Quick Steps to Boost SEO Rankings and Website Traffic

Do you want your website name to be shown on page 1 or 2 in Google searches? Well, then it is the time that you should focus on some home-work. The task is to focus on what went wrong in creating that perfect image of your website that it could not achieve the anticipated success yet?

Well, I did the analysis and came up with these quick steps which can instantly give a rise to your SEO rankings and traffic on your site.

Importance of Website Traffic

The connection of website traffic is directly proportional to the revenue earned by it. This is the soul purpose of setting up a website that you can earn well by operating from a stable environment. Hence, to boost up your business, it is important to spread positive words about your website. In the next section you are going to know about the steps through which you can boost your website traffic.

Steps to Boost SEO Ranking and Website Traffic

1). Start With User Friendly Content

Do not rush into making the content too much to take in. Even if you are writing on tech, fashion, gadgets, science, day-to-day or any current topic, make sure that you put your thoughts together in form of such a language which is immensely user friendly and easy to digest.

This will work as a powerful traffic generator because such users will start visiting your site frequently. It not only saves user’s time but also leaves a great impression of your work too.

2). Improve the Efficiency

The next step is to focus on the efficiency of your content as well as site. Making silly mistakes as typo, order of words, wrong reference is not at all acceptable. It was about the content, now talking about the efficiency of the site then it includes several aspect.

You must not leave broken links, empty sections, and high loading time kind of things in your website at all. For an anecdote, keep the theme of your website catchy as well as formal.

3). Get into Promotional Activities

Now that you are done with the main tasks then it is the time to gather the potential readers for your website. Of course, it was all intended from the purpose of earning and now you need to invest something for it as well.

You can use paid advertisements, social media shout outs, post sharing and site’s own social media accounts tactics to create hype and buzz about it.

4). Work on Your Website’s Image in Market

This is something different than publicizing about your website. By the term public image I mean that whenever someone have a look on your website, it should always come out as positive and impressive.

For this, you can put some screenshots of your website’s content on the social media. You can use an effective and fully functional home page for this website which works as the key point for its popularity.

5). Invite Guest Post from Recognized People

You can request recognized people into different content categories available on your site to guest post on your website. This is one of the most reliable and easiest way to bring great traffic on your site.

You can then share words about their post on your site. It will not only draw these people’s regular audience to your site but would also attract new readers too. This is the safest way to boost traffic but might cost you more than usual.

6). Focus on Content Quality Now

This is the time that you need to go a level up than before. From the user friendly content, it is the time that you move to a content which sounds more professional and formal in the tone. It not only improves the information but also improves the level and social image of your website too.

7). Content Management

This is not only about content management but also about your entire website management too. The way you display different sections of your site counts a lot.

For mass traffic generator, you would have to go the traditional way and keep you site organized for that. Every single section, headings, subheadings, pages associated should be visible to the audience surfing your site.

8). Link Out from Your Website

Only, interlinking of your content with each other is not enough to draw enough traffic on it. Linking out is something which increases the area of working for a website and it is kind of must these days to do such things for the promotion of your start up.

You can refer the links of other website from your website for detailed study over a topic. In this way, you can earn something from other sites and readers can get elaborated information too.

9. Improved Layout and Formatting Tactics

Now that you are done with most of the works regarding your site and it has been quite some time since you have not changed theme or format then try it out now. You can change the way posts are displayed. You can use slideshow slider for the posts too.

Instead of “published on” you can use “last updated” on. These little things makes the content 10 times more effective and presentable in front of the readers.

10).  Never Forget “Contact Us” Page

If you think this is something you can leave while constructing the home page of your website then you are absolutely wrong. To come out as a reliable source of information, it is important to always be reachable to people and you can do that through Contact Us page easily.

Put your general information in it like address, email, contact number, live chat option if any etc. Do not forget to put the time being you are available in.

Final Words

Most of the steps that I mentioned above does not involve any investment in them. It implies that there is no big deal in presenting your website in the positive light. All you need for it is constant efforts and great connections.