be used on as many as 3 different devices at the same time.

Most other features are the same as the premium plan.

Premium Plan:

It’s a plan which costs $27.99/year. Which makes it $2.33/month! You get all the features available with ShadeYou VPN on this plan.

Meaning 15 countries, 25 servers, high priority support and everything else.

As far as Payment method goes, they support:

ShadeYou VPN Payment Methods

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Perfect Money
  • UKash
  • Webmoney
  • Paypal

And half a dozen other payment methods!

Which one is better?

If you inspect closely, you’ll notice that the price difference is totally negligible. It’s around $2/year! Yeah, that’s the difference.

For just 16 extra cents every month, you could avail a super-powered VPN so I personally use and would suggest the Premium plan if $2/year isn’t much of a difference to you.

Or else, the standard plan packs a punch as well!

ShadeYou VPN: Final Verdict

So for the final section of this ShadeYou VPN review, is ShadeYou VPN worth it? Well as far as my personal experience goes, most other VPNs do not offer as many countries and advanced features at this price range.

So considering the price range and the features, I’d say yeah you should definitely give it a try. What have you got to lose? They’ve got a 7-day money back guarantee as well just in case!

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