SerpStat Review: A SEM Tool to Research Competitors


SerpStat Review: It’s not everyday that I come across tools which are worth vouching my name out for, so as you might have noticed it’s quite some time since I wrote my last review.

But then, I stumbled upon something that solved more than just one problems of mine, and hence got me punching on my keyboard, and this SerpStat review was born.

Here’s the point, yes it’s a review, and yes I’m trying to sell it. I’m being honest about it. But take a moment and ask yourselves, why did I choose just SerpStat from the hundreds of other products out there in the market?

Well, simply because it was worth it!

This probably is my most power-packed review I’ve ever written, with over 50 features to discuss, trust me the 3500 words I wrote for this SerpStat review just don’t feel enough, I can scribble 3500 more and there still would be features to discuss.

What is SerpStat?



If we go by the name, the name “SerpStat” means SERP Stats. But mark my words, SerpStat does more, a lot more than just track your SerpStats.

Infact, it’s like a total collection of the most popular SEO tools out there. (Just a lot cheaper down the line.) A complete SEO PowerHub! 

Let me give you an insight:

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • Site audit

And all of this for one price! Yeah you don’t need to buy 5 different tools and pay 5 times, instead you just get the one product “SerpStat” and you get all of those things with it.

And then, it has data and features that even those Top SEO tools can’t boast of having. Don’t believe me?

Take a look:-

  • Tree-View Keyword Distribution! Stuck on the second page of Google? Here’s the bump you need! Their Tree-view Keyword distribution will pull you right at the top (or at least the first page!)

tree view keyword distribution

  • Cluster Research, yet again something unique and exclusive to SerpStat! Well if I’ve got to explain this, all I can say is, it’s not easy ranking for the keyword “India” maybe, but what this feature does is, it gives you the semantic alternatives to rank for.

cluster research

In other words, it would give you “Bharat”, or “Hindustan” ranking for which would be comparatively easier, and it would mean the same. And Google being smart enough, you’d eventually start ranking for India with keywords “Bharat” and “Hindustan” (That’s the Rankbrain update with it’s LSI minions at work!)

So it’s the “Smart-work” approach instead of the “Hard-work” approach to rank for “India”.

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Features SerpStat Offers:

If you’re really in need of an SEO tool, and if you think your project deserves some professional help, I’m more than sure the above features in this SerpStat review themselves were more than enough for you to go and try out SerpStat right now! 

If not, keep reading they’ve got tons of those.

1). The Dashboard

Once you login to SerpStat, you’re taken to your dashboard. I’m seriously in love with the User-Interface and data that you get, even before asking!

serpstat dashboard

See? That’s my dashboard. In order to check the basic website analysis of my projects, all I have to do is- Login! Yeah. Can it be any simpler?

And then on the left side of the dashboard is the Tool’s list! So I don’t have to browse off to any other page or click on any link either.

And finally, the last element that grabbed my attention on the dashboard was the “Create a new project” button.

So technically, I can overview all my projects, access all the tools, and create a new project, all this just from the dashboard.  Even a 5th grader could work with this interface.

So yeah as it’s an article on SerpStat review, let me rate the Dashboard. I’d give it 5/5 (Try and find out one reason for me to reduce the score, trust me you’ll fail!)

2). Creating a New Project:

Before I can explain to you any features from the Serpstat, I’d have to show you how to create a new project to try those features out, right?

As I already said, it’s simple. Just click on the “create a new project” button on the dashboard and again an extremely user-friendly pop-up would appear asking the simplest possible details.

adding new project

Done! Your new project would now be live on your dashboard.



Notice that it took less than 30 seconds for the basic data to be updated on the dashboard. I won’t name them but I’ve worked with some of the “Top” SEO Tools but even there it takes couple minutes for this to happen.

The Basic Data:

a). The first tab with the project says “SEO keywords”, right? It’s the easiest way to track how many keywords are you ranking for, in which countries in the top 100!


Also note that there’re those “green” color numbers, they are the changes. The improvements or decline in the number of keywords you are ranking for.

b). Then let’s move on to the next tab, which says PPC keywords. It basically tells you if your site or your competitors is bidding for any keywords on Google Adwords.

How to use it for your benefit?

Let’s say you’ve your top competitors list, the best way to use this tab is to punch in their URL’s and check if they’re bidding for keywords, if they are, there are tons of things you can start doing right away, like Bid on your most profitable keywords yourselves, right?

c). The third tab gives us the backlink’s basic data. Specifically the no. of referring domains, and the number of backlinks.

d). The next option gives you a site audit, simple. You just click on the Site Audit button, and you’d get the results.

3). Tracking Keywords with SerpStat(and a bonus feature!):-

The next “feature” worth mentioning (and one I’m in dire need of)  is the “Keyword Rank Tracker”. This feature tells you which of my keywords are ranking where exactly on the SERP results.

So I’ll just go and click on the “Start Tracking” option.

And on the next screen, you’d see that it not only allows you to track your own keywords, but also your competitor’s! (That’s the bonus I was talking about!)

So okay I proceed to the next screen, and over there it allows me to choose a lot of specific options. (Even States and local areas!) Here are my settings for this step (you can adjust it according to your own needs)

So I just add the setting preference.


And the next page is just a gold-mine! Let me get into that in detail.

Import Keywords Directly:-

import-keywords-directlyI personally have quite a number of websites, so it’s not easy remembering all of them and their keywords. So I keep them documented in a Google Doc or Sheet or a notepad file.

So what this feature let’s me do is, it lets me directly import the notepad files into SerpStat. So I get the keywords uploaded directly without having to type them in manually.

Top Ranking Keywords:-

On the right side of the screen, I get an insight into the top ranking keywords of the project directly. For eg. Neil Patel is ranking #1 for a lot of keywords, and they’re all listed right there, along with their volume, total no. of results and URL!


Anyway this was the automated stuff, let me show you how easy (or hard) it’s to add keywords to SerpStat.

You can either use the direct import button, or enter your keywords manually. Let me go with the manual method.


So I typed in “make money online” in the keywords box, and now I’ve got to “add” it, once I’ve added the keywords, I’m done! On the next page it even let’s me Schedule Tracking! (That’s again something I don’t see too often!)

Schedule TrackingSo I set it to Daily, and then click on Continue. Done! The keyword would be tracked and I’d be updated with the results. Wait a second, there’s something else!

Inviting Guests on the Project:-

On the next page itself, you get the option to invite someone to the project. Meaning if you’ve got a team and you collaborate with them, you can grant them access to the project!


Now that makes team work pretty easy, no more sharing complicated ID’s and Passwords, and with this feature you grant them access to only specific projects and not your dashboard, pretty good security too, right?

Not just that, you can either make them a 1. Client (view project only!). or a 2. Administrator (Change / Edit project). The two types offer two different kind of access levels, so you only share what you want to.

Once the project has been successfully edited and optimized, you get this as the final screen.


(I’ll show you where exactly the rankings and positions appear in the next section where I’ll be covering a dedicated dashboard which they’ve got for each project!)

4). Domain & URL Analysis:-

There are over 30 individual features with SerpStat, but I don’t think I should include all of them over here in this SerpStat review,right?

So I’ll just go along and show you the features which made me feel like I’m with the right product, features which were unique, and were “actually’ helpful.

Ofcourse as a product SerpStat had to include almost every possible SEO feature that there is, so we can’t really blame them. (Infact those features are awesome too, it’s just that we don’t always need them!)

Domain Analysis:-

Domain Analysis

The Domain analysis button will bring up your domain’s detailed and specific results. (I can’t believe I was paying 3 different tools 3 different prices for this exact data!)


The overview itself is pretty detailed and illustrative, right? It’s giving me :-

  • Visibility
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Organic Keywords
  • A calculated data of the keywords, their increase/ decline, new keywords and everything else

So again one thing I’d say that SerpStat knows how to fill up a dashboard with elements.

Okay so once I scroll down, I get a detailed all-time data of the Keywords I am ranking for. It shows me the no. of keywords ranking in exact pages, like 10 keywords in top 10, 50 Keywords on  Top 30 and so on.

keyword-positionThe reason of me choosing Neil Patel’s site for this SerpStat review is because his site has constant growth, the graphs like the above would be filled and I can show you real data. Most other sites owned by us don’t have such constant or impressive growth hence the explanation might have been difficult.

It doesn’t end there, once I scroll down there’s a different graph with Visibility change too, and even Algorithm update markers!


So that helps me decide if a project was affected, and in which way (positive/ negative) after an algorithm change!

Pages with Highest Visibility:-

This is one of my favorite sections! It gives me my project’s pagess which are getting the maximum hits from Search Engines.

Pages with Highest VisibilityAnd also additionally the number of keywords in those articles. Now how you use that data is up to you.

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Not to mention the 3D, interactive circle-graph on the right side of the screen. What again caught my attention was that the colours of those small circle pieces is actually based on the left-side data.

The more keywords a certain article has, the darker the blue colour is. And additionally you can hover over the circles and the respective URL for that box pops up below the circle. (It’s not an “awesome” feature, yes! But hey it’s a SerpStat review, I’ve got to mention a feature if it exists, right? )

Competition analysis:-

And then finally the last two sections deal with your competitors.

Competition analysis

As you can see, the first coloumn gives me the Domain of my primary competitors. The second coloumn shows me the number of keywords which are pulling in traffic from Search Engine for them, and also the changes in those numbers.

26It basically tells me the number of keywords which me and my competitors are ranking for, and targeting in common.

27I didn’t quite expect this feature, and it’s one of those “unique” features which motivated me to scribble down this SerpStat review.

Competitor Keyword Spying/Analysis:-

With this feature, I can actually track the “keywords” themselves! Well yeah! I can track the keywords me and my competitors have in common and get detailed insights into them!

Competitor Keyword Spying

Here’s what I can sum of from this screen itself:-

  • The common keywords.
  • My position & His position.
  • His Improvement/Decline on the SERP results.
  • Competition
  • And even the CPC for the keywords.

So basically it’s like I’m getting access directly to my competitor’s backend

And then there’s also a Visibility indicator! So you can track if your competitor’s went up or down on the SERP results directly from the previous screen.

29And all of that data, all those graphs and charts and everything else were just from the Website Analysis Dashboard! 

When I sat down to write this SerpStat review, I wanted to make sure that it had enough features, and trust me we’re not through with even 30% of what SerpStat offers.

Keyword Research:-

Being honest, I mostly use Long Tail Pro or Google Keyword Planner (Which I can’t use anymore due to their “range’ limitations) for Keyword research.

Ofcourse I can’t include directly a statement in this SerpStat review about any of the above tools claiming one to be better than the other.

Let’s just have a look at the features the in-built, no-extra cost Keyword research tool we get with Serpstat and you can be the judge of which platform is better.

So okay there’s the Keyword Research option on the left-sidebar of Serpstat, I just click on it, and enter the keywords I want to research.

Keyword Research

The next screen that comes up was enough to impress a simpleton like me. Well I was getting:-

  • Search volume.
  • Competition
  • CPC

keyword overview

What else is there for a keyword research? Seriously try and find out one reason to tell me “Nope! I don’t like the Keyword research tool in this SerpStat review, I DARE you!)

That’s not all! They even have a Graph similar to Google Trends. It tells me how the keyword has been being searched for over the recent past.

keyword trends

There are other features related to ad-spying but well I’ve still got lot’s to discuss, and I can’t include everything in this Serpstat review, and I’m sure you’re confident of the product’s potential by now, so go and try them out right now.

SERP Analysis:-

I won’t get too deep here, let me just tell you what the SERP analysis > Position change feature does.

SERP Analysis

It gives a organized view as to which domain was ranking for your keyword at a certain time, how it changed, and when.

As you can see, the TOP position was dominated by from May17th to June 5th, and NeilPatel took over in August 2016;


Interactive Listing:-

The position changes listing is pretty interactive. Meaning if I hover over any domain, it automatically highlights the domain’s positions on all three columns.


This way I get a more detailed overview of how it improved/declined with time.

Backlink Analysis:-

Another feature that I sorted out for this SerpStat review from the tons of other features was this, Backlink analysis.

Basically the backlink analysis part itself is divided into sub-categories:-

  • Backlinks Dashboard.
  • Referring Domains.
  • Backlinks
  • Anchor Texts
  • Top Pages.

Which clearly tells me how deep and detailed the analysis would be.

Backlinks Dashboard:-

Basically I love this tool because I can analyze and spy on the backlinks of any website Instantly. I don’t need to add them to projects of any sort, I just need to enter the Domain, and I get the data, as simple as that.

Backlinks DashboardSo the above screenshot is the basic analysis of the backlinks. Let me be honest, this is the data you also can get from Aherfs! (So what’s special about this SerpStat review?)

What’s unique and special is that, AHERF is primarily only a backlink analyzer, with couple more features maybe.

But with SerpStat you get more, a LOT more as you have already seen, with an all-in-one package.

Once you go down, there’s an illustrative graph  to give you a better idea of how the backlinks have been performing for the site.


And then the graph below that gives you the no.l of referring domains in a illustrative + descriptive way. Meaning, when you hover over the line anywhere, you get it’s exact data.

39And the graph on the right side of the above graph, gives you a comparative graph of the no. of New -Lost backlinks.

Just one glance at it gives me a clear picture if I gained or lost backlinks in the specific time-frame.


And then not to mention, there’s that Anchor Text section which gives you all the anchor texts for your backlinks.


Deeper Insight:-

As I said, if you need a better approach, you can checkout the specifically coded “Referring domains” section.

It holds not only all your RD’s, but also their Alexa Rank, their SerpStat’s Trust Rank and other metrics which help you in deciding the value of those links.

Export Data:-

Another great feature with SerpStat’s backlink Analyzer is that you can export every piece of data. Be it the overview, the Anchor Texts, the referring domains or anything else.

Exporting the data is greatly helpful in quite a number of scenarios, as we can use the same data on other platforms and for our own manual researches, right?

So there’s a cleanly placed “Export Data” button.


Not just the “exporting” feature, the icing on the cake is that you can actually select quite a number of different formats you want the data in.


I mostly prefer Google Doc’s because then I can access the links from any place. But basically you can choose anything else.

So that was about the Backlink Analyzer. (I’ve ofcourse kept some features in the dark, afterall it’s just a SerpStat review not an overall product guide right? so you’re free to try those features out yourselves!)

Site Audit:-

For the last feature in this SerpStat review, the Site Audit!

It basically is a life-saver. It will scan your sites, find out the problems, errors which exist and offer solutions.

45Basically if you want to rank, you need an error-free site! The minutest details matter. And that’s what the Site audit is made for.

Here’s what a detailed Site audit looks like.


And if I scroll down, I get the Errors in detail.


I’d take the loading speed errors seriously, so let’s check them out in detail.As you can see, I’ve got the errors based on Priority levels, and also their solutions.


I won’t go into story-telling now, let me just sum this Serpstat review  up.


A review can never be complete without the “pricing”, right?

I won’t beat the dead horse again and again, I’ll just list the pricing here directly, and I won’t tell you to buy it, cause I’m sure if you read this SerpStat review in detail, you’d be going crazy by now to grab the product.

You must be thinking, with all those tons of features, it must cost somewhere around $100-$200 right? (Considering what other tools charge for some of those individual features!) Well, you’re wrong!

So okay here are the plans. (They “really” start as low as $15/month!)

serpstat pricing

Final Verdict:-

So that was all I had to say in this SerpStat review. I’m not saying this is the most perfect SEO tool on this planet.

I’m not saying this is the “only” tool either. What I’m saying is, this is the one tool, that combines the features of atleast 5 different tools and includes them all in one single package.

It not only makes it affordable, it also makes sure that all your projects are organized and can be accessed from the same dashboard.

So is your project, months of hardwork and research, worth an investment of $15? That’s lower than what you pay for coffee each month probably, my advice?


Try them out, $15 isn’t much of a risk (you’ll just love the ROI once you get going with SerpStat.)

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